Witchful Thinking - 5119-08-13 - Paragon Placement Pinpointed (log)

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Phoenatos 13-14, 5119

by Leafiara Autumnwind of the TownCrier


  • Pylasar arrives on a rainy night, having shrunk himself small enough to sail in on a tri-cornered hat floating along a stream of water. After he pops up to real size, he's awaiting Chrysamber, but in the meantime Lyrna gives him a painting. Overwhelmed with emotion, he bearhugs her for two minutes and everyone catches a glimpse--a portrait of Gracie.
  • As Chrysamber arrives, Magister Raelee tells Pylasar she has a message from Grand Magister Octaven: the Hall of Mages is sending a contingent with the next week or two. Some will stay at the outpost to study the blight while others monitor the spread at the Vornavian border and stave it off if necessary.
  • Pylasar tells Falvicar he got his letter and Falvicar asks if his father is alive and is one of Raznel's "monster things." Pylasar says: "No. Yes." Falvicar asks if there's a chance to save him; Pylasar says Larsya was likely salvaged because her transformation was delayed and "evolved," but the best for his father is to release him. Pylasar says he's sorry and it breaks his heart; Falvicar says "let it be me if possible."
  • Pylasar leads Chrysamber and others to Lake Eonak, saying Chrysamber wants to locate a spot. She draws a sign and a golden sigil beneath her left eye glows while a sigil appears beneath Pylasar's. He offers his boots to Avalera while he wades into the water, then Chrysamber begins to explore his mind. Images appear in the water, at first of a stone keep flying the flag of Kezmon, but Chrysamber puts a stop to that--as Pylasar thought they were exploring her mind.
  • At first images of a young Peter and Gracie appear, but Chrysamber urges him further. It's back to a memory of a young but tired-loking woman--Rachel, cupping dirt in her hands and saying she lost another one. Peter says "we" lost them, but she says he hates her. Though he says he could never, she snarls that he'll find another, someone "not broken from her daddy's curse" and someone not touched by "that damn stone." She says she'll make them more and there are ways.
  • A shift to another memory turns to a woman covered in wounds and pus being dragged in. Peter pries a ring from her finger, with a crimson sunburst crest, asking if Rachel is mad and what she's brought on them and if she took all four of them. Rachel says the youngest is in Nydds and will rise as she wanted, while they (she and Peter) will continue their work. Raelee explains what they're seeing: that Rachel killed Empress Mynal'lyanna's siblings, ensuring her rise to the Sun Throne.
  • Rachel says they'll finish the ritual where the woman will reside, and Peter recalls it. Back in real time, Chrysamber locates the spot, thanks Pylasar, and leaves.
  • Pylasar says one's discovered and we dare not search for more until accomplishing what's needed with her. He says perhaps the only difference between Raznel and himself is the color of their robes; Chamorr agrees, but Avalera, Lyrna, Mayor Lylia, and Leafiara argue otherwise. Leafi in particular points out that Pylasar's seeking Raznel's end; Chamorr asks if that's true, but Pylasar says yes.
  • Pylasar says nothing from here on will be easy. "War is not about the battles won and victories celebrated and fields taken. War is about the breaking of people and the crossing of lines and the sacrifices made to accomplish a sometimes meaningless victory."


Shinann offers Lyrna a silvery grey faewood arrow.
Shinann says, "Found it during the invasion the other night."
Lylia says, "I hope it found its mark and dispatched the foe."
Chamorr heartily says, "Prolly hit the capt in da butt."
Shinann says, "Stormyrain has not told me about that."
Speaking to Raelee, Leafiara wonders, "Has Thadston met with you yet? Somehow I'm betting not."
Leafiara diplomatically says, "Punctuality isn't one of his strong suits..."
Speaking to Leafiara, Raelee says, "Not yet."
Lyrna wryly says, "You'd think he was an elf..."
Coming into view, winding around a bend, and floating down the stream of water outside of Moot Hall is a purple tri-cornered hat that drifts lazily towards Moot Hall.
Chamorr heartily says, "They all float down here."
Falvicar quietly asks, "Maylan not around to steal it, right?"
From nearby, you hear Keletheryl yell, "Lord Luukos has granted you a second chance prove you deserve it!"
Pylasar yells, "More like Lord Pukos!"


