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Talking in GemStone IV can be accomplished using the SAY verb or using an apostrophe ('). Players can change their character's language, the manner in which they speak (brag, assert), and/or the tone in which he/she speaks in (cheerful, timid).


    SAY [modifiers] {message} - Speak a message aloud

Where [modifiers] is zero or more of the following:
    :{tone}                               - Speak the message in a particular tone (see TONE LIST for a list of tones)
    ::{object} or @{object} or {{object}} - Direct the message at someone or something (eg, ::door or {heavy door})
    ]{object} or [{object}]               - Attempt to throw your voice behind someone or something (eg, ]door or [heavy door])
    ~{language}                           - Speak the message in a particular language (see SPEAK for a list of languages)
    ={verb}                               - Choose a verb to indicate the speech style (see SPEECH VERBIAGE LIST for a list of verbs)


'hi or SAY hi

>say hi
You say, "Hi."

Using a speech verb (needs a space after say): say =sneer Hi
'=sneer Hi

>'=sneer Hi
You sneer, "Hi."

Using a tone:

>':venomously hi
You venomously say, "Hi."

Speaking to a person/object:

>'::table hi
Speaking to a low table, you say, "Hi."

Using the @ symbol:

>'@table hi
Speaking to a low table, you say, "Hi."

Using the braces (needs a closing brace):

>'{table} hi
Speaking to a low table, you say, "Hi."

Throwing your voice:

>']table hi
Throwing your voice behind a low table, you say, "Hi."

Throwing your voice only with more keystrokes (needs a closing bracket):

>'[table] hi
Throwing your voice behind a low table, you say, "Hi."

Using a language:

>'~elven hi
Speaking in Elven, you say, "Hi."

All together now (include spaces between each modifier):

>'~elven =sneer :venomous ]table hi
Throwing your voice behind a low table, speaking venomously in Elven, you sneer, "Hi."
>'~elven =sneer :venomous ::table hi
Speaking venomously in Elven to a low table, you sneer, "Hi."
>'::table :venomous =sneer ~elven hi
Speaking venomously in Elven to a low table, you sneer, "Hi."

You can also set your tone prior to crafting your next message and only your next message:

>tone venomous
You will speak venomously on your next message.
You venomously say, "Hi."

Speech Verbiage List

The below is a list of verbs used to replace the default "says," "exclaims," and "asks" when using the SAY verb. This list is produced from SPEECH VERBIAGE LIST.


  • accuse
  • acknowledge
  • acquiesce
  • add
  • admit
  • admonish
  • advise
  • affirm
  • agonize
  • agree
  • allow
  • announce
  • answer
  • apologize
  • approve
  • argue
  • ask
  • assert
  • assure
  • attempt
  • attest
  • aver
  • babble
  • bark
  • bawl
  • beg
  • begin
  • bellow
  • bemoan
  • beseech
  • bite out
  • blather
  • blubber
  • blurt
  • bluster
  • boast
  • brag
  • breathe
  • cackle
  • cajole
  • call
  • caution
  • challenge
  • chant
  • chastise
  • cheer
  • chide
  • chirp
  • choke out
  • claim
  • clarify
  • cluck
  • coax
  • command
  • commend
  • comment
  • complain
  • compliment
  • concede
  • conclude
  • condescend
  • confess
  • confide
  • confirm
  • console
  • conspire
  • contend
  • contest
  • continue
  • coo
  • correct
  • cough
  • counter
  • criticize
  • critique
  • croak
  • croon
  • crow
  • cry
  • curse
  • deadpan
  • declaim
  • declare
  • demand
  • demur
  • denounce
  • deny
  • deter
  • direct
  • disagree
  • disclose
  • dismiss
  • dissuade
  • distract
  • drawl
  • droll
  • drone
  • echo
  • elaborate
  • emphasize
  • encourage
  • enthuse
  • exclaim
  • explain


  • flatter
  • fret
  • fuss
  • gasp
  • gloat
  • glower
  • goad
  • grant
  • grate
  • greet
  • gripe
  • groan
  • grouse
  • grovel
  • growl
  • grumble
  • grunt
  • guess
  • gush
  • hazard
  • hint
  • hiss
  • holler
  • hum
  • hush
  • implore
  • imply
  • inform
  • inquire
  • insist
  • instruct
  • interject
  • interrogate
  • interrupt
  • intimate
  • intone
  • introduce
  • jest
  • joke


  • lambaste
  • lament
  • laugh
  • lecture
  • lisp
  • maintain
  • marvel
  • maunder
  • mention
  • moan
  • mock
  • mouth
  • mumble
  • murmur
  • muse
  • mutter
  • nag
  • note
  • object
  • observe
  • offer
  • opine
  • orate
  • order


  • persuade
  • placate
  • plead
  • ponder
  • pontificate
  • posit
  • pout
  • praise
  • pray
  • preach
  • press
  • proclaim
  • prod
  • profess
  • promise
  • prompt
  • pronounce
  • propose
  • protest
  • purr
  • quarrel
  • query
  • quibble
  • quip
  • quote
  • ramble
  • rasp
  • rave
  • read
  • reason
  • reassure
  • rebuke
  • rebut
  • recall
  • recite
  • regale
  • rehearse
  • reinforce
  • reiterate
  • rejoice
  • relent
  • remark
  • remind
  • repeat
  • reply
  • report
  • reprimand
  • reproach
  • request
  • respond
  • retort
  • reveal
  • roar
  • say
  • scoff
  • scold
  • scream
  • screech
  • seethe
  • shout
  • shriek
  • sigh
  • simper
  • singsong
  • slur
  • snap
  • snarl
  • sneer
  • snicker
  • sob
  • soothe
  • speculate
  • spit
  • sputter
  • squeak
  • stammer
  • state
  • stipulate
  • stress
  • stutter
  • submit
  • suggest
  • sulk
  • supply
  • swear
  • taunt
  • tease
  • threaten


