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RUNE is used to access knowledge of Runes.

  • RUNE COMMON will display a list of common runes known.
  • RUNE UNCOMMON will display a list of uncommon runes known
  • RUNE TEACH <character> <rune_name> will teach uncommon runes to other characters, if available.
  • RUNE FORGET <rune_name> will allow you to focus on forgetting an uncommon rune (holding a wy'zio rune is required for this).

Typing RUNE TEACH by itself will show you how many teachings you have left for each uncommon rune that you know.


General verb help information
Usage: RUNE {option}

Where {option} is one of the following:
               COMMON - Lists common runes known to you.
               UNCOMMON - Lists uncommon runes known to you.
               TEACH {player} {rune} - Attempt to teach a rune to someone else.
               FORGET {rune} - Focus on forgetting a rune.

NOTE: Forgetting a rune requires a specialized forget runestone.

How to make a runestone:  Runestone creation is a fairly simple procedure, and can be done in one of two ways.  A caster may purchase runestones that are already prepared for scribing from an alchemist shop or wandering merchant, or they may prepare an item (like a smooth stone) for scribing themselves by pouring an aish'vrak potion on it.  Once they have a prepared item, they'll need to have a brush and ink, and DIP MY BRUSH IN MY INK.  Then DRAW {rune} RUNE [ON {runestone}] [WITH {runebrush}] while holding the prepared item and the brush.