Announcement: Eonak Arms Update

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Category: Events
Subject: Eonak Arms Update
Author: GM Netz
Date: 02/09/2023

Ever wished you had a way to snatch up that uncut diamond laying on the ground when your hands are full? Could you use a little extra help when you are climbing up that cliff to hunt the legendary fire phoenix? Wouldn't it be nice if someone or something would just block an incoming attack every once in the while?

This Duskruin head over to the squat domed brick building along Bailey Park in Bloodriven Village to find the new shop Eonak Arms! The shop owner has combined a little gnomish ingenuity with a little sorcerous animate magic to produce super handy wearable limbs.

Worn on the shoulder or the belt, these limbs can be customized in different ways. Want to pick up a little more weight? Install a new cog. Want some help blocking attacks? Buy your arm a new frame. Need help climbing and swimming? A new claw will do it. Want to reduce the weight of items your limb carries? Pick up a counterweight. Each ability can be upgraded independently to suit your particular needs.

Stop by Eonak Arms to grab one for yourself! Who couldn't use an extra hand every now and then?

NEW FOR 5123: In addition to all the amazing abilities these wondrous arms have they are now able to utilize the STOW ability off the shelf. No upgrade needed!


Eonak Arms can now STOW!