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Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 2216
Date: 05/01/2012 12:27 AM CDT
Subject: Twinkle, Twinkle, Blue-Green Star

For the last week, adventurers in and around Wehnimer's Landing have reported seeing a speck of bluish-green light, twinkling in the night sky every hour or so. In the last few nights, the light has appeared to have gotten brighter. A few local scholars and priests in the frontier town were questioned about the light, but none could offer whether it might be the herald of something good, or a bad omen indicating peril on the horizon.

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 2221
Date: 05/05/2012 12:10 AM CDT
Subject: Falling Sky in Wehnimer's Landing!

On the eve of the Day of the Huntress, the 4th of Ivastaen, the twinkling blue-green light in Wehnimer's Landing night sky began to grow in size, and became brighter with each passing moment. Soon the light intensified before a bluish-green sphere appeared, glowing as it fell from the sky! The brilliant sphere landed near the Coastal Cliffs, leaving a huge crater in the ground and sending quakes trembling through the entire area.

Local adventures eventually located the crater, and soon saw a forest gnome named Murley come crawling out of the hole, coughing and wheezing as he held up a green crystal orb for all to see. Murley told those present that he was a visiting farmer from Grawood Farmstead in the Empire, and that he had seen the light land near where he was walking and climbed down into the crater and found the orb. The orb itself was flawless and emerald green, with azure light churning within it. After answering as many questions as he could, the gnome was encountered by Mayor Walkar who had arrived to witness the disturbance. Later the strange orb was given to the Mayor to have the town archmage Pherantyr, and the museum curator Glethad, examine it and try to learn its origin, if any.

The mayor informed those present that whatever the town officials learned about the orb from the sky, would be shared publicly as soon as possible.

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 2227
Date: 05/10/2012 01:25 PM CDT
Subject: The Orbs Origins!

After long hours, and sleepless nights, the curator Glethad, and archmage Pherantyr believe they have discovered the true origins of the green orb that fell from the sky, leaving a crater along the Coastal Cliffs.

The item appears to be an ancient relic, but no further details were given. Instead, the artifact is set to go up on display in the Wehnimer's Landing Museum, and over the next few days the curator Glethad will be holding a presentation in the museum to describe in full detail the history of the orb.

The curator will announce when his presentation happens, and invites all who are interested to attend.

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 2264
Date: 05/17/2012 05:39 PM CDT
Subject: Ancient Elven Artifact Revealed

It has been reported that The Argent Mirror has received word of an elven artifact, the Eye of Ta'Ashrim, being held in the Wehnimer Landing Museum. It is rumored that she has sent Caylio Javilerre and a group of Illistim scholars to the frontier town to investigate and confirm its origin. The Argent Mirror was heard saying that the if the artifact was indeed genuine, then it should be returned to the elven city-states to be studied and kept safe.

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 2264
Date: 05/21/2012 11:48 AM CDT
Subject: Factions Descend on Wehnimer's Landing

The Argent Mirror has sent an envoy to Wehnimer's Landing to inspect the new relic in the museum, while a reformed pirate, turned merchant captain from Brisker's Cove has recently docked his ship in town. Meanwhile, a handful of black row boats and krolvin scouts have been reported being encountered along the Black Sands near town. The Wehnimer's mayor has spoken out, addressing some of the citizen's concerns…

Mayor Walkar, of Wehnimer's Landing, made the following statement:

"Many have written to me, or expressed their concern over the growing attention this green orb has brought our town. Rest assured, we are fully capable of protecting the relic, while preserving our relationships with our allies. The town council and I have welcomed the Argent Mirror's envoy, and have established comfortable accommodations for them during their stay. Their scholars, and guards, will have access to the artifact, but will be accompanied by members of our own militia at all times while on the museum grounds."

"The captain, named Thanden, who sailed into port with the flag of Brisker's Cove, is to be afforded the luxuries our town has to offer, in accordance with our Merchant's Guild policies, which are extended to all visiting imperial merchants. Given his past as a pirate, and once a wanted criminal within the Empire itself, I strongly urge the captain that he and his crew be on their best behavior. We welcome business from the empire, but will not tolerate deception of any kind."

"In regards to the krolvin, I will tell you this. They are a race of miscreant creatures, never to be trusted, never to be given mercy. They are no allies to any nations. Extend a hand to a fallen krolvin, and no sooner will you find his dirk lodged in your throat. Perhaps the bodies of their scouts staining the Black Sands red will be enough warning to them. We will respond to any krolvin threat swiftly and with incredible might, enough to chill even their arctic blood."

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 2283
Date: 05/27/2012 01:08 AM CDT
Subject: Wehnimer's Attacked! Relic is Stolen!

On Feastday, the 26th of Ivastaen, a new wave of krolvin warships and raiders reached the Black Sands beach near Wehnimer's Landing. Brave heroes and defenders charged to meet the invaders, creating piles of krolvin corpses and destroying some of their ships. Some krolvin scouts had infiltrated the town, trying to work towards the museum but were finally pushed back. Further chaos ensued, when shadowy cloaked figures were witnessed inside the museum, before a fiery orb exploded in the building's lobby, creating a giant wall of fire that cut off the heroes from the second floor lobby. A few local adventurers, along with members of the Sapphire Guard and Wehnimer's militia stood watch over the green crystal orb, before a cloud of black fog moved into the area, obscuring much of the display area. Those standing guard were soon killed or wounded by cloaked figures, and it was reported that Glethad, the museum curator, was seen being forced by the same mysterious figures to disarm the magical wardings protecting the relic. The museum fire was finally put out, and the heroes rushed upstairs, but too late to stop the figures from escaping with the orb and the curator.

It was then learned that once the artifact had been stolen, the ex-pirate Thanden's ship had left port from the North Docks and sailed away. Furthermore, a member of the Argent Mirror's envoy to Wehnimer's Landing was discovered to have slipped out of town, heading back towards the Nations to deliver a message to the Queen herself. In light of the orb having gone missing, Mayor Walkar ordered Caylio, the Argent Mirror's Loremaster, to be apprehended, along with his entire envoy. The elven messenger was wounded and captured by local heroes near the Glacier, where guards dragged him back to town for questioning. Councilman Khylon, the steward of the town's militia, ordered a number of ships to depart immedietely from town, in pursuit of Thanden's ship, while word was sent to other coastal towns in an attempt at locating the ex-pirate. The krolvin threat along the Black Sands was then defeated, but local seafarer's reported a number of war ships still a day or two from town.