A Meaningful Gift

[Town Square Central]

This is the heart of the main square of Wehnimer's Landing. The impromptu shops of the bazaar are clustered around this central gathering place, where townsfolk, travellers, and adventurers meet to talk, conspire or raise expeditions to the far-flung reaches of Elanith. At the north end, an old well, with moss-covered stones and a craggy roof, is shaded from the moonlight by a strong, robust tree. The oak is tall and straight, and it is apparent that the roots run deep. You also see an herbal remedy donation bin and some stone benches with some stuff on it.

Also here: Arena Champion Madmountan, Arena Heroine Leafiara, Scruffylopolis who is sitting, Berost, Conquerer of Reim Avalera, Eyona, Lyrna, Chiora, Murduck, Orlicks, Sir Cryheart, Giocoso, Faennian who is kneeling, Lady Nairena, Lord Chamorr, Farven, Squire Legionnaire Keletheryl who is kneeling, Saurost

Arcs of lightning briefly illuminate the night sky above.

[idle chatter, eventually people gather outside Moot Hall]

[Town Square, East]

Here in the center of a broad plaza near the commercial area of the bazaar stands the impressive facade of the slate-roofed Moot Hall, where the citizens of Wehnimer's Landing hold various official, religious and social functions. Facing the square are some of the town's more prosperous shops, still doing business with the many customers who still frequent the streets at night. You also see a large purple wooden barrel, a bone-framed bulletin board and a polished bleakstone statue.

Also here: Shinann, Palfin, Wolfloner, Conquerer of Reim Shallimar, Conquerer of Reim Avalera, Goldstr, Lord Chamorr, Sir Cryheart, Xorus, Mayor Lylia, Lazaryth, Dergoatean

Lazaryth says, "I'm going to need a drink if I'm going to be standing out here in the rain."

Speaking to Lyrna, Shinann asks, "Is this yours?"

Shinann taps a silvery grey faewood arrow, which is in her right hand.

Lyrna beams!

Shinann offers Lyrna a silvery grey faewood arrow.

Lyrna says, "I bet it is."

Lyrna accepts Shinann's silvery grey arrow.

Shinann says, "Found it during the invasion the other night."

Lylia says, "I hope it found its mark and dispatched the foe."

Chamorr heartily says, "Prolly hit the capt in da butt."

Lyrna says, "Well, based on how things went when the rats attacked, I'm pretty sure I missed everything I aimed at."

Shinann says, "Stormyrain has not told me about that."

A faint streak of purple lightning arcs across the sky.

The voice of Leafiara musingly says, "Ah, Pylasar."

Leafiara fades into view.

Falvicar says to Leafiara, "You, madam, are a bawdy maggot-pie!"

Leafiara says to Falvicar, "You, sir, are a reeking, pig-eyed foot-licker!"

Lyrna says, "Perhaps I'll have a chance to give him the painting."

Chamorr heartily says, "Ewww."

Speaking encouragingly to Lyrna, Leafiara exclaims, "Ya should!"

Lyrna says, "I have it with me."

Rain continues to pour down from the heavens and a small narrow stream begins to form along some cracks in the road outside of Moot Hall.

Cryheart says, "Hmmm."

Speaking to Raelee, Leafiara wonders, "Has Thadston met with you yet? Somehow I'm betting not."

Nairena says, "So much water."

Leafiara diplomatically says, "Punctuality isn't one of his strong suits..."

Speaking to Leafiara, Raelee says, "Not yet."

Lyrna wryly says, "You'd think he was an elf..."

Coming into view, winding around a bend, and floating down the stream of water outside of Moot Hall is a purple tri-cornered hat that drifts lazily towards Moot Hall.

Chamorr heartily says, "They all float down here."

Falvicar quietly asks, "Maylan not around to steal it, right?"

Cryheart says, "Good thing the hat dinnae land over the kitten."

Lyrna says, "The kitten would probably just play with it."

The purple tri-cornered hat floats along the thin stream of water and a tiny little human can be seen standing at the apex of the hat, one leg lifted up and one hand clutching a tiny gold spylgass.

Speaking heartily to Cryheart, Chamorr says, "You should wear it, be a genral."

Leafiara curiously comments, "Interesting magic."

