2022-12-17 - Zul Logoth - OOC Meeting (log)

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Another year has come and gone! Not much happened in Zul Logoth this year. I got myself tied up with Duskruin and EG so Zul didn't get as much attention as it should have. Thats not to say there haven't been projects in the works, I just can't really talk about them!

What I can say is I will be turning most of my attention to Zul Logoth in 2023. My focus will be on new hunting areas and getting AG and GOS tasks set up for them. There is a new shop complex that features some of the other clans is in the works. Citizen specific benefits are also on the to-do list.

Expect to see Zul Logoth and the dwarves more involved in the world of Elanthia next year as well. Clan Leader Rodverg is still ambitious, nosy, and very active behind the scenes.

As always if you have ideas, questions, or comments, please share them! I watch the Discord forums pretty closely so that is the best place to communicate with me.

Log 12/17/22

You say, "What I've done in GS this year I am happy with but it came at the expense of Zul Logoth."

You say, "Previous years I did a lot more with the town."

You say, "This year I got tied up in Duskruin and EG."

Seok says, "Huge time-sinks, but I saw EG and it was incredibly detailed, not to mention gorgeous."

You say, "So, lesson learned, and I'm shifting my focus back on Zul next year."

You say, "Yeah, it was pretty intense."

Seok says, "Yoiu don't have anything to be upset about."

You say, "Thanks. Like I said, I like what I've done this year with the arms and the companions. I did a private property early in the year for the first Duskruin too."

You say, "I got caught up doing some other scripts for folks for EG."

Sorlu grins.

You wave to Sorlu.

Sorlu waves.

You exclaim, "Please join us!"

Sorlu asks, "Sorry, I'm late. Mind starting over?"

Sorlu grins.

You say, "I was just lamenting how little I did for the town this year."

You say, "Thats about it really."

Sorlu asks, "Well, new plans for the upcoming year?"

You say, "And Seok mastered GOS as a level 25 warrior with a 4x maul."

Sorlu applauds Seok.

You say, "THAT is an accomplishment."

Seok exclaims, "I didn't know it was an accomplishment at the time!"

Seok asks, "So what are your plans for the new year?"

You say, "I have an 8 shop area in QC I guess I can say. I was hoping it would be out by the Grand Banquet but that didn't happen."

You say, "I finished that in August."

You say, "Working on a couple of other things I can't really talk about."

Seok exclaims, "Eight shops is a lot!"

You say, "But I can say more storylines are coming."

Speaking to you, Sorlu says, "You can drop some hints...we won't tell."

Speaking to Sorlu, you say, "I told Seok that this year for me was tied up with Duskruin and EG."

You say, "So my focus for next year is definitely Zul."

Sorlu says, "I'm sure those two things alone eat up a ton of time."

Seok says, "And I said that he had nothing to be upset about, because there was a ton of work put into DG and Naidem."

You say, "It was intense."

You say, "I'm looking over our past meetings."

Sorlu says, "It seems there's a pretty solid foundation though. So hopefully less work going forward overall."

You say, "Hunting is a big one."

You say, "And I can say we are working on an area or two but I can't promise when they will be released."

Seok asks, "What kind of areas?"

You say, "That kind of ties in with another topic we have talked about... more AG and GOS talks within the tunnel areas."

You say, "*tasks."

You say, "Well, I can't really talk about them."

You say, "Some meeting."

You say, "We have plans but can't talk about them."

Sorlu asks, "You mentioned stories for the upcoming year. Are these linked to those?"

You say, "Expect anything to be release to have at least a little story to it."

You say, "I had another idea for a non-combat activity that would produce rewards of some kind. I have not even put the proposal in yet."

Sorlu asks, "Does it take awhile to get those through?"

You say, "It certainly can."

You say, "Which is out of my hands."

Sorlu says, "I work in an office. I know how that goes."

Seok says, "What Sorlu said."

You say, "Yeah, we have a strict QC system, which I think is why GS has really remained consistant about over the years."

Seok says, "I'm so glad this game is still around."

You say, "Sometimes it takes a while though."

Sorlu says, "Yeah. And I'm sure it's frustrating at times, but it keeps everything from falling apart at the seams."

You say, "QC does a lot of work. We love them for it of course."

Sorlu asks, "I know there isn't always a huge population here to work with. But if stories are brought your direction from elsewhere, do you enjoy reacting to them?"

