Splitting of the Trine log

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Sahaegin asks, "My friends.. we have talked long and there is still much to tell you. Do we need a short break?"

Sahaegin says, "Now then.. I commence."

Sahaegin says, "The Trine was split."

Sahaegin says, "For the first time the Trine was irrevocably split. A third of the surviving halfling army finally decided to journey north and west."

Sahaegin says, "They were a mixture of all three tribes. The remainder began the preparations prior to returning home to the Shirelands."

Sahaegin says, "The parting was a tragic one, all believing that they would never be reunited in either life or death."

Sahaegin says, "The choice of who went where fell not only between Tribes, but between families as well."

Sahaegin says, "Those who didn't return were given the name of Paradis, translated as 'the Homeless' or 'the Lost' and were never forgotten by the halflings who finally made it back to their homes in the Shirelands and on the steppes."

Sahaegin says, "Finally, the Paradis took their leave, and the homeward-bound party mourned their departure with a weeklong wake, as though they had just died."

Sahaegin says, "During this time, they fasted and sang both the old historical tales as well as new compositions written for those who had just left their tents. Some of these songs become timeless examples of the halfling folk compositions."