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An item that has been imbedded with the raise verb activator will require the most training in the Magic Item Use skill to be successfully activated. It has a -40 penalty to the activation modifiers formula. However, using the raise verb has the advantage of increasing the duration of the imbedded spell by 33%.

Raise is also a roleplay verb.

Raise Target

You raise your {target} skyward!
Aulis raises his {target} skyward

Raise Box

You heft your find in the air for all to see!

Raise Drink

You raise your drink in a toast!
Aulis raises his drink in a toast!

Raise Weapon

You raise your weapon in triumph!
Aulis raises his weapon in triumph!

Raise Eye

You give your eyebrow a little workout.
Aulis raises an eyebrow.

at Person
You raise an eyebrow in Wyrom's direction.
Aulis raises an eyebrow in your direction.

Raise Fist

You raise your fist in a display of defiance.
Aulis raises his fist defiantly.

at Person
You raise your fist at Wyrom.
Aulis raises his fist at you.

Raise Hand

You raise your hand.
Aulis raises his hand.