Razanetika softly says, "Tiny human."

Shinann says, "Sailing in the streets."

Nairena says, "A tiny human on a floaty hat."

Chamorr heartily says, "It's the captain."

Falvicar quietly says, "Technically... a ship... not a hat."

Speaking to Chamorr, Nairena asks, "You see any crew?"

With a flash of purple smoke, the floating hat lifts up into the air as Pylasar comes into view, full-sized man now, the hat settling on his hand.

Cryheart says, "No thanks."

Pylasar takes a purple tri-cornered hat off his head.

Pylasar bows.

Pylasar bows.

Pylasar puts a purple tri-cornered hat on his head.

Leafiara amicably greets, "Good evening there!"

Madmountan shows Pylasar his steel dodecahedron.

Speaking to Pylasar, Raelee says, "... Pylasar."

Speaking heartily to Pylasar, Chamorr says, "Good evenin."

Cryheart says, "Hello Pylasar."

Pylasar says, "Fancy that."

Pylasar nods at Madmountan.

Lylia says, "Fancy hat, you say? I suppose so."

Pylasar exclaims, "Magi!"

Pylasar nods at Raelee.

Pylasar giggles at Lylia.

Raelee quietly echoes, "... Magi."

Pylasar asks, "Is Epoch here yet?"

Pylasar squints to view the crowd.

Leafiara amusedly says, "She is, yes."

Pylasar says, "No I don't see that dome of hers."

Pylasar says, "No no I mean..."

Pylasar waves his arms around.

Pylasar says, "Like, in the crowd."

Leafiara says, "Well... somewhere near, anyway. She was--"

Pylasar says, "She's a blendy little...thing."

Leafiara says, "Ahh... right, no."

Lyrna shifts her weight.

Pylasar peers quizzically at Lyrna.

Pylasar asks, "Yes?"

Pylasar asks, "A giiift?"

Lyrna grabs an elaborate gold-framed painting from a small pocket inside of her grey jacket.

Pylasar says, "Is it can..."

Pylasar says, "Oh."

Pylasar grins.

Lyrna offers Pylasar an elaborate gold-framed painting.

Pylasar accepts Lyrna's gold-framed painting.

Lyrna says, "To help you remember."

Lylia removes a honey-filled chocolate bunny from in her wrap.

Lyrna shifts her weight.

Pylasar clenches his jaw.

Lylia deadpans, "Honey bunny."

Xorus says, "It is more like 'when is she', as she has been here."

Lylia offers Pylasar a honey-filled chocolate bunny.

Pylasar accepts Lylia's chocolate bunny.

Lyrna says, "I hope... forgive me if it is not welcome."

Pylasar gulps slowly, captivated by the painting in his hand.

Pylasar says, "I.."

Pylasar squints.

Pylasar moves to stand in front of Lyrna.

Leafiara concernedly interjects, "She means only the best of course..."

Lyrna cocks her head.

Lyrna swivels her right ear back and forth, the emerald stud dangling along the upper edge highlighting the sharp contours of her pointed ears.

Pylasar bearhugs Lyrna and does not let her go for a very long, awkward two minutes.

Lyrna hugs Pylasar.

Pylasar whispers something to Lyrna.

Roundtime: 120 seconds.

Roundtime: 100 seconds...still bearhug going on.

Speaking to Stormyrain, Lazaryth says, "So."

Nairena says, "That must be one fancy painting."

Speaking slowly to Lazaryth, Stormyrain asks, "Yes?"

Lyrna quietly says, "I hope it helps."

Roundtime: 72 seconds. Pylasar's eyes gleam with wetness. Lyrna's breathing grows faint from the tightness of the hug.

Speaking to Stormyrain, Lazaryth says, "Terrible weather we're having."

Lazaryth asks, "Don't you think?"

Roundtime: 60 seconds.

Lyrna makes a wheezing sound.

Speaking to Lazaryth, Stormyrain says, "It's somewhat--rainy yes."

Madmountan says, "That musta been some painting."

Speaking to Stormyrain, Lazaryth says, "Rainy. And.. humid."

Falvicar whispers something to Leafiara.

Stormyrain says, "Mm."

Dergoatean says, "She'll think twice before giving him another gift."