Mayor Walkar tiredly appeared late into the night, to address concerns of the townspeople, "With the artifact stolen from our museum, and our curator kidnapped, we can spare no room for assumptions. To that end, I ordered the arrest of Caylio and the remainder of the Argent Mirror's visiting envoy. They have been detained and will be questioned over the next few days, to determine if they held any involvement in the orb being stolen. I would hope they would understand my decision in this matter, and if the investigation finds them innocent, then we would benefit from an allied attempt to locate the true thieves. To ensure all possibilities are covered, we have also seen to it that pursuit has been given for Thanden's ship, and word has been sent to the Empire. He'll find no safehaven, should he be guilty. Our archmage, Pherantyr, is currently working on a magical defense to be established along the Black Sands to aid us in any further krolvin raids. Even with all of this, we cannot be certain the artifact has even left the town. I ask every citizen, every hero, keep your eyes and ears open. We will not allow this relic to fall into the wrong hands for long, nor will we allow its power to be used for destructive purposes. It was ours to protect, and it will be ours to retrieve."

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 2293
Date: 05/28/2012 11:41 PM CDT
Subject: Archmage Pherantyr Provides Magical Defenses

Even with the orb's disappearance, reports have come in that krolvin warships are still en route to Wehnimer's Landing and could arrive any day. In response, Archmage Pherantyr, has magically constructed some white obelisks near the Black Sands, where the krolvin have attacked before. The magical towers will assist against any krolvin waves that arrive on the shore, as witnesses tell of already seeing cerulean bolts of plasma vaporizing the occassional sea nymph.

Krolvin Ship Report

Interrogation aboard the 'Gzadmor gno Prozd' on 06/01/2012 12:06 PM CDT

As with a couple of other people earlier in the week, Sarvia and I were kidnapped by krolvin slavers last night and taken aboard the krolvin warship "Gzadmor gno Prozd" (The Pain of Night).
I thought it might be useful to share the account, even if there's not much new information...

We'd made our way out to the Black Sands as a new wave of krolvin landing vessels approached the beach. However, Sarvia and I were quickly captured by krolvin slavers and within minutes found ourselves confined deep within the belly of a krolvin warship. We couldn't move, but we could speak. The darkness was complete and we could see nothing at all. I sensed that we were confined to some sort of slave holding area, as I could hear the occassional sharp crack of a whip and the subsequent agonized screams of the tortured. The smell was also something I'd rather not recall.

After what seemed like far too long, we were again seized and this time taken to a room with more light. This appeared to be a map or chart room of some sort, and the signage about the area confirmed the vessel to be "Gzadmor gno Prozd". There were rolled up maps and some musty tomes atop a table, which sat in the center of the room, but try as I might I couldn't get a closer look at them. What was of greater interest to me were the two prominent charts tacked to one wall, depicting various sea routes to Wehnimer's Landing as well as Teras Isle.

Footsteps soon approached and within moments we were confronted by Czag'Dubra Krentuk himself. He had mismatched red and yellow eyes, coarse stark white hair down to his shoulders, and otherwise reminded me of a smelly ape. He also wielded a bloody longknife which to my eye may have been fashioned of elven bone. He wasted no time in interrogating us about the orb's whereabouts, referring to it as the "Star of Khar'Ta" and "my star". Amidst insults and torture, he demanded that we reveal the orb's location. Specifically, he asked if the "mirror elves" or "pirate lord" had it. I told him that the star was in my pants, but I don't think he bought it. Fairly shrewd, for being a krolvin I guess. We bantered a bit more, but he quickly grew tired of our reluctance and killed us both. Minutes later, slavers dumped our bodies outside the gates of town.

- Ravashaak Une-Makhar
Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 2312
Date: 06/02/2012 10:44 AM CDT
Subject: From the Mayor to the Mirror

Mayor Walkar, of Wehnimer's Landing, made the following statement addressed to the Argent Mirror of Ta'Illistim:

"We were greatly dismayed when we learned of the krolvin's true intentions in their attack two nights ago, when their warriors stormed our prison and killed members of the Sapphire Guard that were being held for questioning, and kidnapped the remaining elven scholars back to their ships. The horror did not end there, as just last night the bodies of those scholars washed up on the shore of the Black Sands. I bear the full responsibility for the deaths of the envoy, as it was under my command that they were originally detained. For what small worth it may be, I was faced with chaos in our town, and with so many parties interested in the artifact that was stolen, I did not want everyone to slip away. I know now my judgment not to trust the envoy was a mistake, a regret that will haunt me forever. It was my duty to ensure the relic's protection, and the protection of the envoy, of which failure was the outcome of both. The Loremaster Caylio was kept guarded in a location away from the remainder of the envoy and has been released, unharmed, and safely on his way back home. I offer my deepest condolences and apologies to the Argent Mirror, and hope that despite this tragedy, we can come together to locate the stolen relic, and unite against the krolvin that shall not escape justice for their crimes."

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 2314
Date: 06/02/2012 12:05 PM CDT
Subject: The Orb Hunt Continues!

After the massacre of the Illistim envoy in Wehnimer's Landing, and the subsequent capture and murder of their scholars, the Czag'Dubra Krentuk and his krolvin fleet have been reported to be sailing away from town. Lord Juramis recently returned to Wehnimer's Landing, where he was offered political sanctuary by Mayor Walkar, after his warehouses and ships were destroyed in Brisker's Cove. Juramis had been investigating the power behind the "reformed" Captain Thanden, and while he suffered loss to his storehouses for his questions, he did learn that a powerful political noble in the imperial territory of Seareach hired the pirate to steal the orb and bring it to his benefactor.

It is rumored, that Thanden never returned to Brisker's Cove and may have decided to keep the orb for himself, if indeed he is the true thief. With the elven scholars dead, and the krolvin fleet on the move, the Mayor of Wehnimer's Landing fully believes the pirate-turned-captain is in possession of the relic, and based on further intelligence, may be en route to Teras Isle. There is reason to believe, that those who view the artifact as the Gale Stone, consider it to be of dwarven origin, and requires their role in its activation. To that end, the town officials have sent a warning to the denizens and their allies on the rock, alerting them to keep an eye out for the pirate, who is now declared wanted in Wehnimer's Landing.

Juramis slinks in

Mayor Walkar,

Former Councilman [[Juramis]] came to the Landing last night after fleeing Brisker's Cove with only his life, a single ship, and information about who is behind the theft of the relic. He asked me to make a personal plea on his behalf for sanctuary and hoped the bulk of his past actions on behalf of the Landing and its citizens would hold some influence over the few acts that resulted in his banishment.

