Announcement: August 2023 Duskruin HESS and Spin Night Info

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Category: Events
Subject: Duskruin HESS and Spin Night Info
Author: GS4-TIVVY
Date: 2023/08/09

Here is the information for HESS and Spin Night this run. All previously offered HESS services (unless announced as limited time offerings or retiring) remain available.

New HESS services:

Item Description Service Additional service notes Cost
a lump of pure coraesine ore Create a bladed weapon of pure coraesine 400,000
a polished maoral acorn Move X/day to Ranger Trinket Remove a 1x/day use from an existing enhancive for the same spell (i.e. character has a 1x/day 1205 item, and the enhancive bonus is removed from the item and the spell is set on the ranger trinket. If the item has more uses than 1x/day, then you simply decrease it accordingly (2x goes down to 1x)). 15,000
a miniature iron padlock Make a crumbly non-enhancive magic item not crumble 5,000
a faenor nugget Transmute enhancive armor accessory to a newly created piece of jewelry 25,000
a dog-eared leather primer Skill booster enhancive Creates a 1x/day enhancive effect item that grants +5 enhancive ranks of any skill for 10 minutes. Additional primers can be used to stack either the bonus (up to +20 total) or the uses per day. 100,000
a small chunk of pumice Remove a single spell from a rune tattoo 2,500
a twisted hawthorn branch Move a single spell from one rune tattoo to another rune tattoo 2,500
a miniature golden hourglass Convert mage empowerable to mage rechargable 25,000
a yellowed Ithzir paper Ithzir armor single unlock reconfiguration Change a single Ithzir armor unlock to a different tree 20,000
an ingot of ghezyte Transmute to Ghezyte** 100,000
a twig of surita Transmute to Surita** Runestaves only 450,000
a scrap of shadarl Transmute to Shadarl** Light leather to brigandine (AsG 5-12) only. 150,000
a scrap of aganjira Transmute to Aganjira** Robes (AsG 2) only. 250,000
an ingot of somnis Transmute to Somnis** Weapons only. 300,000
an ingot of vethinye Transmute to Vethinye** Weapons only. 450,000
an ingot of white alloy Transmute to White Alloy** Any armament, except runestaves, bows, or UCS gear (boots/gloves). 125,000
an ingot of adamantine Transmute to Adamantine** Any armament, except runestaves, bows, or UCS gear (boots/gloves). 75,000
an ingot of zelnorn Transmute to Zelnorn** Any armament, except runestaves, bows, or UCS gear (boots/gloves). Existing enchant bonus is split between the +AS/DS bonus. Anything in the special ability slot is lost. 100,000
an ingot of kroderine Transmute to Kroderine** Any armament, except runestaves, bows, or UCS gear (boots/gloves). Any special ability is replaced with dispel flares (3 for weapons and shields, 5 for armor) 50,000

** Allows transmutation to the material specified. The item must meet any restrictions the desired material has to be a valid target of the service. The end result is the new material at its highest tier. 25% surcharge for katanas and naginatas, 50% surcharge for claidhmores. These services are not permanent additions to HESS, but will be available for at least this run and February 2024's DR.

Spin Night Limited Offerings (Prime):

Item/Service Base Cost Attuned Cost Qty
a green rotflare debenture 400,000 300,000 5
a chunk of low steel ore 300,000 225,000 5
a simple sigil staff label 250,000 187,500 5
a fusion adding agreement 250,000 187,500 5
some orb-shaped fused links 500,000 375,000 5
a diminutive pangolin figurine 250,000 187,500 5
a vermeil echidna charm 250,000 187,500 5
a crude black ora effigy 250,000 187,500 5
a gilded scroll trinket 50,000 37,500 5
a sunburst-shaped bead 250,000 187,500 5
a rune-etched miniature imp 250,000 187,500 5

Other HESS related notes and announcements:

  • Lesser Moods - Retiring from HESS after this run
  • Morphing Armor Add - Retiring from HESS after this run
  • Morphing Armor Side Add - Retiring from HESS after this run
  • Any limited quantity items from February 2023's Spin Night that did not have any takers will be stocked in HESS when it opens.
  • Platinum and Shattered will have all HESS offerings (including those with limited quantities listed here as Spin Night offerings) at HESS's opening in Plat/Shattered which will be on Sunday, August 13 at 6 PM Eastern
  • Spin Night will be Friday, August 18th at 9PM Eastern



A listing of all the new HESS services plus information on Spin Night.