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The stoutfoot is a type of rolton which is raised for its hide, wool, and milk.

Truefolk farmers appreciate stoutfoots, a small but hardy breed of rolton that thrives in cold temperatures. Their smaller size makes them ideal for halfling herds, and their natural docile temperament lends itself to easy domestication. Stoutfoots gorge themselves when food is readily available, and their meat and milk have a high-fat content. The latter also has a high sugar content that facilitates its fermentation into the halfling delicacy kumys. Children adore stoutfoots as well, as they are patient, pleasant animals that do not mind being climbed or ridden. In looks, they resemble a wide-bodied buffalo with small, with a fluffy fringe over their short, blunt horns. Stoutfoot wool is thick, plentiful, and naturally soft. It takes a dye well. Their hides are sturdy and warm, and they run in colors from snowy white to pitch black. So-called blue stoutfoots, which have lustrous wool the color of a grey winter sky, are some of the most coveted. Stoutfoot wool is also called fraelhan, as the breed is believed to have originated in Fraelshire.

A Note on Plurality: Many a drunken pub argument over stoutfeet vs stoutfoots has ensued across the ages, but current trends lean toward stoutfoots for plurality. Those wishing to avoid the debate entirely call them stoutfoot roltons.

The stoutfoot's pelt called stouthide.

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