Schloss Dunkelsohn

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A mostly solitary half-elf, the only son of the dark elf, Falel Fogelnacht, and a mysterious human mother, Schloss Dunkelsohn grew up around Wehnimer's Landing, eventually becoming a Master in the Order of Voln.

Schloss Dunkelsohn is a Ranger by profession and also a Master Fletcher and a former member of The Black Wolves clan.

Behind the Scenes

The surname of the character, Dunkelsohn, translates from the German as "dark son," which seemed appropriate for the son of a dark elf. His given name, Schloss, comes from the German word for "castle."

The player of Schloss Dunkelsohn first discovered GemStone while browsing America Online and began playing around 1997, starting with a dark elf ranger named Falel Fogelnacht. The surname of Fogelnacht comes from the German words Vogel for "bird" (pronounced 'fogel') and Nacht for "night." The player also recalled once playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons with a girl who had a powerful elf character named F'Lel, which inspired the given name, Falel. Note that the accent is on the second syllable of Falel (i.e., Fa-LEL rather than FAL-el).

The background verse, The Lay of Falel Fogelnacht, is based on the lyrics to the popular song Mr. Bojangles by Jerry Jeff Walker.