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UpSleeve is a script that can go on any long-sleeved garment, whether chest-worn or pin-worn, or on robe armor. Messaging refers to up to two daggers that are held within the sleeves of the item.

Two daggers, pin worn gown

  • RUB: With a small smile, you lightly run your hands down the sleeves of your satin gown, assuring yourself that you have a weapon easily available.
  • PUSH: With a flourish, you cross your arms in front of you, simultaneously releasing the blades from within the sleeves of your satin gown with practiced ease, and they slide into your waiting hands. You brandish your weapons with an air of confidence.
  • PULL: You gently tug on the sleeves of your satin gown, straightening the edges and smoothing the fabric.
  • FLIP: With a flick of your wrist, you release your dagger from its hidden location in your sleeve and catch it skillfully in your hand.
  • RAISE: You raise both arms over your head and bring them around in an arc, while your fingers expertly release the blades concealed within each sleeve. By the time your arms are back at your sides, a weapon is lightly gripped in each hand, and you glance around with a dangerous glint in your eye.
  • WEAR: You slip into your satin gown, subtly checking the straps inside the sleeves to make sure they lie flat and undetectable.
  • REMOVE: You slip out of your satin gown paying particular care to not yank on the straps concealed within the sleeves.
  • PUT: You slip your dagger into the sleeve of your satin gown and secure it with the narrow strap.
  • GET: You reach into the sleeve of your satin gown and release the strap holding your dagger in place. The dagger slides into your waiting hand.

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