Stun Maneuvers

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Stun Maneuvers
Mnemonic [stunman]
Type Active Buff
Stamina Cost 10
Requirements Being stunned.
Available To Warriors, Rogues, Monks
Available In Combat Maneuvers
Guild Skills
Rank Square
1 2  
5 10


Attempt to perform various actions while stunned.


Shield (Rank 1) - Attempt to ready a shield in your left hand.
Weapon (Rank 1) - Attempt to ready a suitable weapon in your right hand.
Get (Rank 2) - Attempt to grab an item.
Stand (Rank 3) - Attempt to stand back up.
Stance1 (Rank 3) - Attempt to increase defensive stance by 20%.
Stance2 (Rank 4) - Attempt to increase defensive stance by 40%.
Attack (Rank 4) - Attempt to attack an opponent.

Move (Rank 5) - Attempt to flee in a particular direction.

Additional Information

The Different Maneuvers

The various maneuvers generally won't see too much use. The maneuvers that'll likely see the most use is STAND, MOVE, and STANCE2. MOVE is likely the most useful when stunned as it involves removing the character from a potentially fatal situation, where using STANCE2 won't help much. However, in a crowded hunting area, MOVE might put you in more danger you were originally in. STAND is required before the character is capable of moving, if she is not already standing. STANCE2 will be useful to characters not in a defensive stance already and where MOVE is not practical due to the crowding of the hunting area.

SHIELD and WEAPON are only useful if the character is stunned when she is unprepared for a fight (IE, no weapon or shield in her hands) and GET is useful if a creature stuns you and disarms you, which is a maneuver possessed by some canine type creatures. ATTACK can have its uses if you're stunned in an offensive stance and there is only one creature in the room, it gives the attacking character a chance to stun the creature present. However, the character will see a penalty to attack strength due to the fact that she is stunned, and she will also see increased roundtime as compared to a normal attack.

STANCE1 becomes obsolete once a character learns STANCE2.

Training in Stun maneuvers

Training in Stun maneuvers takes a number of completions of the following tasks, unless one simply chooses to train in the skill via the CMAN verb.

Spending CMAN Points

There are 5 ranks of training, like most other CMANs, when training using CMAN points. The first rank costs 2 CMAN points and gives you the SHIELD and WEAPON maneuvers. The second rank costs 4 points and gives you the GET maneuver. The third rank costs 6 points and gives you the STAND and STANCE1 maneuvers. The fourth rank costs 8 points and gives you the STANCE2 and ATTACK maneuvers. The final rank costs 10 points and gives you the MOVE maneuver.

Rogue Guild Training

Maneuver Rank Acquired Description
SHIELD 1 Ready a worn shield
WEAPON 10 Ready a weapon
GET 20 Retrieve something
STAND 32 Stand from a prone position
STANCE1 40 A 20% stance increase
ATTACK 50 Attack an opponent
STANCE2 60 A 40% stance increase
MOVE 63 Move to an adjacent room

Training in the Rogue Guild requires the trainee to be of the Rogue profession. Access to the Rogue Guild allows rogues to train in this skill without the use of CMAN points, leaving the points available for other Combat Maneuvers, such as Surge of Strength or Shadow Mastery, two maneuvers that nearly any rogue would find useful, if they participate in combat.


There are 5 windows in each guild, except Ta'Illistim's, which has 7. Rub them while carrying a soft rag from the tool rack, also located in each guild. When you're finished, put the rag back, get another task... or if you have more than 5 repetitions, wait ten minutes before you can rub the windows again.

This task gives 5 points.

Sweep the guild

Probably the most time consuming of stun maneuvers tasks. You will receive anywhere from 4 to 12 repetitions. Take a broom and a bag from the tool rack and sweep the courtyard of whichever guild you're in. Hunt for that scattered dust and start pushing your broom around to collect it into a pile. You can get 1 to 3 pushes of your broom into a pile for each room of dust. Then, when your bag is full, put it in the bin next to the tool rack. Repeat.

This task gives 5 points.

Slap Hands

Rock, paper, scissors, with a slight twist. Instead, you slap, duck, or stop. Slap beats stop, stop beats duck, duck beats slap. All other combinations are ties. The footpads choose at random, so there is no pattern to them. However, if you keep using the same verb over and over, they'll catch on, and keep using the appropriate counter to that verb.

This task gives 12 points.

Dodge Arrows

They're blunt-tipped, so they don't do real damage, they'll just knock you over and cause roundtime. Lean left, lean right, duck, or jump. If they hit you, add another arrow to dodge. Don't try to dodge while you're laying down. That's another arrow you'll have to dodge and a painful one already in your face.

This task gives 12 points.

Self Stuns

Take something that stuns you, stun yourself, and use your latest maneuver. Methods of self stun include stunning skulls (15 second stuns), skull-pommeled weapons (30 second stuns), stunning chokers (30 second stuns), or Guild Master's Special (random duration stun). The best one is a stunning choker, it is worn so you can do multiple reps for shield, weapon, and get. A close second is the stunning skulls, as you have the shortest wait before you can use the maneuver. A tip: Try to time the maneuver towards the end of the stun. The closer to the end of the stun, the higher your chances of succeeding in using the maneuver.

This task gives 10 points.

Footpad-aided stuns

As above, except the master stuns you for you. Expect numerous kicks to the groin, bottles/bricks over the head, knees to the stomach, and the like. Each time the master stuns you, it lasts for about 30 seconds.

This task gives 14 points.


Stun Maneuvers effectiveness decreases if the user has a low Discipline stat, or if the character is severely stunned. An eight round stun is generally the threshold for severe reduction in success. High endrolls on stunning spells such as Mind Jolt also tend to rend Stun Maneuvers unusable.