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Character Info

Tysong - A Dark Elf Wizard - Tysong is a character of mine that was started on a whim to see what all the hype was behind wizards and why everyone wanted to play them. After starting him though, I never went back to another one of my characters.

Gormin - A Dark Elf Paladin - My very first character after coming back to the game post AOL in the late 90's. I've rerolled him so many times I can't count anymore. He's been a warrior, rogue, cleric and now a paladin. Currently he sits on my account, unplayed as I'm totally entrenched in my wizard.

Current Wiki Workings

  • Needing to update Lich reference/tutorials
  • Templatize CHE/MHO pages

Favorite Wiki Contributions

  • Lich:Software and it's various script helps
  • Various contributions to MHO/CHE pages
  • Various contributions to Festival Item Listings