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The REDEEM verb is used primarily for alternative currencies earned at pay events. It has expanded in use to include many automated unlocking certificates and automated lightening and deepening notes, as well as applying various pre-made spell customizations.


>redeem my bloo
You redeem your 100000 Duskruin Arena bloodscrip.

Automated deepening note:

In the Common language, it reads:
This note can be REDEEMed to increase an appropriate item's capacity by 10 pounds up to a maximum of:

Back and shoulder containers: 160 pounds
Slung on shoulder containers: 70 pounds
Torso, attached to belt, and front containers: 50 pounds

NOTE: If your item's capacity limit is lower than the service amount, the item is ineligible.

Tiny and extremely tiny containers are also ineligible for use with this note.

Pre-made spell customization:

>redeem claw
Redeem the dark-scaled claw?  This token, if redeemed, will do the following:
Grant you the ability to summon a custom Grasp of the Grave consisting of: a lengthy dark-scaled claw tipped with sharpened talons, an immense hirsute claw with blood-crusted talons, and a gnarled jaundiced claw with colorless razor-sharp talons.  You must have knowledge of this spell to use it.
Type REDEEM claw again in the next 30 seconds to confirm.
A pair of dessicated arms thrash about briefly before decaying into dust.
>redeem claw
Transformation complete!  Have a nice day.