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Tanai Murchadha
Lady Street-Rat
Race Half-Elf/Siren
Class Rogue
Profession Hoodlum
Religion No Thanks
Affiliation(s) Master of Sunfist
In-a-Word Snarky
Demeanor Wary, Rebellious
Primary Trait Venturesome
Flaw Quick-Tempered, Rude, Untrusting, Messy
Greatest Strength Sharp Wit, Tenacity
Greatest Weakness Sweets, Coconut Rum, Family
Habits Biting Her Fingernails, Eating Sweets
Hobbies Picking Boxes, Eating Sweets
Likes Sweets, Oceany Things
Dislikes Vegetables, Dresses, Arrogance, Boredom
Fears Abandonment, Restriction, Being Vulnerable
Loyalties The Lord Of Candy, Her New Family
Best Friend Tart (The Beast Kitten)
Spouse Jaynon Murchadha
Children Eamon, Sahalee, Luca (adopted), Kaija (adopted)