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Note: This list has been updated to reflect new offerings in the 12/17 run of Summit Academy.

Summit Academy custom swear options.

Order by number in the Groundskeeper's Cottage to receive this service.

# Swear Messaging (3P)
#1 TIRADE Person unleashes a seemingly endless and vitriolic tirade, ceasing only once out of breath.
#2 DENOUNCE Person bellows a belligerent denouncement based more on volume than logic.
#3 GRIEVANCE Person catalogs a series of mounting and increasingly improbable grievances.
#4 CONDEMN Person chokes out an anguished condemnation while biting back tears.
#5 GARBLED Person hurls a spat of unintelligibly garbled deprecations.
#6 SUBTLE-INSULT Person delivers a polished string of subtly insinuating insults.
#7 VILE Person gestures in a coarse and crudely vile manner.
#8 CHILDISH Person stamps both feet in a show of childish temper.
#9 WILD Person gestures wildly in a fit of unleashed anger.
#10 SMIRK Person sneers haughtily with a supercilious smirk.
#11 MANNERED Person curses in the mild mannered tones of one unaccustomed to swearing.
#12 DISGUST Person turns away with unconcealed disgust.
#13 CLIPPED Person curses in quietly muted tones, the clipped phrases ringing with both disappointment and disapproval.
#14 MUMBLED Person hiccups out a slurred mumbling too garbled to deliver any real sting.
#15 SIGH Person grimaces with a rueful and self-deprecating sigh.
#16 INJUSTICE Person dashes wildly at streaming tears, demanding to know why the injustices never cease!
#17 RETORT Person tempers what would have been a stinging retort with a teasing wink.
#18 DEMAND Person lambastes the area with loud denouncements and demands for redress.
#19 FATE Person mutters about the cruel and fickle nature of fate.
#20 DEFEAT Person sighs with the heaviness of defeat.
#21 FLAMBOYANT Person curses with a string of inventively insulting phrases, dramatizing the effect with darting eyes and flamboyant gestures.
#22 ANGRY Person strings together a series of angrily issued commands that would be injurious, if not impossible, for anyone to actually attempt.
#23 SUGGEST Person offers a carefully and politely worded suggestion that is anything but.
#24 SNIFF Person turns away with a dismissive sniff.
#25 SELF-CONTROL Person breathes deeply in a futile attempt at self-control.
#26 QUIET Person curses quietly and methodically with no obvious signs of anger.
#27 BORED Person drawls an amusingly stinging insult in a dry and slightly bored tone of voice.
#28 SMUG Person elucidates the utter ridiculousness of the situation with a smug tone of reproof.
#29 SHOES Person expounds with excessive and prolific use of very long words on the evil lurking in the hearts of those who would dare wear toe-covering shoes.
#30 SULLEN Person slouches sullenly while muttering in a desultory fashion.
#31 YOUTHS Person grouses irritably on the subject of today's misguided youths.
#32 TEARS Person shouts loudly and angrily while squeezing out a few tears to punctuate each frustrated outburst.
#33 BREATH Person manages to issue a statement simultaneously as complimentary as it is deprecating in a single breath.
#34 NOD Person stomps furiously while delivering a tempestuous barrage of expletives, ending with a single, deliberate nod.
#35 INTIMIDATE Person squeaks a plethora of phrases, clearly intended as a method of intimidation.
#36 PACE Person howls in a fit of rage while anxiously pacing back and forth.
#37 NASAL Person whines incessantly in an obnoxious, nasal tone.
#38 SPITTLE Person spews spittle with each accentuated delivery of peckish expletives.
#39 GOSAENA Person guffaws, "Great galloping Gosaena!"
#40 FIST Person scowls indignantly with clenched fists.
#41 BOIL Person belts out, "You are worse than the boils on the backside of an orc!"
#42 OOZE Person belts out, "You are slimier than the ooze on a magru's skin!"
#43 CRAB Person belts out, "I'll stuff and saute you like a crab cake!"
#44 MONGREL Person belts out, "Why, you little silver pinching mongrel! Choke on your ill-gotten gains!"
#45 ROLTON Person belts out, "I'll split you like a rolton going on the fire for the evening meal!"
#46 MOTHER Person weaves together a string of insults that leaves no one's mother unmentioned.
#47 ENEMY Person grunts an angry threat at enemies seen and unseen.
#48 FRUSTRATED Person struggles to summon sufficiently vicious words, but spitting in frustration is all that occurs.
#49 BILIOUS Person summons a bilious, swilling curse that is more spat than spoken.
#50 WRATH Person conjures an insult to the gods almost potent enough to invoke their wrath.
#51 RIGHTEOUS Person blasphemes the gods with righteous anger!
#52 INSULT Person unleashes a cascade of rather lovely-sounding yet unmistakably vicious insults.
#53 REVENGE Person turns away with a barely audible promise of revenge.
#54 KOAR Person lets loose an angry tirade involving a horse, the Church of Koar, and a chamber pot.
#55 INDIGNITY Person promises this latest indignity will be the last!
#59 MUTTER Person mutters an under-the-breath curse about a motherless rolton.
#60 LUUKOS Person curses bitterly, condemning everyone in sight to Luukos' Maw.
#61 EXHALE Person exhales a quiet curse while rubbing a temple with two fingers.
#62 SNEER Person curses bitterly, lips pulled back in an enraged sneer.
#63 LUUKOS2 Person murmurs a bitter curse, condemning everyone in sight to Luukos' embrace.
#64 EYEROLL Person swears quietly with a roll of the eyes.
#65 GROWL Person growls several dirty phrases, bitterly, from between gritted teeth.
#67 LOVE Person spits out a hail of profanities directed at the fickle nature of love.
#68 TARTS Person squeaks out a volley of benign curses against cold coffee, curdled milk, and broken tart kilns.
#69 WENCH Person murmurs wistful mutterings about saucy wenches and ice cold brews.
#70 VOMIT Person vomits an offensive thesaurus of vulgarity that would secretly impress any bibliophile.
#71 BUFFET Person lays out a lexical buffet of vulgarity to satisfy even the most profane of appetites.
#72 RECEPTACLE Person suggests delicately that your deity can take his holiness and place it in his holy receptacle.
#73 OYSTER Person mutters a suggestion involving an anatomically impossible arrangement of Charl and his oysters.
#74 WITHER Person spouts a fervent invocation involving an intimately targeted casting of Wither.
#75 LITANY Person rattles off a concisely constructed and alliterated litany lambasting the recipient's amoral matrilineal propensities.
#76 CURDLE Person blurts out such an unending stream of execrable terms that it would curdle beer.
#132 (New 2021) SAILOR Person glares while letting loose a string of expletives that would make a sailor blush.
#133 (New 2021) SAILOR2 Person mutters an invective to the powers of the sea.
#134 (New 2021) MERMAID Person calls upon the mermaids of the far oceans to smite your enemies.
#135 (New 2021) PIRATE Person curses your enemies for a pox to come upon them!
#136 (New 2021) ERITHI Person whispers an invective in sharp Erithi.
#137 (New 2021) ARKATI Person insinuates an unnatural and improbable occurrence between several of the Arkati.
#138 (New 2021) EMPATH Person intimates empaths are involved in nefarious conspiracies.
#139 (New 2021) CLERIC Person bedamns the usury rates of clerics and their strange fascination with the dead.
#140 (New 2021) ROGUE Person curses all rogues and their pickpocketing propensities.
#141 (New 2021) NIIMA Person cries out a curse in Niima's name filled with the salty language of a true pirate.
  • As of June 30th, 2022 there are 82 items in the table (which match 82 options in game)