I support his request as he seems keen to regain the favor of his home and its citizens and appears to be sincere in his desire to assist us against those who assail the city. He awaits your good office's decision.

KG Svardin Odinsmane, The Drakes Vanguard.

A letter on wings

Honorable Mayor Walkar,

Many citizens of Kharam Dzu and other cities managed to free the curator Ghelad. We also came across the merchant, Juramis, who attempted to aid the group in seeking out Thanden. While we were in town, an assassin kidnapped Juramis, who was subsequently killed. He stated later the assassin was sent by Count Tramini, of the county of Seareach. Juramis stated, "the Lord of Seareach. He pardoned Thanden and gave him the Dirty Knave. I have no doubt of this now." He also stated, "Thanden was sent to steal something from the Landing, is what I was told by now dead men. He double-crossed nobles in Seareach, and they may very well think I've joined with him now."

Thanden's ship was burnt and has sunk to the bottom of the Bay, as a result of the rescue of the curator. I would advise to hae guards near the Landing wharf, in case he stole away on the Star.

Sir Cryheart Thaxin
Order of the Silver Gryphon
Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Kharam Dzu
Message #: 819
Date: 06/12/2012 11:57 AM CDT
Subject: The Star Bringer

Last evening, on Teras Isle, hundreds of krolvin stormed the beaches and invaded the town of Kharam-Dzu, searching for the pirate named Thanden, who all believed to be in possession of the Star of Khar'ta.

Finding himself caught between the heroes on the Rock, and the krolvin raiding the town, Thanden tried desperately to escape, but found himself cornered at every turn. In the end, it was a deadly spike thorn from the halfling ranger Hoy, that took Thanden's life in the middle of town. As adventurers gathered to see the dead pirate, another wave of krolvin arrived, some of them dragging off his corpse amidst the chaos.

Soon the krolvin retreated from Kharam-Dzu and returned to their ships along the Greymist beach, setting sail from the island. Not long after, the mutilated corpse of Thanden was found abandoned outside of the town's gates, brutalized and his hands torn off. Glethad, the Wehnimer's Museum curator who Thanden had kidnapped, has been safely rescued and remains on Teras, where he claims he will stay for a few days to rest and heal, before returning to Wehnimer's.

With the death of Thanden, and the temporary capture of his corpse, it can only mean that the green orb has fallen into the hands of the krolvin leader, Czag'Dubra Krentuk. While the krolvin fleet has left Teras, it is still unclear where they may travel next. Regardless, their fleet could now be accompanied by the power of the ancient relic, and Krentuk, the krolvin warlord, will have taken on the new name of Czag'Herndrok. The star bringer.

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 2346
Date: 06/14/2012 08:23 PM CDT
Subject: Wehnimer's Landing Prepares for War!

This evening, the curator of the Wehnimer's Museum left Teras, but not before stopping to talk and thank the denizens of the Isle for their heroics in rescuing him from captivity. Glethad, the curator, warned fellow adventures that the krolvin fleet, led by Czag'Herndrok Krentuk, would likely return to invade Wehnimer's Landing.

Based on the krolvin cultural lore behind the Star of Khar'ta relic, it was once used during their expansion onto the arctic island of Glaoveln. The curator reasoned that because the green orb landed near Wehnimer's Landing, the krolvin would consider its location an omen for where to begin their next great conquest.

Warning eventually reached the Mayor of Wehnimer's Landing, who immediately set about preparing for war with the krolvin, should their ships set sail for the town. Many speculated that should the krolvin come, it would likely take a week or more for them to arrive.

A letter finds a way


I believe you've noticed all the snow around Landing. Thanden has been put to rest, and was ill advised on the orbs use. Believing that Dwarven blood, would activate the orbs magic. The orb is now in krolvin hands, and they probably have bonded with the orb. I know the orb controls the weather but do we know how the orb is going to power the upcoming force?

Krolvins believe where the Star fell, is where they should expand and dominate. My worries is a greatly charged armed force. Are the towers on the beach enough to stop the adversaries from breaching the walls closer to town? Could they reverse the magic on these towers and use it against us?

I have also heard there were elf scholars shuffling around town. Are they here to help? I would've imagined, them sending troops to help corner off Thanden before the orb fell into the wrong hands. Nations sent no troops to aid alot of Tera's and Landing soldiers. I specifically see trouble on their claim and their demeanor on this situation. If they are helping. Could we find a way to destroy this thing before Landing is burned to the ground?


No dogs in sight

Early in the evening a few less elite Krolvin fighting forces were discovered, particularly scouts, near Wehnimer's Landing.

Mayor Walkar arrived to state that there would be no diplomacy, the Krolvin or the landing would prevail. Obviously he expressed confidence that the landing would be victorious. Just as I am sure Krentuk is spurring his troops claiming the Krolvin will prosper. Almost makes you wonder if both sides claim the Arkati are on their side which side actually gets the Arkati. Or since several revel in destruction and chaos, if they're split. But I digress.

In between a lot of very fidgety heros, a few pearls of wisdom (the town IS being attacked from the ocean, expect lots of really bad sea puns to spring forth (spring, get it?)) were gleaned. One - Walkar suspects the orb to be responsible for the snow in the landing. Two - twenty or thirty people standing in close quarters in a small mayor's office makes for not the best of olfactory experiences. What WERE they feeding that darned dog? Three - The town mage whose name I will never get correct except it begins with 'P' will be placing additional obelisks (oh sure, THAT I can spell) on the docks to help ward off incoming Krolvin ships. Four - A dispatch was sent to the Argent Mirror in Ta'Illistim asking for aid. Doubtful it will arrive. Five - conspicuously absent were comments about aid requested from the Empire or Icemule Trace. Five and a toe (since I am now out of fingers) - The mayor intended to return later in the evening. If this occured, my tush had already begun counting sheep. Even more important, the last arcs of fire that had been hurtled into town ruined Inurtia's gown, heaven forbid!

Also spotted in town was the former town councilman, Juramis. It seems his brigandine, the Sailfish, was spotted back at the North Dock. He had eluded several Krolvin ships and braved the weather to return to the landing to tell Walkar that the Krolvin were coming. Juramis asked people 'why' would the Krolvin seek out the orb. Many formerly unknown experts in all matters Krolvin came to light and stated unequivocably it was all about a further conquest. My guy didn't know any Krolvin history so nodded knowingly as all the lore was spouted. (read that nodded like a blithering idiot, but he's good at it.) Juramis seemed to be suffering ill-effects from his sea voyage, and was hustled off to the Frith's Inn to rest. Having been fed strong drink on an empty stomach did not appear to aid his condition. He reiterated that Walkar must be informed of the impending Krolvin arrival. After giving the imploration to pass the word to Walkar, he stumbled off for rest.

