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To READ is to discern information from a standardized set of letters or pictographs. Just like in the real world, different languages will have different sets of letters/pictures, and a character may not be able to read every language. For example, non-elves in Elven Nations will not be able to read the signs. Except for scrolls, characters do not need to learn how to read; to read scrolls, one must train in Arcane Symbols.

Rare items do exist to allow a character to read a foreign language, often in the form of spectacles.

[Wehnimer's, Locksmehr Way]
To the east a dock spears out into the waters of the bay.  Ships from all across the world can be seen tied to the dock, and sailors of many races from many lands pass by.  To one side of the road stands a weathered and grey clapboard warehouse.  You also see a small wooden building with a large wooden sign on it.
Obvious paths: north, southwest
>read sign
In the Common language, it reads:
Paspartu Moving Company

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