Leafiara whispers something to Falvicar.

Lyrna quietly says, "It is of Gracie."

Speaking to Shinann, Stormyrain whispers aloud, "Is she still breathing?"

Cryheart says, "Awwwww."

Roundtime: 30 seconds. Pylasar maintains his bearhug, but the painting tilts slightly in his hand and you can see it. A young human child is standing in a field of wildflowers, the bright sunlight streaming around her making the field behind her indistinct. Her sandy blonde hair appears almost white where the sunlight touches it, and her freckles are dark against her otherwise pale skin. Her green eyes sparkle and her smile is radiant as she offers a small purple flower to the viewer.

Speaking amusedly to Stormyrain, Chaoswynd whispers aloud, "Barely."

Roundtime: 12 seconds.

Goldstr says, "Ahhh nice."

Pylasar releases Lyrna and kisses her on the cheek.

Pylasar says, "Thank you."

Lyrna smiles at Pylasar.

Lylia murmurs, "Paintings of those who are gone beyond the Gate are cherished mementos. So yes, it is indeed 'some painting.' And a very thoughtful gesture."

Cryheart says, "Well done."

Chamorr heartily says, "That's a nice picture."

Lyrna takes a deep breath.

Pylasar put an elaborate gold-framed painting in his purple sack.

Pylasar put a honey-filled chocolate bunny in his purple sack.

Leafiara whispers something to Lyrna.

Speaking to Lyrna, Dergoatean says, "Looks like you done good."

From nearby, you hear Keletheryl yell, "Lord Luukos has granted you a second chance prove you deserve it!"

Pylasar yells, "More like Lord Pukos!"

Lazaryth mutters, "Showoff."

Mages En Route

There is a flash of white light and a *POP* sound.

Speaking to Pylasar, Raelee says, "On that note..."

Pylasar says, "Oh, there you are."

Pylasar asks, "Yes Magi?"

Pylasar peers quizzically at Raelee.

Speaking carefully to Pylasar, Raelee says, "... I have a message from Grand Magister Octaven."

Pylasar says, "Oh this should be good."

Pylasar remove some pins and needles from his mantle.

Pylasar says, "Go on."

Raelee stares sternly down her nose at Pylasar.

Pylasar exclaims, "Oh, good Octaven impression!"

Raelee flatly says, "She requested that I inform the town council. Unfortunately, you are the most convenient."

Raelee says, "... the Hall is coming. The contingent she is sending will arrive within the next week, possibly two."

Raelee adds, "Precise schedule, to be determined."

Pylasar shrugs.

Pylasar says, "For."

Raelee continues, "Some will be working out of the Outpost to study the blight, the rest will be at the Vornavian border on the road south to monitor its spread and attempt to stave it off should it be necessary."

Pylasar says, "Ah, of course."

Pylasar says, "The plagggguueee."

Pylasar nods.

Chrysamber removes a lapis-inlaid ivory compass from her robe.

Pylasar says, "Thank you Magi Rae Rae."

Speaking curtly to Pylasar, Raelee says, "That is all."

Falvicar's Father's Fate

Falvicar gibbers incoherently.

Pylasar frowns at Falvicar.

Pylasar says, "I did get your letter."

Pylasar nods at Falvicar.

Pylasar frowns at Falvicar.

Falvicar nods slowly.

Lyrna says, "She's not a ranger, so that compass should be of some use."

Falvicar quietly says, "That frowning isn't very... promising."

Pylasar frowns at Falvicar.

Chrysamber shows Pylasar her ivory compass.

Pylasar says, "Oh pushy you are."

Falvicar slowly empties his lungs.

Speaking quietly to Pylasar, Falvicar says, "I don't mean to be.."

Pylasar says, "Well then. Where to Hunter? The Reach? The Cage? The..."

Pylasar peers quizzically at Falvicar.

Pylasar asks, "Yes?"

Chrysamber melodically says, "The Lake."

Speaking to herself, Leafiara mouths, "The Cage?"

Pylasar peers quizzically at Falvicar.

Pylasar peers quizzically at Falvicar.

Falvicar quietly says, "I need to know."

Falvicar nods at Pylasar.

Pylasar shimmers for a moment.

Pylasar says, "Ask it."

