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Note: This list has been updated to reflect new offerings in the 12/17 run of Summit Academy.

Summit Academy feature alteration options.

Order by number in Ostwicke Hall, Dressing Room to receive these services.

Body Builds

West Dressing Room

    1. none                                    2. a thin petite frame                 
    3. a muscular physique                     4. a hunched and frail body            
    5. an hourglass figure                     6. a delicately lithe build            
    7. a portly and stout build                8. a husky build                       
    9. a stocky frame                         10. a slender build                     
   11. a fragile physique                     12. a full-figured body                 
   13. a voluptuous body                      14. a broad-shouldered slender frame    
   15. a delicately boned, waifish body       16. a curvaceous figure                 
   17. a trim build                           18. a gaunt frame                       
   19. a thickset build                       20. a brawny figure                     
   21. a scrawny physique                     22. a lean, rangy build                 
   23. a trim figure                          24. an emaciated body                   
   25. a small-boned build                    26. a large-boned build                 
   27. a pudgy body                           28. a portly figure                     
   29. a gaunt, spare physique                30. a balletic body                     
   31. a strong, robust physique              32. a gangly frame                      
   33. a slim body                            34. a rotund frame                      
   35. a thin, wiry frame                     36. a butterball-shaped figure          
   37. a plumpish figure                      38. a curvy, well-rounded figure        
   39. a brawny, richly muscled figure        40. a svelte figure                     
   41. a sinewy build                         42. a lithesome, nimble build           
   43. a top-heavy build                      44. a wide-legged build                 
   45. a shrimpy build                        46. a thick, porcine body               
   47. a heavy, potbellied body               48. a jelly-bellied body                
   49. a dainty-sized body                    50. a disproportionate, lumpy body      
   51. a narrow-shouldered frame              52. a nicely proportioned frame         
   53. a sparse, overly thin frame            54. a bantam-sized frame                
   55. a well-toned frame                     56. a solid and husky physique          
   57. a broad-centered physique              58. a robust and strapping physique     
   59. a muscular, able-bodied physique       60. a hard-muscled physique             

Distinguishing Marks

North Dressing Room

    1. none                                    2. thick scar that sweeps across his neck from one ear to the other
    3. flabby arms                             4. broad chest                         
    5. pidgeon-toed feet                       6. prominent biceps                    
    7. droopy shoulders                        8. extremely small feet                
    9. overly large feet                      10. expansive paunch                    
   11. swollen gut                            12. series of skin rolls around his middle
   13. flat stomach                           14. elegantly tapered arms              
   15. slender ankles                         16. a long, jagged scar running down his arm
   17. slim waist                             18. abnormally thick ankles             
   19. muscular calves                        20. muscular thighs                     
   21. unusually short neck                   22. long and slender neck               
   23. long, slender legs                     24. bulbous growth on the back of his neck
   25. short, stocky legs                     26. series of linear scars along his wrist
   27. narrow hips                            28. big hips                            
   29. slender shoulders                      30. slim ankles                         
   31. large hands                            32. slim fingers                        
   33. calloused hands                        34. a spider-shaped birthmark on his wrist
   35. protruding clavicle                    36. deformed ring finger on his right hand
   37. hunched shoulders                      38. deformed ring finger on his left hand
   39. long, slim fingers                     40. deformed pinky finger on his right hand
   41. short, plump fingers                   42. deformed pinky finger on his left hand
   43. stout torso                            44. wide feet                           
   45. diminutive feet                        46. beefy arms                          
   47. sinewy arms                            48. deep palm lines

Wing Quirks

East Dressing Room

This service is available to aelotoi characters only.

    1. none                                
    2. accented with tiny platinum and silver spots
    3. adorned with symmetrical ebon-ringed eyes
    4. crossed with alternating russet and gold stripes
    5. speckled with opalescent willow green dots
    6. patterned with wide-set lavender circles
    7. embellished with a pair of ruby red hearts
    8. covered in variegated forest-hued squares
    9. overlaid with cloudy sky blue teardrops
   10. crested with sharp-peaked ivory waves
   11. swept with thin interconnected obsidian lines
   12. dappled with silver-accented storm grey spots
   13. embellished with dainty vermeil teardrops
   14. adorned with interlocked pale gold circles
   15. patterned with silver-sheened rose diamonds
   16. marked with deep cerulean accents   
   17. edged in stark black and white lines
   18. mottled with tiny periwinkle dots   
   19. overlaid with a pair of sallow-pupiled eyes
   20. marked with gold-tinged ebon waves  
   21. splashed with variegated scarlet dotting
   22. accented with a scattering of gold-outlined stars
   23. bordered with overlapping mist grey rings
   24. dotted with sea green and azure accents
   25. festooned with autumn-hued spirals  
   26. tri-split with midnight black banding
   27. freckled by burnished vivid bronze spots
   28. edged with glittering fawn-colored eyes
   29. slashed by lustrous cinnabar streaks
   30. flanked with delicate bright gold points
   31. patterned with copper-traced periwinkle circles
   32. tipped with matte kohl-hued hearts  
   33. encircled by tiny nightshade purple rings
   34. bordered by opaline snow white droplets
   35. center-lined with dusty pink and claret ovals
   36. elegantly divided by pallid aquamarine waves