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For posts relating to changes in the Simucoin Store or information on particular items.

Enhancive Potions

Category: Discussions with Simutronics
Topic: Simucoin Store
Message #: 310
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 7/2/2013 5:53 PM
Subject: Re: New Simucoin Store Items!

>Can we clarify what exactly the enhancive potions do? Does this mean you will not lose charges for 30 days or 4 hours if used? Will it temporarily make it charged if it is depleted? Will a crumbly enhancive crumble after 30 days or 4 hours if you don't refill it? These are all things inquiring minds wish to know.

When you pour the potion on your enhancive item, your item will then be powered by the potion for X amount of time (30 days or 30 minutes, depending on the potion type). This means uncharged items will be reactivated, and charged items will not lose charges, until the potion timer expires. Crumbly enhancives still won't crumble until they lose their last charge, which can only happen after the potion timer expires (due to no charges being lost until then).



Category: Discussions with Simutronics
Topic: Simucoin Store
Message #: 416
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 6/7/2014 4:05 PM
Subject: Re: New Simucoin Store Items

>Is there a way to know if an item is still under the influence of an enhancive-charging potion, either short or long term?

I've added this to the ANALYZE verb. This is only for SimuCoin store-bought temporary charging potions.


Enhancive Pauses

Category: Discussions with Simutronics
Topic: New SimuCoin Store Item: Enhancive Pauses!
Message #: 479
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 01/14/2015 12:07 AM EST
Subject: Re: New Simucoin Store Items

A new SimuCoin Store item has been released: Enhancive Pauses!

Have a lot of enhancive items that you would like to easily conserve charges on? Tired of having to remove and stow equipped items each and every time you rest? Just activate this handy pass to easily switch off all your enhancive bonus items when you don't need them active, and then on again when you do. While they are turned off, they will not suffer charge degradation, saving you valuable time and money! Enhancive item toggling is accessible through the INVENTORY ENHANCIVE command in-game.

Pauses are available in the store in either 60-use passes (a use is consumed when you use the INVENTORY ENHANCIVE OFF command, turning enhancives back on is free) or 30-day unlimited use passes. Get your pauses today!


April 23, 2014

Category: Discussions with Simutronics
Topic: Simucoin Store
Message #: 384
Author: GS4-COASE
Date: 4/23/2014 9:37 PM
Subject: New Simucoin Store Items

Some new SimuCoin Store items have been released! These include:

Locker Manifest Contracts (allowing the use of the LOCKER MANIFEST command for non-premium subscribers).

Locker Runner Contracts (allowing the use of the LOCKER GET/SEND commands), in either 60 use or 30 day varieties.

Culture Reset Documents

Spell Knowledge Enhancive Item Chargers (similar to the existing enhancive item chargers, but allowing use on spell knowledge enhancives)

Rush Chronomage Ticket (allowing an immediate teleportation between Chronomage outposts)

Also, since some of the recently released items in the SimuCoins store may not have been particularly detailed in exactly what they are, here is some additional information of them:

Urchin Guide Contract

This contract allows players access to the urchin guide system (via the URCHIN command). The urchin allows players access to fast-travel between locations within the same town. If you hate having to navigate through an unfamiliar town, or need to find some little-used town service, or simply hate having to navigate through some maze-like cities, you may just like Urchin Guide System!

Example usage:

[Wehnimer's, Land's End Rd.] Vigilant night guardsmen scrutinize the citizens and travelers arriving and departing through the wide gateway spanning the land route into Wehnimer's Landing. The cluttered streets of the city to the south are a far cry from the deceptively calm expanse of the wilds of Elanith outside. Two daunting towers survey the countryside and protect the town, flanking the road to the east and west. Obvious paths: south