Pylasar says, "I get a lot of letters tomorrow."

Falvicar quietly asks, "Is my father alive? Is he one of Raznel's ... monster things?"

Chrysamber joins Pylasar's group.

Falvicar peers quizzically at Pylasar.

Pylasar says, "No. Yes."

Gnaeusprimus says, "I think all so-called chronomages should be permanently banned from the town."

Pylasar says, "I'm bringing my friends."

Pylasar nods at Chrysamber.

Chrysamber melodically says, "It will not take long."

Pylasar says, "Still bringing them."

Speaking quietly to Falvicar, Lyrna says, "I'm sorry."

Madmountan says, "Well, he may not be alive, but I imagine he's not dead in the traditional sense either."

Pylasar stands in front of Cryheart.

Pylasar exclaims, "On me!"

Lylia wearily says, "Run for mayor, then deal with the Town Council, then feel free to get whomever you wish banned. And good luck with that."

Pylasar says, "I am sorry it is not what you deserve to hear, but it is what you need to hear."

Pylasar nods at Falvicar.

Speaking quietly to Pylasar, Falvicar asks, "No chance to save him?"

Falvicar gazes hopefully at Pylasar.

Lyrna quietly says, "No-one deserves such news."

Pylasar says, "Larsya was likely salvaged because her transformation was delayed, not to mention it was...evolved."

Lyrna says, "Assuming she truly was."

Pylasar says, "The best we can do to save him is to release him."

Pylasar nods at Falvicar.

Pylasar says, "I am sorry. It sounds heartless."

Pylasar says, "And it breaks my heart to say it."

Falvicar quietly says, "Then... let it be me if possible."

Chrysamber glances at Pylasar.

Leafiara acknowledges, "...it is what it is."

Visions at the Lake


Nairena says, "Let him remain a servant of evil and suffer. Or release him to give him peace."


[Melgorehn's Reach, Lake Eonak]

You are on the bank of a beautiful mountain lake that is fed by a waterfall gushing from the mountain side. There is a path which seems to actually lead up the side of the mountain. You also see a barely visible trail leading into a grove of ancient trees and a cedar chip path.

Also here: Shinann, Conquerer of Reim Shallimar, Goldstr, Sir Cryheart, Xorus, Mayor Lylia, Dergoatean, Lord Chamorr, Arena Heroine Leafiara, Lazaryth, Falvicar, Lady Nairena, Conquerer of Reim Avalera, Lyrna, Magister Raelee, Razanetika, Berost, Arena Champion Madmountan, Sofal, Orlicks, Chaoswynd, Arena Hero Melikor, Grand Lord Gnaeusprimus, Lady Chrysamber, Great Lord Keletheryl, Lord Arianiss, Arena Hero Roblar, Donteric, Sir Mynon, Lord Pylasar

Pylasar asks, "Does this work your chrono majesty?"

Chrysamber smiles.

Chrysamber nods.

Pylasar says, "I should likely explain."

Pylasar says, "We're not...going anywhere tonight."

(Falvicar rubs a tear from his eyes and puts his greathelmet back on.)

Lylia says, "Aside from the lake's shore."

Pylasar says, "But little miss Epoch wants to see if she can't locate a spot."

Pylasar taps his head.

Pylasar says, "Then we'll know where we're going to go."

Leafiara approvingly agrees, "Good plan."

Chrysamber melodically says, "Navigating where we must go is not done easily or with haste."

Pylasar says, "Blame her. But you should also blame me."

Pylasar nods at Falvicar.

Pylasar says, "You'll see."

Chrysamber raises her hand to Pylasar's face, slowly running two fingers across his cheek, over the bridge of his nose, then the other cheek. She draws a sign, and the golden sigil beneath her left eye glows briefly while a golden sigil forms beneath Pylasar's eye.

Pylasar says, "Well, that was easy."

Chrysamber points at a beautiful mountain lake.

Pylasar frowns.

Mynon says, "Unusual..."

Pylasar takes a pair of unlaced black boots off his feet.

Cryheart says, "Ahhh."

Pylasar offers Avalera a pair of unlaced black boots.

Pylasar says, "Please hold these."

Avalera accepts Pylasar's unlaced black boots.

Cryheart says, "Hope ye can swim."

