The Twisted Vine

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The Twisted Vine -- a vine-covered black wagon -- is a traveling wagon generally focused on religious-themed items, though other types of items show up inside. Originally part of the Feast of Immortals event in 2012, it has since shown up somewhere in Mist Harbor at or within a few weeks of that same event each year.

The wagon is owned by Rashiva.


[The Twisted Vine]
Small, perfectly round and brightly colored orbs hang from the clear glass ceiling and are fastened to the charcoal grey walls, each set with a pale glow that illuminates the area in jeweled tones. A glaes-inset black oak door provides egress, opposite an arch carved with various religious symbols wound in a single, thorned vine that loops into itself via carvings in the floor, thus forming a never-ending chain. Sunlit shelves line the wagon's interior, their lopsided bulks hanging over fire-blackened white ash tables.

On the Shelves you see

a tapered blackbird feather quill strung from a thin cord Scripted 5000
a niveous egret feather quill strung from a twisted cord
a white swan's feather quill strung from a thin cord
an ebon silk-covered album Picture Album 30000
a heliotrope lace-covered album
a cobalt leather album

On the white ash table you see

a thin lacewood case inset with a trio of dark red rubies Scripted
Pocketed:Medium any number of item
belt-worn functional
a small white-streaked marble altar Scripted 20000
a tall carmine taper wound with a spiral of ebony Arkati Candle 3000
a fel and glaes-paned prayerbook FoI Prayerbook 25000
a weathered selshis hide prayerbook
a cerulean flyrsilk-bound volume


[The Twisted Vine, Sanctuary]
Carved with rose vines painted in an unnaturally vibrant green hue, the walls surrounding this area of the wagon are like a work of art. The area is only dimly lit, the brightly colored orbs that glow with pale light set deep into the corners of the room, the sunlight from the overhead glass ceiling largely blocked by a profusion of vines stretched across the roof outside. Beyond a circle of black oak chairs and tables, a thick, nondescript slab of stone is set into the far wall at a horizontal angle.

On the black oak table you see

a crystal decanter of shiraz Free
a thick loaf of vanilla bread