-notta Inurtia-
Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 2358
Date: 06/20/2012 07:10 AM CDT
Subject: Re: It was a cold, dark, stormy night - again....and Snoopy was nowhwere to be found - still.

BriganTine is the type of ship. Smaller and typically faster, having with two masts instead of three. BriganDine is a type of armor.

The archmage you refer to is Pherantyr, who is traditionally known for his amulet making skills.

And what of Juramis?

Has the reality of his situation, losing his dead father's business in Brisker's Cove to a power hungry Count, finally taken a toll on his mind? Or is he just being clever, and seeks to perpetuate his profiteering ways? Perhaps a little of both?

Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for more from GM Kenstrom as the plot continues!

P.S. I'm having fun and I hope you all are to!

-GM Marstreforn-

A kobold points at you and yells, "Mine! Chasin!"

A kobold swings a short sword at itself! Blow glances off the kobold's shoulder. The kobold blushes furiously!

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 2362
Date: 06/20/2012 11:28 AM CDT
Subject: Winter in Wehnimer's?

Last weekend, a large storm appeared over Wehnimer's Landing and its surroundings, bringing with it a flurry of snow! The snow has continued to fall, both day and night since then. Even recently, ice elementals had fallen from the sky, ravaging the town before they were finally defeated. Occasionally, bluish-green lightning struck the town, igniting fires along the streets. Buckets of water have been made available inside Moot Hall and Thrak's Inn. With the weather taking on an arctic chill, and no end in sight, many local townspeople have expressed their concerns.

"My crops are suffering!" A frightened farmer aired out his fears, "I had not ever thought to be worried about snow in Lumnea! It's the middle of summer!"

A local dock worker had expressed his own worries, "I've heard ships that have left town have been damaged, or even sunk from horrible storms and massive waves at sea! Soon no one will even come into port! How am I to earn a living then?"

Mayor Walkar warned that the krolvin warlord Krentuk is likely using the Star of Khar'ta to attempt to weaken the town and create a more familiar environment ahead of the impending krolvin invasion, which latest reports indicate may only be days away.

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 2368
Date: 06/22/2012 03:55 PM CDT
Subject: Pherantyr's Trinkets!

For the last two days, the Archmage Pherantyr has handed out magical talismans to adventurers outside of Moot Hall in Wehnimer's Landing. The trinkets are attuned to the Star of Khar'ta, and it's said that the wearer will be able to sense when the artifact is nearby.

The Archmage went on to announce, "While the talisman can only provide early detection at this time, hopefully giving us better chances of forming a defensive response, I still am working tirelessly to strengthen their power, hopefully allowing them to provide protection against the Star of Khar'ta, if I am successful."

Packs of dozens and dozens of these trinkets were given to a few local heroes, who offered to hand them out to others over the coming days. More are expected to be created soon, and become available to all those who'd wish them.


The talisman is designed so that when Krentuk and the Star of Khar'ta are in game, you will get a message alerting you to that fact. It will continue to message you every five minutes, if Krentuk and the orb are still about. If at any time it becomes bothersome, you can TAP your talisman to turn off its powers. But have no fear, TAPing it again turns it back on.

Note that it will not tell you Krentuk's location, but it will likely mean an attack is coming, or happening somewhere!

-GM Kenstrom-

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 2387
Date: 06/25/2012 01:30 PM CDT
Subject: V'koort Gno Lalk Karzkra!

The sea of blue comes! The Czag'Herndrok Krentuk has launched his attack on Wehnimer's Landing, bringing with him a massive fleet and thousands and thousands of krolvin under his command! Most deadly of all, is the Star of Khar'ta relic that he wields, unleashing icy devastation to the town and its people!

Days ago, a chaotic storm rolled into Darkstone Bay, an onslaught of waves destroying dozens of ships docked along the Wehnimer's Landing quays and washing many citizens out to their watery graves. Thick fog accompanied the tempest, where countless krolvin warships emerged from within.

New waves of krolvin warships arrive daily along the North and Middle docks, as well as along the Black Sands near the Coastal Cliffs. The magical obelisks that Pherantyr had created to help defend against the krolvin have been encased in icy spheres, overpowered and rendered useless by the strength of the Star of Khar'ta. Gale force winds pummel adventurers moving through the streets of town, as brilliant lightning strikes drive others into the relative safety of indoors. A deep chill has settled over the entire city, its arctic bite sometimes injuring those braving the cold.

If the dangerous weather was not enough, the krolvin fleet continues to launch assaults on the town, firing ballista bolts, boulders, and even fiery spheres at defenders who take to the streets. But the battle rages on both sides, as local adventurers and heroes have faced the icy waters of Darkstone Bay and swam through tumultuous waves to board a number of krolvin ships, fighting the krolvin onboard.

Mayor Walkar continues to scramble to form better defenses against the krolvin, but the power of the Star of Khar'ta has ruined many of the town's crops, destroyed dozens of ships, and made any naval assistance from allies very difficult. The merchant Juramis has been urged by many heroes to use what resources he has left to help bring food and supplies to the town.

Most deadly of all, is the appearance of Krentuk himself. The krolvin leader, the starbringer, has seemingly mastered the abilities of the Star of Khar'ta and uses it to travel within columns of snow and wind, unleashing devastating emerald bolts and waves of lightning to defenders who try to stop him. Worse yet, is the magical air wall surrounding the krolvin warlord, forcing many heroes' attacks to reflect back on themselves!

If there is to be a victory, many are left wondering how.


The krolvin are here! The battle begins! That being said, there are 8 areas or “zones” where the krolvin will be spawning, based on their level. There’s four ships in the Darkstone Bay, which you can access via the water along the North Docks in town. But be ready to swim, or have Water Walking on. The ships are Lalk Renqua, D’ton Criga, Pritzkra Burzka, and V’koort Etka. (Bonus points if you translate them!) The other four zones are two areas along the Coastal Cliffs, and in town along North Ring Road and across the bridge, along East Ring Road.

The level of krolvin ranges from 5-120. I’ll leave it up to you all to determine and communicate which hunting zones fit! It’s fun figuring it out, right?

May the streets of Wehnimer’s Landing run blue and red!

