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Category: Help for Players
Topic: General Gameplay Questions
Message #: 1964
Date: 2/24/2008 3:35:21 PM
Subject: STORE/READY/SHEATHE Assistance

I decided to repost a general STORE/READY/SHEATHE post that I made a while back. Think I'll make this one "sticky", though, so people won't have to deal with it falling off the boards. Here goes:

>>Now, the question. I'm having problems with the "default sheath" thingie. How can I push the "store weapon" button on my stormfront and have my weapon go into my sheath and at the same time, when I click on a gem or box on the ground to be "stowed" that it won't try and go into me sheath with my weapon but into my cloak where I want it to go? Now is that worth a 7 hour wait?

You'll have to make sure that your weapon is set to STORE, and not STOW. Using verb commands, you can do that by typing STORE SET <WEAPON TYPE> SHEATH, as in STORE SET WEAPON SHEATH. Please make sure you've set your sheath as well. You can do that by typing STORE SHEATH <desired sheath here>, as in STORE SHEATH HARNESS. Setting your weapon is as easy as typing READY WEAPON <desired weapon here>, as in READY WEAPON DAGGER. You can then type STOW SET <container>, as in STOW SET CLOAK, in order to have the STOW command place STOWed items in your cloak by using STOW <item>, as in STOW GEM.

Following the above instructions SHOULD result in the STORE WEAPON command storing your weapon in your sheath. If you type STORE LIST, you'll see a listing of items such as:

>store list
Your current settings are:

shield: (none) (worn if possible, stowed otherwise)
weapon: a steel dagger (put in sheath)
secondary weapon: (none) (worn if possible, stowed otherwise)
ranged weapon: a silver-nocked black ash yumi (put in sheath)
ammo bundle: (none) (worn if possible, stowed otherwise)
sheath: a dark leather locksmith's toolkit
secondary sheath: (none)

What this means is that my weapon (in this case, a steel dagger) will ALWAYS be sheathed (in this case, in my toolkit), when I type STORE WEAPON. If I type STORE RANGED, then my ranged weapon (in this case, a silver-nocked black ash yumi) will be sheathed (in this case, in my toolkit...not that it'd fit <G>). And since we established the STOW verb to the cloak earlier (in the previous instructions), then if I were to STOW GEM, it'll go in the cloak.

If all this confused you, let me know. I know it's alot, but I hope it helps.

GM Emeradan