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The STEAL command is used to surreptitiously attempt to remove coins, gems and other valuables from player or non-player characters' pockets and containers.



There are two possible formats to use (optional parts are in []):

     STEAL [ITEM] [FROM] <player>    [CONTAINER]
 Ex. steal amulet  from Taelrand's puppy-skin pouch

     STEAL <player> [ITEM]    [CONTAINER]
 Ex. steal taelrand amulet puppy-skin pouch

For further help, try:

Steal help items:

>steal help items
A number of different types of items are subject to theft.  Some examples are wands, some skins, amulets, and crystals, and of course, coins and gems.  Non-gem items must be of the variety commonly found in treasure.

A thief can specify a type of item to go after, such as amulets, gems, wands, etc.  However, they may not go after a specific type of an item, such as white crystals or diamonds, with the exception of allowable skins, and it is still possible to simply get coins.

A thief may also specify a specific container on their target through which to rummage.  The container must be open and worn.

If specifying a type of item, the container must also be specified, as a thief could not feasibly get away with rummaging through a person's entire inventory looking for something specific.  That would be the SEARCH verb.  That's a joke.

Steal help targets:

>steal help targets
A mark who catches a thief by a high enough margin will have their item automatically returned.

When an item is placed into a container, there is a brief period during which the thief's chance of being caught is greatly increased if trying to take that item, or somewhat increased when trying to take anything else from that container.  This is to simulate the mark's attention being focused on that container.

The more often a thief steals from the same mark within a given time frame, the more likely they are to be caught.

A mark can WATCH a thief for a significant bonus to catch that player stealing from them.  However, they might potentially be at a penalty to catch a different thief stealing from them.

Crowd size makes a big difference.  Stealing from someone when there are no other players around is almost impossible.  A small crowd will make it difficult, and a large crowd will make it easier for the thief.

Steal help sense:

>steal help sense
Rogues can SENSE and get an idea of the relative difficulty or ease of picking pockets in an area, based on crowd size, lighting conditions, etc, as well as a chance to see people watching them.  An unskilled rogue has a chance to be caught scanning the area by a perceptive bystander.


"With a seasoned eye, you begin to scan the area..."


  • "You can't help but think that more favorable conditions could be found with a minimum of effort.


  • "Only the most nimble or desperate of thieves would risk putting themselves at such risk, when other opportunities are surely available."
  • "The odds aren't really in your favor, but when has that ever stopped you?"
  • "Tricky, very tricky. The right thief could probably pull it off. A pair would be better."
  • "Unless you find a wealthy corpse, you would probably have more luck convincing a roa'ter to dance than you would picking a pocket here."

Rogue with no skill

  • You discover that you're not really skilled enough at this to be able to tell much.

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