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A realms boost is the choice of one use of inter-realm BANK TRANSFER or an attuned Chronomage orb.

Realms boosters are granted on the 27th day of Login Rewards for paying subscribers. F2P characters receive a three-day society pass instead.

You must specify whether you'd like a SILVER TRANSFER or a CHRONOMAGE teleport orb for your Realms Boost.
You must specify one of the following towns that you wish to receive a Chronomage teleport orb to: Wehnimer's Landing, Solhaven, River's Rest, Zul Logoth, Ta'Illistim, Ta'Vaalor, Cysaegir, Teras, or Icemule Trace.

A brass and gold orb materializes into your right hand.

[You have redeemed a Realms Boost!  In order to make use of the Chronomage orb, you must head to your nearest Chronomage outpost and wait in the teleport chamber while holding your orb.]
[You have redeemed a Realms Boost and gained one inter-town silver transfer!  You may access this via the BANK command.]

   BANK ACCOUNT                         - View your current bank account balance(s).
   BANK TRANSFER {bankname} {#|ALL}     - Transfer funds from another town to your local bank account.
   BANK TRANSFER CONSOLIDATE            - Consolidate all your bank accounts into your local bank account.
   BANK DEPOSIT {#|NOTE|ALL}            - Send a runner with a deposit for your local bank account.
   BANK WITHDRAW {#} [SILVER|NOTE]      - Send a runner to make a withdrawal from your local bank account.

You have chosen to consolidate X,XXX,XXX silver from all your accounts into the Four Winds Bank.

[If this is acceptable to you, please repeat your command again within the next 30 seconds confirm the transfer.]

You summon a nearby street urchin to send to the local bank to effect the consolidation, giving him the pertinent details of the transaction.  He nods in acknowledgement and dashes off.

[Your bank account consolidation has been completed!  You have 0 inter-town bank transfer options remaining.]

>check bal
The teller idly flips through the books and says, "Your balance is currently at 2,522,048 silvers.  Can I help you with any other banking needs today?"
>bank account
You currently have the following amounts on deposit:

                Four Winds Bank: X,XXX,XXX
                          Total: X,XXX,XXX

You currently have 0 inter-town bank transfer options available.