Sorlu says, "Asking for a friend."

You say, "Sure! I've been trying to be more involved in the EN stuff from the dwarven perspective. You will see more of that in the coming year."

Sorlu says, "That's awesome."

Seok says, "Excellent."

You say, "I can say you'll see Zul specific activity in the coming year."

You ask, "Are the announcements getting through?"

You ask, "Do you find it easy to know whats going on?"

Sorlu asks, "You mean on the Discord?"

Sorlu laughs, "..."the" Discord."

You say, "However."

You say, "I like the Discord forums."

Sorlu says, "I like it too. It makes it easy to scan and see what's going on quickly."

You say, "Discord itself I have trouble keeping up with."

You say, "I mean, the Zul topic is not an issue."

You say, "But I don't sit and scan general and prime and mechanics and any other number of channels all day."

You ask, "Do you feel like the communication is good?"

Sorlu says, "Yeah, I keep it to about 4 channels. Anymore than that, and I wouldn't have time to actually Gemstone at all."

You say, "Right? I don't know how Thandiwe does it."

Seok says, "I have...more than that."

Seok says, "Houses, towns, and MHOs."

Sorlu says, "Yeah, I feel I always hear when something is going on in Zul. At least I think I do."

You exclaim, "Good. Now we just need things to go on!"

Sorlu asks, "Will Zul be part of the world wide story that keeps getting teased?"

You nod.

Sorlu says, "Very good."

You say, "I'm trying to get dwarves involved in the world storylines."

Sorlu says, "I was a big fan of that story last year, I think, or earlier this year (I can't keep track of time anymore), where all the towns sent people to gather here. It was good RP fun."

You say, "At least, the storylines they'd be interested in."

Sorlu asks, "How is it that every drawf in the game doesn't play out of Zul?"

Sorlu says, "Er, dwarf."

You say, "Teras is the other dwarven camp."

Sorlu says, "I would. It just seems like such a strongly themed town for that."

You say, "When I think of the dwarves in Elanthia I see them almost as big as the elves and humans."

Sorlu asks, "Lorewise, dwarves are pretty tight with halflings, right?"

You say, "In terms of size and influence though they aren't nearly as big."

You say, "I don't know that I've read much about their relationship."

Seok says, "Well, the dwarves haven't angered the halflings by killing their horses, at least."

Sorlu says, "I thought I'd heard that. But I don't know if thats actual cannon, or just what I've heard some players say."

You say, "The dwarves are pretty spread out but mostly underground."

You say, "But I'm playing the current Clan leader here as a nosy type."

Sorlu asks, "Who is that?"

You say, "He wants to know whats going on and is taking steps to find out."

You say, "Rodverg."

Sorlu says, "Ah, right. I remember that name now. Also having it highlighted helps."

You say, "Ambitious, nosy, and has a strong desire to bring the clans closer together."

Seok says, "Also stubborn. He's a good leader."

Sorlu says, "How does Rodverg feel about the East? I'm not sure if that's general info, or not really known."

You say, "Good natured I think."

You say, "His views are trade is always good."

You say, "So whatever keeps the silvers flowing is to the dwarves benefit."

Seok says, "Very practical."

You say, "GM Aiza was the guru for a long time. We've spoken and she has impressed upon me the pragmatism of the dwarves."

You say, "Makes sense to me."

You say, "Most of what you see in Zul is her."

You say, "But Rodverg is not intimidated or repulsed by the elves."

Sorlu grins.

You say, "He sees opportunity."

Seok says, "I have a hard time picturing a dwarf intimidated by anyone."

You ask, "Did you see Rings of Power on Amazon Prime?"

You say, "Really really really well done."

Seok says, "No, sorry."

Sorlu says, "I've seen clips, but haven't sat down and watched it yet."

You say, "Faithful to Tolkein. It goes into the relationship between the elves and the dwarves in that world."

You say, "And humans."

You say, "And orcs."

You say, "Its pretty cool."

You say, "It has influenced my view on things."

Sorlu says, "Yeah, I've always been a fan of Tolkien lore...and the ups and downs in the elf/dwarf relionship over the years."

You say, "What are you guys wanting to see? I know stories and hunting are always at the top."

You say, "We've talked about the amenities... plenty of shops."

You say, "I'm referring to past meetings."