>urchin places
Valid places:
BANK (First Elanith Bank, Teller)
PAWN (Kilron's Pawnshop, Front Room)
FURRIER (Dakris's Furs, Front Room)
GEMSHOP (Gemcutter's, Front Room)
ALCHEMY (Alchemist's House, Consignment)
BOUNTY (Adventurer's Guild, Lobby)
JUSTICE (Wehnimer's, Constabulary)
HEALER (Healer's Tent, Treatment Room)
THRAK (Raging Thrak Inn, Barroom)
HERBALIST (Herbalist's, Dispensary)
ARMOR (Aznell's Armory, Forge)
LOCKSMITH (Locksmith, Backroom)
HELGAS (Helga's Tavern, Barroom)
FRITHS (Frith's Inn, Front Desk)
CHRONOMAGES (Wehnimer's, Shop Cellar)
TEMPLE (Temple, Chapel)
MOOT (Moot Hall, Great Lobby)
FLETCHER (Quaeta's Fletcher Shop)
WAYSIDE (Wayside Inn, Dining Room)
BELDRINS (Beldrin's Game Hall, Reception)
EASTTOWER (Land Tower East, Office)
WESTGATE (Wehnimer's, West Ring Rd.)
NORTHGATE (Wehnimer's, Land's End Rd.)
TSC (Town Square Central)
HEARTHSTONE (Hearthstone, Front Porch)
BLACKSMITH (Blacksmith, Forge)
WARRIORGUILD (Warrior Guild, Entryway)
BARDGUILD (Bard Guild, Courtyard)
EMPATHGUILD (Empath Guild, Entrance)
CLERICGULD (Cleric Guild, Courtyard)
DEBTS (Moot Hall, Debt Collector's)
INN (Raging Thrak Inn, Front Desk)
TABLES (Raging Thrak Inn, Dining Room)

>urchin guide pawn
You flag down a nearby urchin and indicate your desired destination. The urchin nods to you and rapidly guides you through a series of back alleys, side streets, and little-used shortcuts until you reach your destination in mere seconds.
[Kilron's Pawnshop, Front Room]
This little pawnshop is somewhat cheerier than you would expect, presided over by its well-dressed and well-heeled owner, Kilron. A polished white marble counter is set off by freshly whitewashed walls and a highly varnished wood floor. An antique cabinet on the far wall holds several impressive and equally ancient weapons, some precious trinkets, and several items that you cannot identify, except that they seem to glow in different shades of colored light with different intensities. You also see a slatted wooden case and an oak door.
Obvious exits: out

Bounty Task Waivers

Hate herb gathering tasks? Don't like escorting NPCs around? You can use these task waivers to completely block one task of your choice from being assigned to your for the next 30 days. You are free to change which task you are exempt from as many times as you like.

Example usage:

[Headmaster's Office]
Plush, cerulean carpets spread from wall to wall. An elegantly carved mahogany desk stands on the center of the carpeting. Heavy, midnight blue brocade drapes embroidered with the images of silver coins are tied back, allowing a circle of watery moonlight to bathe a patch of the floor. Etched with tiny winged creatures, a brass flowerpot contains a well-trimmed smastan bush. A few browned leaves and berries litter the floor. You also see Guild Headmaster Reyanna.
Obvious exits: northeast

>give waiver to reyanna
Reyanna takes your Guild task waiver and says, "Very well Coase, you may now specify one type of task that you wish be exempt from. To do so, simply ASK me to EXEMPT you from any of the following tasks: Kill Creatures, Retrieve Heirloom, Procure Skins, Procure Gems, Protect Traveller, Procure Herbs, Kill Dangerous Creature, Rescue Child, Kill Bandits."

[Your waiver period will last until 5/23/2014 01:38:54 CDT.]

>ask reyanna to exempt procure herbs
Reyanna says, "Very well, Coase. You are now exempt from being assigned the Procure Herbs task."

Profession Guild Task Exchange Vouchers

Can't find anyone to practice with? Don't like tackling dummies or mashing melons? Skip it and avoid the resulting training point penalties with these vouchers. Each voucher pack is good for either 10 or 100 free task exchanges.