Avalera covers her nose tightly.

Madmountan says, "Don't smell them, though."

Leafiara whispers something to Avalera.

Avalera mumbles, "All right."

Berkana says, "Too late."

Pylasar rolls up his mantle and wades into the lake, the water rising to his ankles, then his thighs, then he comes to a stop as it rises to his abdomen.

Pylasar splashes briefly like a child then stops suddenly when Chrysamber stares in his direction.

Chrysamber kneels down.

Speaking deeply to a bright-eyed darkly clouded kitten with elongated tufty ears and a spiked veil iron collar, Shallimar says, "Trendsetter."

Chrysamber touches the edge of the lake's water and her golden sigil glows. Pylasar's responds in kind. A ripple of gilt-hued light echoes across the lake's surface, once, twice, then three times.

Nairena says, "Pretty."

Pylasar says, "Be kind in my mind..."

Mynon whispers aloud, "If the chronomage can get him to behave, that lot has at least some good points."

Pylasar says, "Last time we got in some danger."

Chrysamber melodically says, "There is no danger in this yet."

Madmountan repeats, "Yet."

Nairena says, "Always better to be prepared."

Berost deeply says, "There always is with this one ... and here."

Lylia says, "Always best to be prepared."

The lake's water ripples again and images begin to stir within the depths, taking life, making sound. Bodies. Buildings. Shapes. Skies.

Pylasar gazes off into the distance, a glassy-eyed look in his eyes.

The waters shift to reveal a stone keep overlooking an expansive sea. Rising from a rampart flaps a flag bearing Kezmon's crest. A woman stands, gripping something tight in her hand, clutching it lovingly to her chest. Her blue eyes are flecked with motes of lilac. Her hair is long and russet.

Chrysamber glances at Pylasar.

Chrysamber melodically says, "...cease that Peter."

Pylasar exclaims, "Oh!"

Pylasar smirks.

Pylasar exclaims, "I thought we were going into YOURS!"

Chrysamber squints.

Pylasar sinks more into the water, whistling, and staring off into the distance.

Madmountan says, "I'm amused."

Speaking quietly to herself, Raelee says, "... Kezmon Isle..."


"Tell me another story daddy." A voice echoes from the waters.

Within the lake, the image of Pylasar appears, younger, hair like coal not clouds. He rocks a young girl in his lap on a chair and waves his hand about with great flare, rambling as she giggles with each word.

Pylasar says, "Such a handsome devil...."

Cryheart whispers something to Wolfloner.

Chrysamber touches the water and another ripple races across the lake, erasing the image of Peter and Gracie.

Chrysamber melodically says, "Further Peter."

Pylasar sighs.

Pylasar nods.

The lake ripples and dark walls rise up into view within. They are draped in shadows or dark blood, it is unclear.

A woman moves among the darkness, slow, a bit disorientated.

The woman whimpers. Just quickly. Quietly. Almost didn't happen. She sniffs but then stiffens. Silencing the pain and grief.

The woman kneels, placing her hands to a patch of fresh dirt. She cups some in her hand and her eyes blue eyes glisten. She is young by all appearances in form, but her face is tired. Sunken. Streaked with tears carving through dirt on her cheeks. Her eyes hollow and ringed in red and wreathed in emptiness.

Lyrna softly asks, "Who...?"

Rachel whimpers, "...again."

Speaking to Lyrna, Leafiara muses, "One of the paragons... likely." [No, not quite! Was typing this as Rachel's voice came up.]

The woman shifts the dirt with her hand, reshaping the small mound, almost perfecting the dirt. She looks back at someone unseen.

Rachel's voice cracks, "...I lost another one."

Goldstr says, "Ahhhh."

Pylasar says, "We...we lost them..."

The woman touches the small patch of dirt again and leans back on her knees. Within the lake's water a row of small lumps of dirt appear, numbering at least three.

Lyrna says, "Them..."

Rachel's voice almost drips with an undercurrent of pain and rage, "....you hate me."

Berost deeply asks, "Three ... ?"

Pylasar says, "I could never."

Mynon murmurs, "And that's why this is so hard, even with all she's done."

Speaking to Mynon, Wolfloner says, "Would not bother me in the least."

