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Category: Quests/Sagas/Events
Topic: Ebon Gate Festival
Message #: 9404
Author: GS4-WYROM
Date: 10/23/2015 1:27 PM CST
Subject: The Necropolis: FAQ

Hey everyone, wanted to take a moment to answer a few reoccurring questions that are coming up here or ones being emailed to me.

As many of you know, the Necropolis is a dungeon crawl that started in 2013. To enter it (this year), you need to navigate to its new entry location in the cemetery and PAY the goblin 25 tickets. Tickets can be achieved by playing games or digging at EG. Once inside, the goblin separates you by your level, so levels 1 to 25 go into one instance, 26 to 50 another, 51 to 75 into the third, and 76 to cap (100) in the last. You will need to make your way through Necropolis by slaying creatures, solving puzzles, and getting through mazes. If you don't kill your creatures, they will stop spawning for you, which will halt your progression in the Necropolis. Some areas are very much a guess the verb game. Some are a little more intuitive where you need specific items. Mini bosses can be summoned randomly and are a little tougher. This is a skeletal dragoon (commonly mistaken as a dragon, which it is now) on a warhorse. You can also search through through caskets and similar items for a chance to find tickets, random small treasures, or summon a creature. Beware though, you can also trigger a boobytrap!

The end boss this year is a little more difficult, as she summons some aid for the battle. Or if you want some MMO language there, the boss has adds and procs a knockdown effect when triggered, lf DPS and tank. Once you make it to the final area where you get the quest prize, you have two choices. Get a new heart or empower one from last year. Once you do it, it's final. You can't get another until next year. The heart will be attuned to you and you'll be the only one that can interact with it.

Essence can be found while playing games or digging this year. This will boost your heart by 1 charge similar to the empowering. You cannot exceed what you can do in the Necropolis. All hearts cap at 5 charges. Hearts with more charges don't curse as often. Skill also comes into the formula too (not sure if people do research on these things anymore). Essence were going to be offered with a ticket price, but the price was set to be somewhere between one eighth and one tenth the total amount of tickets that would be found this year by every single person attending. This means, unless you traded for tickets, not many would have gone out. Now, there are a handful of them that can be found which means more people will end up finding them. This will be the only year essence will be available in this manner.

Ether is available in the SimuCoin store for 2500 SimuCoins. This breaks the curse of the heart and transforms the description. You also get a small glimpse of the story behind the hearts. The ether isn't necessary to get the max charges into the heart. It doesn't increase the duration. It simply removes the chance for it to curse you. When the description changes, it also lightens the item to less than 2lbs and removes the alteration restrictions. The item just has some parameters it's required to stick with, which a merchant will tell you. There are at least 2 ether in the digging and games unique hopper (T5). Skryn will be around to alter your transformed hearts.

Both the essence and ether MUST be activated in Feywrot Mire. You must be the owner of the heart to use it. And they both require you to be in a specific location in Feywrot Mire. If you do not use it before EG ends, you will need to use it next year.

The Necropolis is done being updated, meaning it's not going to grow in 2016. The Necropolis will definitely be back next year, and if you haven't caught up your heart this year, you can still empower it next year. Hearts are just capped at 5 charges. Next year will be the final installment of the loose storyline that has been happening there. If you break the curse to your heart and have it empowered fully (meaning 5 charges), you will get to unlock one last feature in 2016. This will NOT be mechanical. You do not need this feature to get the most out of your heart. If your heart only has 4 charges at the end of this year, you can empower it next year to be fully caught up to unlock it. I won't be teasing it, but it's just something neat. If you decide you don't want the ether this year, but next year you want it, it SHOULD be available, and you will be able to complete the last step.

I hope this helps you with your decisions on the Necropolis, the heart, the essence, and the ether. The one thing I want to stress is that you decide what is important to you.

~Wyrom, APM

Category: Quests/Sagas/Events
Topic: Ebon Gate Festival
Message #: 12027
Date: 10/31/2016
Subject: Re: hearts curse everytime?

The curse routine is based off MIU and Arcane Symbols relative to your level and training (1x, 2x, etc), plus number of charges the heart (or any new-style X/day item) has. Assuming no training, a 3 charge heart has a 25% chance to curse, a 4 charge is 20%, and a 5 charge is 17%.