-GM Kenstrom-


Lalk Renqua - Blue Skin D'ton Criga - Fester Thorn Pritzkra Burzka - Dark Corpse V'koort Etka - Sea Pig

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 2541
Date: 07/09/2012 01:46 PM CDT
Subject: The Krolvin Storm Rages!

The might of Czag'Herndrok Krentuk's krolvin army continues to assault Wehnimer's Landing and its coastal areas, war ships constantly emerging from the cold fog to unload more fierce warriors. Many citizens have noticed some more powerful krolvin appearing occasionally, from krolvin bloodmasters calling down meteors from the sky, to crazed zealots with a ferocity matching only their dedication to Khar'ta.

Among the chaos, a half-krolvin named Falzcrow met up with many of the town's defenders and arranged a meeting with them and his father, the krolvin Bloodfist Kragnack, who is the brother of Krentuk. Kragnack offered to attack Krentuk's stronghold on Glaoveln, hopefully weakening him and dividing his forces, in exchange for weapons to more readily equip his own warriors, and the escort of his son to safety beyond Wehnimer's Landing.

The details of the agreement were made known to the town's mayor, who refused to give any krolvin leader weapons, but did promise protection for the half-krolvin son. When the heroes met up with Kragnack for a second time to rely the message, Walkar had sent in militia men to seize Kragnack's son. The mayor then informed the krolvin, through a helpful translator, that the Bloodfist's son would remain under the town's protection and watch, to ensure the attack on Krentuk's stronghold was executed, and not some ploy to further assault the town.

Many bore witness to the breakdown of diplomacy, to which Mayor Walkar later addressed a short statement, "We are at war, and let us not forget that our enemy are krolvin. To broker a deal with them where their demands are met in whole, but we are given only hope that their success bears us any good fortune, is a risk I am not willing to take. Many will accuse of me taking a hostage to force Kragnack's hand, but I do so as a safety precaution, and wish no harm to his son. These are monsters, who willingly pillage, scalp, murder, and take whatever they want. Let their nature never be overlooked."

In addition to the chaos with the krolvin, many have reported to seeing a slender cloaked figure moving through town, the only identifiable item being an onyx rose clasp at the throat of his hood. Being the symbol of Ta'Nalfein, some have speculated whether or not the figure has nefarious intentions.

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
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Message #: 2554
Date: 07/11/2012 12:29 AM CDT
Subject: Gzadmor gno Prozd!

Around midnight, the halfling pirate Parlay gathered a group of heroes, boarded his ship, the Fall of the West, and maneuvered through Darkstone Bay to sail near Krentuk's flagship, the Gzadmor gno Prozd, or "Pain of Night."

When the heroes got there, they were attacked by a number of krolvin zealots, stormcrows, slashers, and bloodmasters! Not long after, Krentuk himself showed, using the Star of Khar'ta to destroy almost every single defender before vanishing.

While the battle still rages against the krolvin, Parlay and Krentuk's ship remain engaged in the middle of Darkstone Bay, amidst the chaos and storm.

OOC Note: When swimming in the Darkstone Bay area, you will now find Parlay's umber-shrouded ship, the Fall of the West. You can safely board it. From the deck, you will find a knotted rope. GET the rope, then PUSH the rope, to swing over to Krentuk's ship, the Gzadmor gno Prozd. The creatures that spawn on Krentuk's ship are level 120, and should be quite challenging. I'd recommend groups, and more often than not, it may be certain suicide.

Please keep in mind, that while the ship is now swarming with high level monsters, everyone of all levels will be able to participate in the upcoming storyline finale, about two weeks away. Incase anyone was worried. :)

Happy deed loss!

-GM Kenstrom-

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Message #: 2581
Date: 07/12/2012 05:29 PM CDT
Subject: Krentuk's Glaoveln Stronghold Attacked!

News has reached Wehnimer’s Landing that the krolvin Bloodfist Kragnack has successfully launched an attack on his brother Krentuk’s stronghold on Glaoveln. With much of Krentuk’s forces near the Darkstone Bay, the stronghold afforded little defense. The Bloodfist Kragnack was able to conquer his brother’s arctic fortress and a great many of his slaves, weakening both his power and influence back at home.

Further reports have trickled in that part of Krentuk’s flotilla has broken apart, as many war ships were seen leaving Darkstone Bay, presumably setting sail to return to Glaoveln. Even though Krentuk’s forces have been divided, a majority of his fleet remains in Darkstone Bay, and the power of the Star of Khar’ta remains a threat.

It is rumored that despite Mayor Walkar’s warning, a cache of weapons were provided to the krolvin Kragnack before his assault on Glaoveln.


Because of the result of the player’s actions, Kragnack’s son was taken hostage by Walkar, and Kragnack forced to launch his attack on Glaoveln anyway. Because of this, Krentuk’s forces have dwindled. To that end, some of the krolvin spawning have now vanished, as they return home to join ranks with a new leader.

The krolvin mercenaries along North Ring Road are gone. The krolvin corsairs, legionnaires, slavers, and scouts along East Ring Road are gone. The krolvin plunderers, guardsman, and gladiators on the Coastal Cliffs are gone. There are still some krolvin invading the Coastal Cliffs, and some young krolvin remain on North Ring Road. All ships are still intact currently. Is this the first step towards victory? We’ll see…

-GM Kenstrom-

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Message #: 2589
Date: 07/17/2012 12:45 PM CDT
Subject: Blades of Night and Krentuk's Might

A few nights ago, Mayor Walkar and a number of heroes met with a Nalfein rogue named Zyndur, inside the mayor's office. Zyndur claimed that he and his shadowy group of swordsmen had come to town, bringing the offering of some krolvinbane weapons to help against Krentuk, thinking the magical weapons might end him for good. In exchange for their assistance, Zyndur asked that if Krentuk is killed, then the green orb be turned over to him.

After Mayor Walkar discussed the deal in private with those heroes present, he begrudgingly agreed to the elf's terms, with the exception that some of the krolvinbane weapons would need to be provided to those present, so defenders of the town were also equipped with the blades. Zyndur handed over some slender black-bladed longswords to those in the office that wanted them, with a number of people refusing to handle any weapons forged by blood magic. Zyndur then warned the mayor that he was well aware of the flaws of humans, and that if there was any intention to double cross their agreement, there would be cost for such betrayal. Zyndur whispered the consequences to the mayor, before slipping off into the shadows.

Following that night, many citizens have reported to seeing a number of cloaked Nalfein swordsmen in town, fighting alongside the defenders against the krolvin swarms. But many have been left asking, at what cost? What may happen should the ancient relic end up in the hands of the Nalfein?

