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Race Human
Class Warrior
Profession Soldier
Religion Follower of Kai
Affiliation(s) Warrior Guild, member of Order of Voln
Disposition Curious, serious and polite
Demeanor Loves a good joke
Primary Trait Strong of mind and body
Flaw Not very intuitive
Greatest Strength Hands. Feet. Loyalty.
Greatest Weakness Dobren
Hobbies Exploring.
Likes Cats and dogs
Dislikes Krolvin
Fears Being thought a coward
Spouse He is, so far as he knows, a widower. A very young widower, admittedly.

Umbazi, a.k.a. Umbazi Isibindi, is a Human Warrior from Trauntor. He is a member of the Warrior Guild, the Order of Voln, and House Phoenix and is currently Cryheart's squire in the Order of the Silver Gryphon.


You see Lord Umbazi Isibindi the Soldier.
He appears to be a Human from Trauntor.
He is tall. He appears to be very young. He has deep-set ale-brown eyes and dark brown skin. He has short, curly black hair worn in elaborate braids. He has a square-jawed face, a classical nose and well-muscled shoulders and arms.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a scratched spiked ora greathelm, a rune-etched chrysoberyl earring, a crystal amulet, an ash grey greatcloak, a lead-bound linen badge, a glyph-etched amethyst clasp, a Warrior Guild member pin, an ora-edged storm grey bandana, a gleaming mithril buckler, a bone-clasped forest green backpack, a sturdy black forging apron, a plain soot black tunic, some brigandine armor, a chased bronze bracer, some gold-runed tiger skin handwraps, a bone-inlaid fire opal band, an ornate gold ring, a narrow morganite ring, a soft orc hide belt, a roughly textured ironwood hunting horn with suede ties, a waxed black leather pouch, a scabbard, a superior mithril-handled vultite forging-hammer, some dark silver-buttoned breeches, and some gold-runed tiger skin footwraps.