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USAGE: SHIELD {specialization} {target} or
       SHIELD [option] {args}

  LEARN {specialization}    - Spend Shield Specialization Training Points for specializations
  UNLEARN {specialization}  - Unlearn specializations known to you for Shield Specialization Training Points
  LIST {type} [extra]       - List specializations by type
                            - {type} can be ALL, 
                            - Any profession (or PROFESSION itself) may be included at the end
  INFO                      - Displays your current specialization training info
  FORCERT                   - Toggles requiring FORCERT during roundtime (currently: OFF)
  HELP {specialization}     - List information about the selected specialization
  WIKI {specialization}     - Show Wiki output for the selected specialization
  WIKILIST                  - Show Wiki list output for specializations

Note: {specialization} references above require use of the specialization mnemonic.

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