In other developments, the Mayor did announce that the archmage Pherantyr may be only days away from a breakthrough in his experiments, and being able to imbue the talismans many wear with more power, thus weakening the might of Krentuk.

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
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Message #: 2595
Date: 07/18/2012 04:17 PM CDT
Subject: Pherantyr's Talisman!

Making a major magical breakthrough, the archmage Pherantyr has announced that the talismans many people wear around Wehnimer's Landing to warn them when the Star of Khar'ta is near, will now be imbued with new powers!

Pherantyr has been able to infuse his talisman creations with a powerful defense against the Star of Khar'ta, namely when its being used directly by Krentuk himself. While the icy weather still rages around the town, Krentuk's directed assaults will now be harmless against those wearing Pherantyr's talismans.

The archmage went on to say, "Our town, and its environs, are surrounded by unseen magical energies, all originating from the Star of Khar'ta. It is the power behind the storm, the lightning, and the cold. Drawing on this same power, I have been able to create a resistance to the very orb itself. Krentuk will soon find himself without his greatest weapon."

Mayor Walkar praised the accomplishment by the archmage and said, "With Krentuk's fleet weakened now, and many of our defenders impervious the orb's attacks, we will soon be launching a new offensive to end him once and for all!"


For those who are wearing the talismans I released for awhile, you will soon notice a slight change, specifically that Krentuk's attacks will no longer harm you. His lightning bolts, his ball of lightning attack, his wind gusts, none of them. However, the weather is still damaging, so watch out for those cold snaps!

The existing talismans will have this new power, first thing Thursday morning. There is no action required on your part to update them.

Secondly, I will be aiming to pull off the storyline finale this Sunday, the 22nd. It will be early evening, probably around 8pm eastern or so. I will update the forums if there's any last minute change. If you're somewhere within the range of town, you'll know when it's going down, don't worry.

-GM Kenstrom-

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Message #: 2613
Date: 07/20/2012 03:30 PM CDT
Subject: Fall of the West

Parlay's ship, the Fall of the West, has disengaged from Krentuk's flagship and returned to the shoreline outside of town, near the dinghy. Parlay's crew was seen tending to their wounds and repairing parts of their ship, in anticipation for another attack on the Gzadmor gno Prozd soon!


The umber shrouded ship is no longer in Darkstone Bay, but is back on the shore just east of outside North Gate. The higher level krolvin spawns have been turned off on the Gzadmor gno Prozd, but there's no current access to the ship anyway.

If you were looking for a place where the finale may begin...look no further than the Fall of the West.

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
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Message #: 2614
Date: 07/22/2012 09:40 AM CDT
Subject: We fall down and go BOOM!

After a trepidatious night's sleep, the Landing News Network makes its first report in quite some time. Hiding in between leaky barrels of ale has some advantage, particularly when the ale is of fine quality.....

Last evening many more galleons arrived at the North Dock. The latest press of Krolvin was fierce, with extreme fighting raging all over the Landing. Krolvin blood and gore intermingled with landing residents and ran down the gutters of the street. The screams of the fallen pierced the night air. Even more ominous was the silence of those from both sides who had not survived the onslaught. The sounds of steel being sharpened on grindstones permeated all of Town Square Central. Oh yes, the citizens would be ready to try for a final push to expunge the Krolvin - or at least the weapons would.

After many hours of fighting, Walkar appeared. Archmage Pherantyr discovered the usage of a stash of orbs leftover from when Grishom Stone tried terrorizing the landing with deadly explosives. The orbs were tuned to the Krolvin. And yes, they would be used upon the Krolvin ships illegitimately docked in Darkstone Bay.

With a nearly beserked battle cry, or in the case of some less experienced adventurers, a whimper or shudder, and in the case of at least one dhe'nar ranger constant questions and prodding on why the plan wouldn't work, the heros set off to the first of the Krolvin vessels. Many Kharta and several champions and other nasty Krolvin met the invasion into their temporary home turf head on. The heros prevailed. Orbs were set off in the cargo hold, and with a mighty WHUMPH of an explosion, the ship caught fire and began to sink. Unfortunately, one foolish empath decided that the orbs looked better as ornament than something functional, and picked up one that had already been activated. Fortunately, all his pieces were collected and put back in some semblance of order before he was returned to life.

A few orbs were left, so the intrepid heros strode across the surface of the bay thanks to a few well-placed water walking magics, and boarded the galleon. Resistance was quite fierce. After the orbs were tossed into the hold, the ship quickly began sinking. The heros returned to town for a bit of backslapping and a few hearty "Well dones."

Upon return to Walkar's office, Zyndur again appeared, reminding Walkar of the deal that was made - that he get the orb when all was said and done. Since many of Zyndur's swordsmen seemed to have 'accidentally' been killed during the assault upon the ships, general consensus in the office was to tell Zyndur to stuff it. No forthcoming decision was rendered by Walkar.

Walkar, visibly exhausted, plodded off to the nearest inn for some much needed drinki... er rest. - LNN


OOC - During the finale, if you find anything of interest, send it to the email of this account. I may incorporate it into the last LNN report of the Krolvin invasions. Probably not unless my guy(s) miss something pretty important, but you never know. Half the fun is in the creation, the other half in the writing, the third half in the scathing commentary I've gotten via email when reporting something directly witnessed that people wish my guy(s) had not. All in all, great fun!

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Message #: 2614
Date: 07/22/2012 11:24 PM CDT
Subject: When the gale she is a blowin', where the wind stops you no one is knowin'

Earlier in the evening several Krolvin ships again appeared on the North Docks and also on the Black Sands outside the Landing. Nobody really seemed interested after months of war to finish off the few remaining ships inside.

However... A little later in the evening, Parlay appeared and invited anyone who wished the opportunity to sail with him upon the Fall of the West to Krentuk's flagship, Gzadmor gno Prozd. (This LNN reporter tried murmering it ten times fast and found the resultant words were likely not printable here.) Once everyone assembled, Parlay gave the fearless heros five minutes to invite others, make their peace with various Arkati, or to get in a few last minute kisses. (Ok, ok! So maybe this reporter merely claimed that and went around seeking whichever pairs of lips were available - I'll not tell.)

Eventually the ship's lines were cast off and she began to make headway into Darkstone Bay. Along the way a particularly harsh wave knocked all from their feet. Parlay claimed it was due to his pet lizards. "Wild little things."

Soon, the form of a huge scarlet-shrouded ship came into view. (Hearts were racing, chests were heaving, gem pouches were accidentally sliced open, the usual in a crowded area upon a crowded vessel.)

