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Xinza Thalesse Faendryl is a Faendryl warrior guildmaster. Her nickname during training was Nightingale. She is a terrible singer. She is silent and watchful, and is probably judging you.


Xinza is the eldest child of the Thalesse family of New Ta'Faendryl, and followed in the footsteps of six generations of eldest children by dedicating herself to the mastery of weapons and the study of magical theory to better protect her people. She surprised her classmates, and herself to some degree, by accepting a mocking nickname in stride and going so far as to have a pair of wings tattooed across her shoulder blades. While her vocal skills may be lacking, she dances through combat to the music of her three weapons striking true:

a slender black vultite scythe

The deep ebon blade of the scythe sweeps outward in a cruel arc, and its cutting edge is deeply jagged in a pattern reminiscent of flaring feathers on an outstretched wing.  The feather motif is echoed across the full length of the blade, delineated by a subtly raised texture along its slender curve. Soot grey leather wraps the join between blade and ebonwood shaft, partially overlapping a thin, inscribed plate of dull silver-grey metal set into the wood. 
There appears to be something written on it.

In the Faendryl language, it reads:
a blue-sheened rolaren sarissa

Bearing the stylized sweep and cut of a trio of pinion feathers, the asymmetrical rolaren spearhead is a glossy black sheened with the deep blue of encroaching night.  A line of dull silver rivets joins the blade cap to a long shaft of slender black fel.  Thin openwork bands of rolaren encircle the wood at intervals in subtle ornament, and an inscribed silver plate rests against the wood just below the rim of a flanged rolaren butt-spike.  You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.
There appears to be something written on it.

In the Faendryl language, it reads:
a sunset-hued slender golvern pike 

The head of the pike is forged of golvern the hue of dying firelight, the edges of the metal etched with a whorled pattern of feathers tapering down into nothingness towards the sharpened tip.  Engraved into the widest part of the head is a crest of a tower over two crossed lances, the single word below it carefully struck out through skilled hammer work leaving the integrity of the weapon intact.  An inscribed plate of contrasting invar has been set into the maoral shaft just below the reinforced join.

In the Faendryl language, it reads:

After graduation, she served as a bodyguard for a brief while before recieving an assignment to travel to the barbaric lands in the west. Rhythus Veranthe Faendryl had just released the secrets of rudimentary demonic summoning to the lesser races, and it was thought best that a few people should be sent to keep watch over the bumbling fools to help put down what horrors were inevitably summoned by mistake. That was in 5103, and by now even Xinza's Faendryl patience is being tested by what she views as the pettiness of short-lived lives. She divides her time between Wehnimer's Landing and Solhaven.


You see Xinza Thalesse Faendryl.

She appears to be a Dark Elf.

She is very tall and appears to be in the spring of life. She has narrow, slightly tilted dark violet eyes and dusky skin. She has cropped, tousled blue-black hair fading to a deep indigo at the tips. She has a thin nose and tall downswept pointed ears. The sharply angular lines of her face dominate her features. She has a series of crimson steel rings in her right eyebrow, a tightly spiraled triskele tattooed in black on the nape of her neck, and a pale smooth bone stud in the upper ridge of her right ear.

She is wearing a thin silver choker suspending a scarlet pentacle on a field of grey, a glowing amulet, a dark grey leather weapon harness bound in silver, a high-collared scarlet leather longcoat, a bloused grey silk shirt with ruffled cuffs, some fingerless dark suede gloves, an intricate silver signet ring, a sleek grey brushed suede hip-satchel, some dusky grey silver-laced pants, and a pair of sharp-toed charcoal leather boots.

triskele tattoo: Simple in form, the monochromatic triskele is given interest through the significantly different design of each branch. Extending upwards to end just short of the hairline, the topmost spiral is inked a solid black, the shade rich and dark against her skin. In contrast, the lower-right arm is filled with a rough design of stone and rock. The final third describes an organic pattern that has several warps and shifts through the spiral's curve, elongating or foreshortening the shapes within it.

longcoat: Thin, butter-soft leather dyed a deep scarlet has been used to create this exotic longcoat. Tailored for a slim fit through the chest and waist, it flares out slightly from the wearer's hips to fall gracefully to the knees. The angled front flap of the jacket fastens on the left side of the chest, broadly overlapping and secured by a single row of polished silver buttons. An intricate cutwork design trails down both sleeves and ends at the snugly fastened cuffs, exposing a lining of smoke-grey silk.

signet ring: The top of the ring has been flattened to allow the bearing of a formal crest. Encompassed by a gold frame is the stylized image of a nightingale perched below a scarlet pentacle on a field of grey. Seven interwoven sable tendrils curve along the inside of the frame, but do not break the thin gold line. Engraved down the left side of the band is a loop of unbroken chain, while the right is inlaid with a crimson droplet. Below the unbroken frame is a thin line of delicate script.