The Label Maker

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The Label Maker is a wagon currently located on Four Winds Isle in Mist Harbor allowing you to purchase labels, quill, and label storage boxes. You can find the wagon on Wisteria Lane (Lich #3656).

A wooden plank wagon with a bright white roof.

[The Label Maker]
The small space is surrounded by the wooden plank walls of the wagon and taken up by several surfaces that display wares for sale.  A solid oak counter resides near the entry door, while a set of oak shelves sits beside a curtain that leads further into the shop.  Hanging on the walls are some assorted signs with bold writing, and between them a tall cabinet rests against the wall near a pair of flickering torches.
Obvious exits: none

[The Label Maker, Back Room]
Surrounded by wooden plank walls, this small back room is nearly bare save for a circular wooden table and a plush purple armchair.  A worn pale cream carpet covers the wood plank flooring, and the matching walls are interrupted only by a hanging curtain that leads to the front room.
Obvious exits: none


On the oak counter you see:
a darkly stained bone stylus 2000
a thin strip of white paper 5000
a tiny strip of gold vellum
a thin strip of faded parchment
a cream and gold tag
a silver and pale green label
a pale parchment label
a faded paper label
an antique strip of parchment
a crisp strip of paper
a rectangular strip of rice paper
a darkly stained vellum label
a pale grey strip of vellum
a shiny strip of silver parchment
an earth-toned strip of vellum
a small square paper tag
In the tall cabinet you see:
a jar of thick solvent 10k
a jar of saffron solvent
a jar of gold-flecked solvent
a jar of rose pink solvent
a jar of shiny silver solvent
a jar of sparkly gold solvent
a jar of opaque black solvent
a jar of blood red solvent
a jar of pale blue solvent
a jar of clear solvent
On the low oak shelf you see:
a slim faenor case 50k
a small burnished gold case
a tiny polished platinum case
a tarnished brass case
an elaborately etched silver case
On the middle oak shelf you see:
a slim pale leather portfolio 50k
a thick black parchment folio
a brass-edged dark leather portfolio
a faded gold parchment envelope
a crisp pale paper envelope
On the high oak shelf you see:
a lacquered tigerwood box 50k
a fine-grained pearwood box
a dented tin box
an intricately carved oak box
a small dark ebonwood box