Parlay seemed excited:

Parlay recites:

"We're coming in close!"

Eventually a plank was laid from The Fall's deck to the Prozd's deck. Everyone quickly crossed. Teams of Krolvin raced up to the upper deck to meet the groups of heros. Spells were hurtled, lightning flashed, thunder crackled.....and silence ensued. The Star was so powerful that it wound up freezing time, or even reversing it. Everyone started deep within the hold of the ship when they could move again.

A long wooden desk stretches along the back of the cabin, its ebony surface decorated with the bleached skulls of halflings. The corpses of two krolvin pirates are suspended from rusty hooks in the ceiling, their faces twisted in horror and each body missing both hands. An old sea chest rests beneath an oil lantern in the wall. You also see lots of disks, and a circle of midnight black flames.

As an interesting aside, look flame: Instead of illuminating the area, the flames seem to suck away the light, and all else seems to dim as your gaze rests on the ring of fire. Within its dusky radiance, images flicker and fade constantly. Many are unrecognizable, but one is both clearly defined and repeated routinely in the twisted dance of firelight -- the form of a black drake, which perpetually writhes into existence and fades away again.

After returning to the main part of the ship, Krolvin began again pouring in like water through an overworked levy. Again the Star of Khar'ta threw time in reverse. Again the heros found themselves belowdecks. Once again the heros fought and clawed their way back to the upper decks.

Krentuk was heard yelling epitaphs, some not so nice, at the heros.

Nalfein swordsmen appeared from the shadows all over the ship. Green lightning from the heavens struck down most the swordsmen in balls of greenish fire.

Krentuk revealed himself. Repeatedly various heros destroyed his corporeal form, only to have it rise again with the power of the orb. One sorcerer, apparently extermely hard of hearing or ignoring the shouts of 'stop imploding him', imploded Krentuk nearly ten times or more. Threats of binding or webbing were spat like curses in the night air. Despite his difficulty hearing, the sorcerer finally stopped imploding, and allowed those with the Krolvinbane weapons to hack and slash at Krentuk. Due to the defenses imparted by the orb, it was like watching a turnip farmer take on a cave worm. Many minutes later, Vividarium struck the mortal blow. Krentuk's body fell lifeless to the bloodstained wood of the deck.

It was at this point that bad things began happening. (Not that war isn't in and of itself isn't bad, but this was a new kind of bad, a way more personal and immediate kind of bad that made all other bads sort of fall by the wayside, and not the inn, either. Besides, it was happening to a stalwart and loyal member of the LNN. (GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!)

Krentuk's corpse twitches on the deck of the ship, his eyes glowing with a brilliant green light before turning cold and empty. His arms are lifted, his long fingers slowly burning away as the green crystal orb floats up into the air. (Hmm, at this point things MIGHT not have been all that bad. After all, the orb could naturally do that, uh huh, that's it! It probably does that every day, but we just never saw it.)

The Star of Khar'ta, its crystal surface swirling with bright green and azure light, continues to rise high above the deck, ascending into the rainy sky overhead. The orb begins to spin rapidly, trailing a blaze of emerald and blue light as black storm clouds are drawn toward it, forming a swirling maelstrom in the sky. (Ok, perhaps things weren't going quite as well as hoped for. Maybe if this reporter tried to meld with the planks of the deck and think happy thoughts, nothing bad would happen.)

A radiant speck of green light rises into the sky, hovering low over the ship. Thick, black storm clouds are drawn toward it, forming a swirling maelstrom in the sky. (At least the stormclouds are moving away. That's something, isn't it?)

The waves of Darkstone Bay begin to rise and fall with tremendous force, violently rocking the ship back and forth. The azure light within the crystal orb begins to intensify as thunder claps rock the sky. (Thunder, Charl likes thunder. If we're dealing with a force of nature that honors one of the Liabo Arkati, things can't get worse. Oh !@#%!@$^, Charl likes to sink ships. I'm ON a ship. This REALLY isn't looking up.)

The brilliant green sphere above Darkstone Bay rapidly increases in size, beams of azure light soon adding to the colorful display. The entire sky blackens as huge dark clouds continue to churn like a tempest around the bluish-green orb. (The only way this thing could get worse is if the storm explodes.)

The Star of Khar'ta continues to spin in the sky, its brilliant light shining through the barrier of black storm clouds. The air itself is charged with an electric energy as huge waves slosh about wildly, capsizing a number of krolvin warships and tearing them apart. More krolvin galleons are lifted up out of the waters, twisting from the wind and being torn apart as they are drawn in closer to the green orb. (Please Please Please do NOT let my ship be drawn out of the water. I don't want to be torn apart like so much kindling.)

The green crystal orb in the sky grows to an incredible size, wisps of azure energy wildly lashing out from its surface! A gale force wind rushes over you, pinning you to the deck of the ship! (It was at this point I was stunned and helpless on the deck when I realized a few things: 1) I'm so going to die. 2) It is possible to simultaneously soil yourself from both ends. and most important of all 3) I AM SO GOING TO DIE!)

The Star of Khar'ta suddenly explodes in a brilliant flash of green and azure light, as gale force winds and tremendous waves crash inward and violently rip apart the ship, sending you flying into the murky water! (Hmmm, tossed overboard, at least I'm not going to kindling. Wonder if there are sharks or sea-thraks in the water. Wish I knew how to swim better.)

As the Star of Khar'ta explodes overhead, the glowing crystal within your gilt-hued talisman shatters! (You notice the strangest things in the last few seconds before you perish.)

The murky waters of Darkstone Bay swirl and churn about you, twisting your body as you bump into thrashing forms and bits of ship debris. Suddenly you feel the waters calming quickly and your body is pulled upward by the current, finally breaking free to gasp for breath as you find yourself washed up on shore. (Air. Air is good. Air brings life. I'm BREATHING air. Wow, this air smells awful. Oh crud, that's the bit of detritus I'm lying in on this Arkati forsaken section of beach.)

The black clouds above Darkstone Bay melt away as the violent storm is quickly calmed. Motes of green light trickle down from the sky like emerald rain, each drop disappearing before it hits the waters. (Oh, suuuurrreeee! Now that I'm reasonably safe on shore the storm lets up. Where was this abatement when I was seasick on the deck of the Krolvin ship? I'm going to have some words with one of the acolytes in Charl's Temple later.)

Tiny specks of green light fall from the sky, like glittering emerald snowflakes and melt away before touching the ground. (After a long night of nearly being torn apart by the Krolvin and half-drowning in the frigid waters of Darkstone Bay, the sight took my breath away. Of course, with how sore I currently was, a catepillar trailing its body across my skin may have taken my breath away, too.)