Rachel's voice snarls, almost spitting, "You'll find another, I know it. You will! Won't you! Someone not broken from her daddy's curse! Someone not touched by...by that damn stone!"

Speaking quietly to Leafiara, Lyrna says, "Because he does not hate her."

Madmountan says, "Ahh, this is all making a bit more sense now."

Leafiara shrugs at Lyrna.

Pylasar says, "We....we do not need this. I have you."

Razanetika softly says, "The stone...."

Speaking to Lyrna, Leafiara says, "...I suppose."

The woman turns, her hollow eyes almost sparking with hate, an empty hate, "...I can make more. I'll make us more. There's ways. We know this."

Lylia whispers something to Falvicar.

Gnaeusprimus exclaims, "By Koar!"

Lyrna muses, "How did she end up so twisted around."

Pylasar frowns.

Chrysamber touches the lake, the ripple changing the images.

Dergoatean says, "If Dennet only knew what chaos he would unleash with his schemes..."

Leafiara whispers something to Lyrna.

Dergoatean says, "...he would still have gone right ahead with them."

Speaking frankly to Dergoatean, Leafiara says, "I wonder if it would have stop--"

Leafiara nods at Dergoatean.

Speaking to Dergoatean, Lylia says, "Just so."

Chrysamber melodically says, "Find it Peter."

Mynon quietly says, "Not just Dennet."

Speaking to Dergoatean, Wolfloner says, "Seems normal for a Magister."

Wolfloner says, "Remember Tayeros."

Pylasar runs his fingers through the water of the lake, circling around and around.

Chrysamber melodically says, "You have found it, haven't you."

Pylasar says, "One, yes."

Dergoatean says, "There's a name I had completely forgotten about."

Chrysamber melodically says, "Show us."

Lyrna says, "These things cannot be easy to have to ... revisit."

Falls Before A Rise

The lake ripples to show dark chamber, eerily illuminated by azure color flames. Peter paces back and forth along a wall, looking around. A door creaks open and the body of a woman is dragged into view.

The woman's body is still breathing shallowly, but she is covered in festering wounds along one whole side of her body, creating hard knots along her skin and folds within the flesh of part of her face and neck. Pus bubbles along some fissures in her legs and hand.

Xorus says, "Fascinating."

Peter looks up and gasps. Standing above the wound-covered woman is Rachel and two dark-robed figures, larger in size, who helped cart in the body.

Pylasar asks, "Are...are you mad?"

Peter leans down and pries a ring off of the finger of the deformed woman.

Pylasar asks, "...are you insane? What...what have you brought on us?"

Peter looks hard at the ring and its crimson sunburst crest.

(OOC) Roblar's player whispers to the group, "Selanthia."

Mynon mouths, "Who?"

Rachel smiles, her eyes hollow and dark, "She is the only one left."

Pylasar asks, "All...all four of them you took?"

Rachel shakes her head, "No no my love...the youngest is in Nydds. She'll rise as she wanted, and we're allowed to continue our work as we wanted."

Chrysamber melodically asks, "Peter. Do you hear me?"

Raelee says, "... she killed Empress Mynal'lyanna's siblings."

Raelee adds, "Bold."

Raelee quietly adds, "Also ensuring her rise to the Sun Throne."

Raelee says, "The question is whether or not that was a convenient side effect, or a purpose in itself."

Rachel says, "Now Peter...you know what we must do next."

Pylasar mimics dragging something across the inside of his left arm, then his right. He winces as if in pain, or reliving the memory of it.

Rachel says, "We'll finish the ritual where she will reside. Safer than last time."

Within the lake's waters, Peter bleeds from his arms, the blood rivulets dripping to the ground along runic symbols. The air bends around him and Rachel and the woman on the floor. Their environment shifts and they melt away like wax dripping down the side of a hot candle.

Chrysamber lurches forward suddenly, touching her ivory compass and the lapis chips inlaid within it gleam with a pale light, glyphs and images flashing along them briefly like the reflecting of moving clouds across water.

Chamorr heartily says, "Sheesh."

Chrysamber stands up.

Chrysamber melodically says, "There."

Chrysamber melodically says, "Thank you Peter. Dry yourself off."

Lady Chrysamber just went southwest.

Difficulty Ahead

Leafiara remarks, "...quick."

