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As rendered by Mnar
Race Dark Elf
Culture Dhe'nar
Class Warrior Caste, Nuja'tah
Profession Monk
Religion The Way
Affiliation(s) The Obsidian Tower
Disposition Student, seeker and a state of complexity
Demeanor Easily amused with a dark sense of humor, First Born Arrogance, and a hidden exoticness
Flaw Enjoyed her q'halea (culture training)
Greatest Strength confident, First Born, Family, Obsidian Tower
Greatest Weakness Curiosity, and too blood thirsty for her own good at times. No sense of direction
Habits Riding her tortoise, "Soup" instead of walking anywhere, hunting past the need to, and seeking knowledge
Hobbies Vintner and Tattoo artist
Likes Power, answers, and sweets
Dislikes Being patted on the head and most halflings
Loyalties Obsidian Tower, Dhe'nar and The Way


You see Tabubu

She appears to be a Dhe'nar Dark Elf. She is diminutive in height and has smooth, koa-toned skin. She has a thick linen cowl wreathing her shoulders and neck, the hood of which is pulled up around her head and casting shadows upon her features. She has a triangle-framed open eye tattoo entwined in ivy on her wrist, and a wild black rose tattoo on her ankle. She is in good shape. She is wearing some deeply cowled heavy ink black robes with a pristinely white crisp linen underrobe underneath, a narrow leather girdle edged in scalloped copper chain, some leather handwraps, a nine-in-one copper chainmail anklet dangling fire opals, and a pair of soft ebon footwraps with reinforced heels.

Current Tattoos

A triangle-framed open eye tattoo entwined in ivy

Calligraphy-like strokes of ink permeate the smooth, koa-toned skin, lightening the dark with the incredibly detailed image of an open eye. An ivory triangle encircles the orbital, the hue matching the whites from which a dazzling purple iris rests with a dark pupil at its heart. Ivy vines in verdant green form a dark band around the entire piece, the hue of the leaves transitioning from green to gradient crimson hues.

An inked metallic spine partially hidden by corset-style lacing

The realism of this image is striking, with every line perfectly rendered to provide depth and clarity. The entire spine is depicted in a rich metallic sheen, lying gently atop the bones of the back. Beginning near the sides, a series of thorned vines interwoven with sanguineous laces slowly materialize and come together in intricately-laced knots across the entirety of the image.

A Dhe'nar'si Caste Tattoo

The spidery lines of this image have been driven deep into the skin. At the heart of the tattoo is a black rose, its form rendered somewhat indistinct by trailing lines of ink away from each petal and crook in the stem. Encircling the rose is a line of runes, intermingled with depictions of forms in meditation, or poised for battle. A third ring encloses the entire image, this one different in application and detail, as uneven lines bleed together into an indistinguishable blend of chaos.

A wild black rose

Gazing at the rose tattoo, you notice that this is a mystic tattoo of the third circle, which imbues her body with Power.

Known Background

Tabubu came from the jungles of Eh'lah and takes pride bring one of the pure blood; one of the First Born. She has been groomed to lead and to ascend beyond the Arkati. When one rises to walk the path of Power in The Way, you learn quickly that with this comes great responsibility.

She was deemed worthy of the Temple Caste, Bathed in the Blood of Baptism. Her first eight years of life, she was raised in a community with others like herself. Unlike the others however, she was more in touch with the physical aspects of studies, to her it was a graceful dance. As far as her magical aspects they were considered odd and thought time would reveal if she was truly special or not. She was stronger than most and showed progress in different areas that fascinated the Elders.

As time progressed, she was then led into a strict regimen. She was shown the many flows of essence including the flows of divine power. But Tabubu would question everything and thus her teachers never felt she had the grasp needed for such accoutrements. It is believed this is what gave them cause of concern over her worthiness.

Then began the part of life where she faced the culling. She faced trials, which were carefully meted out by the Temple Caste, to gauge her tenacity, resolve, fledgling magical abilities, and ferocity.