Since the heros had washed up upon various sections of shore, regrouping was slow and a bit disjointed. Despite awaiting word from either Walkar or Zyndur, none came. Eventually this reporter wandered off to the warmth and comfort of bed with the missus. - LNN


Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
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Message #: 2644
Date: 07/23/2012 10:31 AM CDT
Subject: Re: So... we win?

Apparently the Star of Khar’ta had additional powers we were not originally aware of. World crashing powers. There was a lot of stuff going on last night all over the game, and most likely the crashes were my fault. A room full of literally 100 people, and I drop a bunch of krolvin. Makes for a disastrous result. Which is why, once we survived two crashes, I didn’t drop tons more, and just did a few here and there.

That being said, 100 people for the finale…impressive. I thank you for showing up! And I’m very sorry for any frustrations caused by the crashes. But you all did great at regrouping and keeping things going, and while I had wished for the fight to last a little longer, and you know, no crashes, I still had fun and I hope you can still take something positive away from the ending.

Unfortunately, with the downtime, it all took longer than I had planned, and had to run after the final battle. So sorry for all those who were awaiting the mayor, but have no fear! I will possibly be back tonight, if not then, for sure tomorrow evening for some Mayor and Zyndur wrap-up. I will announce it before it happens though, so no worry, if you’re in the amulet range, you won’t miss it.

Over the next few days I will also be posting the updated timeline to show what happened during the storyline, as well as a data/details report that shows how many krolvin spawned, their levels, etc. Plus an overlap wrap announcement per usual. But I wanted to finish up some loose ends tonight or tomorrow night before we get there. Thanks again for everyone’s patience and I hope you still had some fun along the way!

-GM Kenstrom-

Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
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Message #: 2654
Date: 07/24/2012 07:15 PM CDT
Subject: Let the politicians be the first to be killed, or embalmed, or something!

Hot off the LNN presses!

Early in the evening Captain Parlay returned in his ship, The Fall of the West. While beaten and battered, she still was able to sail into Darkstone Bay at the North Dock under her own power. After speaking a bit with Parlay, Mayor Walkar made an appearance outside of Moot Hall.

Walkar thanked everyone for helping defend the town and one another during the war. Lots of questions were asked of him, but he seemed a bit - faint.

Soon after addressing the townsfolk, Walkar was confronted by Zyndur, who asked Walkar meet his price, the Star of Khar'ta. As the Star apparently had exploded when Krentuk was killed, Walkar told Zyndur he'd nothing to give him

Zyndur was visibly upset, made some veiled threats toward Walkar, and after a few not-so-well-thought-out verbal jabs back and forth, Zyndur slipped into the shadows.

After answering a few more questions, Walkar told those assembled that he realized he had not been acting hismelf lately and felt the citizens of the Landing were owed explanation.

Walkar said he would have been caught by Grishom Stone and killed when he escaped town last year had it not been for the intervention of Elithian Cross. Cross preserved him with the understanding Walkar would help him stop Grishom.

(At this point Walkar taps his shimmering dark crimson breastplate and looks almost visibly relieved he is wearing it.)

Walkar says, "This, keeps me alive, if you will."

He further went on to explain the armor would have prevented him had he tried to interfere with Cross wandering away with the golem, Madelyne and the armor itself has been a big influence on him acting irrational at times.

A bit more conversation and speculation was bandied about before Walkar excused himself and headed for the refuge of Moot Hall.

(It was at some point during these proceedings that the LNN noticed the ice shroud coating most everything in town began melting in earnest. Perhaps not all crops will be lost to the frost.)-LNN


Category: Cities, Towns and Outposts
Topic: Wehnimer's Landing
Message #: 2665
Date: 07/25/2012 12:54 PM CDT
Subject: Star of Khar'ta Destroyed!

A few evenings ago, the pirate Captain Parlay led a group of over one hundred adventurers on his ship, the Fall of the West, to do battle with the krolvin warships in Darkstone Bay. Narrowly avoiding ballista fire from war galleys, and navigating through the blinding rain and powerful winds, the heroes finally reached the Gzadmor gno Prozd, Krentuk's flagship. Parlay warned the heroes that once they boarded the krolvin warlord's ship, that he would have to sail back to town to avoid more krolvin warships. The heroes bravely accepted whatever fate may come and stormed Krentuk's ship, battling swarms of krolvin across the decks of the massive galleon.

After the ship was assaulted by the raging storm and giant waves crashing into it at least twice, (hehe) resulting in the heroes becoming disorientated for awhile, they finally managed to turn the tide of the battle in their favor. Soon the Czag'Herndrok Krentuk was drawn out onto the deck to confront the defenders, the Star of Khar'ta glowing brightly in his hands. He was killed by spell and steel a number of times, but after each death the green orb would magically resurrect him. Eventually the adventurer's realized that they would need to use the krolvinbane weapons many had, to try to end him for good, severing the connection between the krolvin and the artifact.

In the end, Krentuk was finally defeated by the steel of a krolvinbane longsword and his corpse fell to the deck, twitching violently as the Star of Khar'ta burned away his fingers and hands before ascending into the sky. The storm became more violent then as the very air became a raging tempest, the clouds and wind being drawn inward towards the green orb. After expanding to a massive size, the green orb exploded into a brilliant display of light and energy, destroying every krolvin ship in the bay, including the Gzadmor gno Prozd. The heroes onboard were thrown into the murky waters of Darkstone Bay, where they struggled to swim to the top before the current pulled them out to various locations along the shoreline. The town watched in relief as the weather slowly returned to normal and the storm clouds peeled away, just as green specks of light fell from the sky in a shower of emerald rain, presumably the remnants of the Star of Khar'ta.

Days later, Captain Parlay and his ship returned to dock in Wehnimer's Landing, where he claimed he would be staying until Frontier Days, so his crew could rest and repair some damages on their ship. The captain intended to sell some wares during the upcoming festival. Mayor Walkar then met with people outside of Moot Hall that same evening and thanked them all for their tireless help in defending the town and congratulated them on their victory against Krentuk, and the destruction of the Star of Khar'ta. Soon after though, Zyndur the Nalfein rogue appeared and reminded those present that even though the relic was gone, his krolvinbane weapons still saved the town. Zyndur warned Mayor Walkar that he would one day come calling for a favor and if his request was not met, he would extract a costly price. He then slipped off into the shadows, as the warm weather began to finally melt the ice around town.