Pylasar looks up as the lake's water ripples and returns to normal.

Speaking wryly to Raelee, Cruxophim reminds, "Chronomages are prone to quick exits."

Speaking to Pylasar, Avalera says, "Let me know when you..."

Avalera glances at a pair of unlaced black boots in her hand.

Raelee flatly says, "Apparently."

Speaking optimistically to Pylasar, Leafiara asks, "One located, six to go?"

Berost deeply says, "Rot ..."

Speaking quickly to Pylasar, Avalera says, "Now works."

Speaking to Cruxophim, Raelee adds, "... I had questions."

Speaking affably to Raelee, Cruxophim muses, "Don't we all?"

Pylasar wades out of the water.

Speaking to Cruxophim, Raelee says, "Rarely enough."

Avalera offers Pylasar a pair of unlaced black boots.

Pylasar accepts Avalera's unlaced black boots.

Pylasar asks, "Why did you untie my shoes?"

Pylasar peers quizzically at Avalera.

Avalera simply says, "So you could put them back on."

Pylasar says, "You do not make a very good bootkeeper."

Pylasar puts a pair of unlaced black boots onto his feet.

Raelee whispers something to Mynon.

Leafiara says, "...she's got ya there."

Speaking darkly to Lylia, Wolfloner says, "This is certainly stressful for our allies. I am not unsympathetic. If there is something I can help with let me know."

Speaking slowly to Pylasar, Cruxophim explains, "So you could put them on?"

Wolfloner grins coldly, his eyes reflecting no emotion.

Pylasar says, "Well...one discovered."

Avalera says, "It's not my particular bailiwick, no."

Wolfloner darkly says, "Have a grand evening all."

Pylasar says, "We dare not search for more until we can accomplish what we need with that one."

Speaking heartily to Pylasar, Chamorr says, "Bit of a bastid in yer younger days huh."

Falvicar glances between Pylasar and some fringed purple fleece robes.

Pylasar says, "The only difference between Raznel and myself is the color of our robes it would appear."

Speaking heartily to Pylasar, Chamorr says, "So it would seem."

Pylasar frowns.

Avalera carefully says, "I think there's more difference than that."

Lyrna says, "No... the line that was crossed."

Pylasar says, "Thank you all for your company and protecting me."

Lylia says, "I would disagree, but we can debate that some other time."

Pylasar says, "I know Epoch is helping in this, but last time we met..."

Lyrna says, "You were led to it. She ran to it."

Cryheart says, "You are mos welcome."

Pylasar says, "Oooh boy. She almost got me."

Pylasar snickers.

Leafiara says, "She's seeking immortality and you're seeking her end... couldn't be much more different right now, even if not in the past."

Pylasar nods to Leafiara.

Pylasar says, "I suppose you're right."

Leafiara grins at Pylasar.

Dergoatean says, "Having taken one step towards ending one paragon... this whole thing is going to be very painful."

Speaking heartily to Pylasar, Chamorr asks, "Are you really seekin her end?"

Roblar distantly says, "Love kin lead you astray."

Lylia says, "She certainly did choose this paragon carefully."

Pylasar says, "Yes. I want her ended."

Nairena says, "Unstoppable force meets an immovable object."

Roblar deeply says, "She iz unredeemable."

Speaking to Roblar, Dergoatean says, "Bringing out the big words tonight."

Pylasar says, "Nothing from here on will be easy. If it truly ever has been."

Speaking calmly to Pylasar, Cruxophim assures, "We'll find a way. Always do."

Pylasar says, "War is not about the battles won and victories celebrated and fields taken. War is about the breaking of people and the crossing of lines and the sacrifices made to accomplish a sometimes meaningless victory."

Pylasar says, "But we can't stop now. We have to end her."

Speaking slowly to Pylasar, Cruxophim agrees, "Yuuup."

Leafiara adamantly says, "Nothing will be meaningless about -this- victory."

Leafiara concedes, "...but I know what you mean."

Pylasar says, "Goodnight everyone."

Speaking evenly to Pylasar, Cruxophim states, "Never had any delusions to the contrary."

Pylasar nods.

Lylia says, "Victory is never meaningless."

Pylasar designates Shinann as the new leader of the group.

Lord Pylasar just went southwest.