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RainboWear debuted in the Rainbow's End shop at the Talador Baronial Coronation Festival in 2014. RainboWear is heavily scripted clothing characterized by its ability to change color, fabric and description when fully unlocked. This shop is owned by the merchant, Toffit. Once fully unlocked, there are 41 color options, 22 fabric options and 12 long description options, the latter of which vary by clothing type (shoes, pants, shirt, gown).

The following colors are available for cycling beginning at Tier 1:

TIER 1          TIER 2        TIER 3         TIER 4
red             scarlet       bisque         magenta
blue            indigo        raven black    cranberry
yellow          sallow        pewter         champagne
green           emerald       honey-hued     celadon
brown           chestnut      gamboge        dove grey
black           onyx          russet         pearlescent
white           ivory         marigold       turquoise
orange          peach         sanguine       two-toned
pink            lavender      cerulean       rose
purple          silver        viridian       alabaster

The following materials are available for cycling beginning at Tier 3:

TIER 3          TIER 4
silk            plumille
twill           bourde
wool            flyrsilk
satin           organza
linen           batiste
velvet          paeline
cotton          chainsil
muslin          lace
spidersilk      gauze
damask          samite
leather         taffeta


The creator has also provided the following information:
You carefully analyze your white silk gown and sense that there are some alteration restrictions. Your gown must remain some kind of dress or gown, and must be long and below the knees. You can change the article (the first 15), but it will carry forward to all variants of the gown, even after unlocking. IE: if you make it "an old white shirt", then it will always be "old". No shows; long descriptions are okay as long as the additional description falls after the noun.

You may not change the color. You may not change the material. You can alter the "extra" (the description after the noun.)

This is currently Tier 4 and has the following verbs available:


Your gown is fully unlocked.

For information about colors and materials available at each Tier, THUMP gown.

Verb Traps

Off-the-Shelf CLEAN
With a gentle hand, you nonchalantly smooth out any offensive wrinkles from your purple silk skirt. XXX rubs her hand across her purple silk skirt, attempting to smooth out any wrinkles.
You lick the tip of your finger and rub a smudge off your ivory leather boots. XXX licks the tip of her finger and rubs a smudge off her ivory leather boots.
PINCH You tug on a loose thread hanging from your white silk gown, wishing it could be some other material.
(Tier 3)
You obsessively tug on a loose thread on your skirt. As the silk thread unravels, you notice that it is being replaced by twill thread. You are now wearing a purple twill skirt back-fastened with smooth pearl buttons. 10 sec rt. XXX seems to be obsessing over a tiny thread hanging from her skirt. As she tugs on the silk thread, it unravels and appears to change from silk to twill.
You tug lightly on your purple twill skirt, stretching it to fit your frame more comfortably. With a gentle tug, XXX adjusts her purple twill skirt.
You stick a finger into your ivory leather boots and pull, attempting to stretch them out. You must be retaining water! Looking slightly uncomfortable, XXX pulls on her ivory boots. Her feet look a bit swollen.
RUB You rub your hand against your gown, wishing the color could be different.
(Tier 1)
As you rub your hand against the fabric of your skirt, it shimmers faintly beneath your fingertips, changing from purple to bisque. Your palm tingles slightly as you remove your hand from a bisque twill skirt back-fastened with smooth pearl buttons. 10 sec rt. XXX rubs her hand against her purple skirt, and the color changes to bisque.
Tier 1 PUSH
You press your palms firmly against the waistline of your red silk gown and with a deep breath, you suck in your stomach. You feel ten pounds thinner!
You push downward on the top of your bisque twill skirt, encouraging it to rest lower on your hips. XXX pushes on the top of her skirt, forcing it lower on her hips.
You step out of your chestnut boots and pick one up, working it back and forth to try and loosen the material. Darn, those things are tight! XXX steps out of her chestnut boots and picks one up, working it back and forth as she tries to bend it in half. They must be tight.
You stretch your arms out in front of your body, and then swing them behind you, settling more comfortably into your ivory tunic. XXX stretches her arms out in front of herself, and then swings them behind her, settling into a more relaxed stance.
TICKLE You glance over your bisque twill skirt and grumble. It's just not quite the look you wanted. XXX grumbles as she glances at her skirt.
(Tier 4)
With a critical eye, you glance over your white silk gown and decide it's not quite the look you wanted. Annoyed, you brush your fingertips across the material and it begins to change, turning into a white silk gown subtly woven with silver trillium flowers. 10 sec rt.
Out of sheer frustration, you grab your bisque twill skirt and clench it tightly. XXX grabs at her bisque twill skirt and clenches it tightly. She appears quite frustrated!
Clearly annoyed, you clench your fists and stomp your feet. Think you got your point across? Clearly annoyed, XXX clenches her fists and stomps her feet.
You lift up your red silk gown, raising the hemline slightly.
You pull up on the top of your bisque twill skirt and hook your thumbs inside the waist. XXX pulls up her bisque twill skirt. If she pulls it any higher, she will be able to wear her skirt as a hat!
You lift one foot off the ground, attempting to show off your amazing balancing skills. I don't think anyone's watching. XXX lifts one foot off the ground and stands perfectly still... they have incredible balance!
You raise your hands up over your head in a satisfying stretch, but then realize that your ivory tunic creeped up a tad higher than you expected. You quickly lower your arms to your sides and readjust your tunic. XXX raises her hands above her head in a satisfying stretch, but quickly lowers them to her sides. Her cheeks flush slightly as she readjusts her tunic.
Tier 3 WEAR
You slip into a raven black flyrsilk gown and let out a satisfied sigh as the material glides down your figure.
You pull the bisque twill skirt over your legs and wiggle inside as you tug it over your hips. XXX puts on her bisque twill skirt, wiggling slightly to secure a comfortable fit.
You carefully remove the raven black flyrsilk gown, and as it slinks to the ground, you step out, pick it up, and drape it delicately over your arm.
You loosen your bisque twill skirt and carefully step out of it, taking extra care not to drag it on the ground. You shake out any distracting wrinkles. XXX removes her bisque twill skirt and shakes out the wrinkles.
Tier 4 There are no additional verbs when fully unlocked to Tier 4, however as noted above, TICKLE is unlocked to allow for additional style options.

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