  • urge
  • venture
  • vow
  • wail
  • warn
  • wheedle
  • wheeze
  • whimper
  • whine
  • whisper aloud
  • wish
  • wonder
  • worry
  • yammer
  • yell
  • yelp


Tones highlighted in blue may be used with TONE SET.

abashed abrupt absent accusing acerbic
acid acrid adamant admiring adoring
affable affectionate affronted aggressive agonize
agreeable airy aloof amiable amicable
amused angry animated annoyed annoying
anxious apathetic apocryphal apologetic appreciative
apprehensive approving arch ardent argumentative
arrogant ashamed assertive astounded audacious
austere authoritative avaricious avid awkward
baffled baffling bashful befuddled begrudging
belated belligerent bemused bewildered bewildering
biting bitter bland bleak bleary
blithe blunt bold bored boring
bossy brash breathless breezy brief
bright brisk broad brusque cagey
callous calm candid cantankerous careful
casual caustic cautious charming cheeky
cheerful clear clinical clueless coaxing
cold comforting comical commanding complacent
compulsive concerned condescending confident confidential
confiding conflicted confused consoling contemptuous
contented contentious contrite cool coy
cranky crass crisp cross crude
cruel cryptic curious curt dark
dazed decided decisive decorous deep
defeated defensive defiant dejected deliberate
delicate delighted delirious demure depressing
derisive despairing desperate despondent determined
devilish devoted diabolical didactic diffident
diligent diplomatic dire disagreeable disappointed
disapproving disbelieving disconsolate disdainful disgruntled
disgusted disinterested dismissive disoriented disparaging
dispirited disrespectful distant distasteful distracted
doleful doubtful dramatic dreamy droll
drunken dry dubious dull dumbfounded
eager earnest ecstatic embarrassed emotional
emphatic enchanted encouraging enticing erudite
evasive even exasperated excited expectant
explicit express faint fascinated fearful
feeble feisty fervent fierce firm
flat flippant flirtatious flustered fond
forceful forlorn formal frank frantic
fretful frightened frosty frustrated furious
furtive fussy generous gentle gleeful
glib gloomy glum gracious grandiose
grateful grating grave greedy grim
grudging gruff grumpy guarded guilty
halting happy harsh hasty hateful
haughty heartbroken heartless hearty heated
heavy helpful helpless hesitant hoarse
hollow honest hopeful hopeless horrified
hostile humble hurried husky hysterical
icy idle impassive impatient imperious
impertinent impish imploring impudent impulsive
inconsolable incredulous indifferent indignant indistinct
indulgent informal ingratiating innocent inquisitive
insincere insipid insistent insolent insulting
interested intimidating intoxicated ironic irreverent
irritated jealous joking jovial jubilant
kind knowing laborious laconic lame
laughing lazy lewd light listless
lofty longing loud loving loyal
lusty magnanimous malevolent malicious measured
meditative meek melodic menacing mendacious
merry mild mischievous miserable mocking
modest monotone morose mournful musing
mysterious nagging nasal nasty nervous
neutral nonchalant noncommittal nonplussed oblivious
obnoxious obsequious offended offhanded ominous
optimistic outraged outrageous painful passionate
passive patient patronizing pawky pedantic
peeved peevish pensive perfunctory perky
perplexed perspicacious persuasive petulant philosophic
pious piqued pitiless pitying placating
placid plain plaintive playful pleading
pleasant pleased pointed polite pompous
pragmatic prayerful prim prompt proud
puzzled querulous quick quiet rapt
raspy reasonable reasoned reassuring reflective
regretful rejoicing relieved reluctant remorseful
reproachful reproving resentful resigned resolute
respectful reticent reverent rhetorical rough
rude rueful sad sagacious sage
sarcastic sardonic sassy satirical savage
scathing scornful seductive serene serious
severe shaky shameless sharp sheepish
short shrewd shrill shy silky
simple sincere skeptical sleepy slow
sly smarmy smooth smug snide
snobbish snotty sober soft solemn
somber soothing sorrowful sour speculative
speechless spiteful spurious squeaky squeamish
steady stern stiff stilted stoic
stout strained strict strident stubborn
stupid sublime submissive subtle sudden
suggestive sulky sullen surprised surreptitious
suspicious sweet sycophantic sympathetic tart
tearful teasing tenacious tender tense
tentative terse testy theatrical thick
thoughtful threatening throaty thunderous tight
timid tired toneless tremulous trite
triumphant truthful uncertain uncomfortable unconvincing
uncouth understanding uneasy unexpected ungracious
unhappy unhelpful urbane urgent vague
vehement vengeful venomous vexed vicious
vigorous vociferous voracious warm warning
wary waspish weak weary whimsical
whining wicked wishful wistful withering
witty wondering wooden worried wounded