Sorlu says, "Well I'm a big fan of stories in Gemstone. I'm not really a mechanics guy somuch. So I just love to hear what's going on or planned, and seeing if there are any chances for me to slide into it somehow."

You ask, "Do you like planned weekly/monthly things, calandered things, or spur of the moment? Or combinations?"

Seok says, "Well, at this point weekly would be good, but I have to be in Icemule on Wednesdays. So does Sorlu."

Seok says, "Midweek Mule Train."

Sorlu says, "I like all of the above. I play out of Icemule though mostly, since Sorlu is a Town Councillor there, so I personally would have a hard time catching something spur of the moment here unless I somehow heard it in Icemule, or saw it on discord ahead of time."

You say, "Maybe I'll check in on that Mule Train to get some ideas."

Seok says, "And Tuesdays I'm leading hunts for Daingneach Onoir. The other five days, I'm free."

Speaking cryptically to you, Sorlu says, "Maybe it'll be checking in on you."

You say, "I am working with Auchand on a couple of things actually."

Sorlu says, "Oh right on. That's cool."

Seok asks, "Oh?"

You say, "Yeah, first it was Oscuro but he left. Auchand picked up where he left off."

Sorlu says, "I'm going to go out on a limb and guess he's helping with those hunting areas you mentioned."

Seok says, "You and Auchand remind me of each other. You really, REALLY love your towns."

You say, "Well, your guess is as good as mine."

Seok says, "An undead area for 80-89 would be great. The Volners would love you."

You say, "Thats in the meeting notes from April of 2021."

Seok says, "Still true."

You exclaim, "Still not done!"

Seok says, "I had to ask."

You say, "Other notes... an npc to drag, heal, and/or raise PCs."

You say, "Citizenship verbs."

You say, "We don't have any."

You say, "Herb prices are too damn high."

You say, "Well, I hear you both. The same things we have talked about over the past 2 years. More hunting and stories for the most part."

You say, "I can say I am focused on both for next year."

Sorlu says, "I'm always a fan of a GM who likes stories."

You say, "Sounds like you're getting your fix from Mule Train though."

Sorlu exclaims, "There's never enough!"

Seok says, "Oh, please. There's no such thing as enough stories."

Sorlu says, "I like when there's energy and buzz around something. And even though Sorlu isn't based out of Zul, I'd definitely love to find ways to interact."

You ask, "What do you think of the Grand Banquet?"

You ask, "Is it a good fit for Zul/Dwarves?"

Sorlu says, "Oh I had an absolute blast there."

You exclaim, "Oh good!"

Sorlu says, "And from what I remember, it pulled in a pretty decent crowd too."

You say, "I love it. I think we had about 10 or so players mixed in with a couple of GMs."

You say, "At least at that last dinner event."

You say, "We did a decent amount of work for players."

Sorlu asks, "There's going to be another?"

You say, "That is the plan."

You say, "Next year is not set up yet so I don't have any confirmations."

You say, "Other towns want to do some of their own. We don't want to overlap or overcrowd or overwork everyone."

Sorlu says, "Yeah, I can imagine it's hard to get everything scheduled in without doing that."

You say, "Then there are CHE/MHO things, the paid events, the monthly merchants..."

Sorlu says, "There's a lot. But I guess that's much better than the alternative."

You say, "We have to be careful when we schedule so we don't take away from each other."

Sorlu asks, "Just curious. What is Rodvergs official title? Is it "Clan Leader"?"

You ask, "You guys have any pressing issues you need addressed?"

Seok asks, "I don't think so. What about you, Sorlu?"

Speaking to you, Sorlu says, "Nothing that I can really think of."

Sorlu jokes, "I don't have issues, I just create them."

You say, "Ok, if you do, or think of something, the Discord forums are the best way to get them in front of my eyes."

Sorlu says, "Well...that's also not entirely true."

You say, "Ok, lets call it then. I don't want to keep you guys and I'm heading out for deepdish with the wife."

Sorlu says, "That sounds good. I might be in contact soon there."

Sorlu exclaims, "Oh nice! Enjoy!"

Sorlu says, "And thanks for the talk today."

You say, "Yeah, I'm a forum fan."

Seok exclaims, "Have a great time!"

You exclaim, "Sure thing!"

You say, "Thanks guys."

Seok says, "And it was fantastic meeting here today."

You say, "A preview of my office."

You say, "It should be open for New Years but you get the sneak peek."