Truth of ones soul is found in every Dhe'nar's heart at this point. Lessons of the Warrior weighed heavily against the Way of the Temple. Hers was one of Divine spirituality, the need to learn and to become empowered with Knowledge. To prove to them that everyone can find their way, it is never to late. Su'dhaa na-gnosa. Gnosa na kris-a. Kris na su'ta

A point came when she had to leave Eh'lah. This brought her to Ta'Vaalor, and then her path found its Way to The Obsidian Tower.

For more information, Please read the Journal of Tabubu, "A Q'hala's First Year".

Warrior Caste

It is the heart of the Warrior, and it takes courage to stand for your beliefs and live according to the Way. It takes courage to do what you know is right, especially when those around you disagree with your point of view. This does not mean to act in rash and tactless ways. There is a difference in being courageous and in being stupid. It is to have the courage to live by your own code of honor, but do so with wisdom and discretion.

Attributes of a Warrior also include Truth, Honor, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Industriousness, Self-Reliance and Perseverance.

Tilamaires, the 1st day of Lumnea, in the year 5121 of Ta'la'hai Avaia's rule

Last eve was the end of agreed terms of my lesson in the Way of the Warrior with Shorn'ri Mnar.

His end point of the lesson was to show how to build a warrior who is happy no matter their circumstances, even when defeated or wounded. If you can be happy no matter your circumstances, you can do your duty regardless. No matter if it leads to your injury or even your death. The world is filled with warriors and soldiers who fear death, and this makes them more concerned with their own survival than anything else, when death is the most likely outcome of our duty in time anyways.

What I learned from Mnar is not the same as what he meant to teach me though. Well not just what he meant to teach me. I do not agree completely with his lesson either, but I did learn.

He introduced me to many knights, mercenaries, other fighters and to those that walked the Way of a Warrior that did not know they did such a thing. I was placed in groups of people that would rather see me dead then standing at Mnar’s right hand existing. I stood in large groups that found me a novelty and some that dismissed me completely.

I still knew my worth.

You see . . . . You can either be the victim and most likely will be all your life or you can choose to be a Warrior and stand up for what you think is right at any cost, not just for yourself but for those that can not do it for themselves as well. It not only includes the specializing in combat and warfare, but phycology too.

I learned I didn’t have to like it and not everything is a fight that has to be fought.

It is again Emotion betrays Truth lesson pounded into my soul.

And It does take the use of many virtues and morals. It is how the Warrior handles the situation that makes them who they are, the rest are all just titles and coin.

All the transgressions against me committed during our time, and from this day forward ALL will be forgiven.

And to show my appreciation for his time and effort to teach me. I gave a gift to honor him. I have worn it since the first day our lessons started, and kept it against my flesh over my heart. Perhaps it can help him when he has need.


Nuja’Tah; a Fighter Spiritualist

I have no parents so I made the Heavens and the world of Elanthia my parents.

I have no divine power so I make honesty my Divine Power. I have no means so I will make docility my means.

I have no elemental power so I will make spirituality the essence of my Power.

I have control of neither life nor death; I make The Tower my Life and Death.

When I have no body to use, I will make Stoicism my Body

When I have no eyes to use, I will make The Flash of Lightning my eyes.

When I have no ears to use, I will make Sensibility become my Ears. When I have no limbs to use, I will make Promptitude my Limbs. And in all things

I make the Right to Kill and the Right to Restore Life my Strategy.

I will Seize the Opportunity by the forelock and make it my Design. I make Righteous my Miracle I make Adaptability to all circumstances my Principle and I will use Emptiness and Fullness as my Tactics.

(taken from the Samurai's Creed)

Words to Live By

Su'dhaa na-gnosa. Gnosa na kris-a. Kris na su'ta

Everything is knowledge. Knowledge is power. Power is everything

Training of Tabubu

A Q'hala's First Year