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Vote is a verb used to cast a yes/no vote in select situations. It also gives information about voting for GemStone IV at Top Mud Sites.


To cast your vote:

Casts a simple vote of yes or no to anyone who will listen!

VOTE [YES|NO] {item}
Registers your vote for a particular choice of item.  This is typically only
effective with items which have been set up to be voted on.

VOTE {yes|no|#} [TO {player} [silently]]
Slightly more complex, allows you to register your vote with a player who is
currently collecting them.  If you so desire, your vote can be made SILENTLY,
so only the recipient is informed of your decision.

Click here for information on how to collect votes.

Click here for information on how to vote for GemStone IV, or just type VOTE GS4!