Example usage:

[Warrior Guild, Courtyard]
This appealing rest spot sits directly before the steps leading to the Guild Hall door. A pair of statues watches over the entire courtyard, including the nearby stone benches and bubbling fountain. The benches invite you to sit and the fountain encourages you to stay. Several fireflies hover over the fountain, their light reflecting off the clear water below. You also see Training Administrator Klidel, a sandwich-board sign, an oak barrel and a large mithril plaque.
Obvious paths: east, southeast, south, southwest, west

>ask klidel for train
Klidel says, "I remember you, you were training in Disarm Weapon..."

You ask Klidel for an assignment in Disarm Weapon.

Klidel assays you with a critical eye and says, "Let's find you something to do to earn a rank in Disarm Weapon." Klidel rubs her chin thoughtfully, then continues, "Take a trip to the wilds and try disarmin' a critter there. Make sure you pick something that's a challenge for yer disarm skill and jest use your one-hand crush weapons." Klidel also adds, "Repeat this 10 times."

>give pack to klidel
Klidel takes your Guilds voucher pack and says, "Very well, I've redeemed these vouchers and will automatically apply them whenever you ask me to TRADE a task of yours in."

[You now have a total of 10 task trading vouchers available for use.]

>ask klidel for trade
Klidel says, "I remember you, you were training in Disarm Weapon..."

You ask Klidel about trading in your current Disarm Weapon task for a new one.

Klidel says, "Very well, Coase. I've taken you off that assignment and redeemed a task trading voucher. Ask me when you're ready for more training--I can't guarantee you'll get a different task."

[You have 9 task trading vouchers remaining.]

>ask klidel for train
Klidel says, "I remember you, you were training in Disarm Weapon..."

You ask Klidel for an assignment in Disarm Weapon.

Klidel assays you with a critical eye and says, "Let's find you something to do to earn a rank in Disarm Weapon." Klidel rubs her chin thoughtfully, then continues, "Grab one of your guild fellows and have him-r-her give yeh some practice disarmin' with one-hand crush weapons. Make sure you pick someone who won't be too easy." Klidel also adds, "Repeat this 25 times."

Chronomage Rush Ticket

This ticket allows you to immediately teleport from one town's Chronomage outpost to another instead of having to wait for the normally scheduled teleport time. You will need to have a normally purchased travel orb or sphere to use in conjunction with this ticket.

Example Usage:

[Wehnimer's, Shop Cellar]
Wrought iron candelabras occupy opposite corners of the room, casting a series of flickering shadows along the ceiling and walls. Multicolored throw rugs patterned with interlocking spheres are scattered throughout the basement. An oddly shaped table and a single ladder-back chair rest in the far corner of the room near an old pot-bellied stove. You also see Weyneidra the clerk.
Obvious exits: north, up

>ask clerk for time
Weyneidra the clerk takes a moment to think before saying, "The next departure will be in 44 minutes, and I can sell you a travel ticket right now if you like."

You glance down to see a Chronomage rush ticket in your right hand and a brass and gold orb in your left hand.

[Wehnimer's Shop, Waiting Area]
Cushioned ladder-backed chairs surround a plush, snow white bear rug. Affixed in the eye sockets are a pair of brilliant dragonsbreath sapphires and long, slightly yellowed pieces of ivory serve as the fangs. Edged in gold braiding, the tapestry on the back wall depicts several males encircling a kneeling individual as they work together to wrestle an object from his grasp.
Obvious exits: south

>raise ticket
You raise your ticket up, presenting it for redemption.
Suddenly your orb dissolves into a silver mist that begins to swirl about you. Arcs of gold and brass streak across your vision making it impossible to discern anything beyond the spinning silver mist. Gradually the whirlwind of color subsides and it becomes obvious that your surroundings have changed.

[Solhaven, Beacon Tower]
Completely sparse, the ebonwood flooring stretches across the modestly-sized room. Shadows and darkness envelope most of the area, except where a faint reddish glow is cast from a single frosted globe that is suspended from the ceiling over a strange series of cobalt interlacing circles.
Obvious exits: south