Announcement: Icemule Trace Embellishment Contest

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Category: Prime
Subject: Icemule Trace Embellishment Contest
Author: GS4-Auchand
Date: 2024-01-15

Please enter your suggestions for Icemule Trace embellishments on the form. Embellishments should be suitable for use on cloth, wood, glass, metal, and leather items. Current ones include things like "a charging mule" and "a Tavern Burrow emblem" and will be connected to an item's 15/15/15 by phrases like "graced by" or "etched with", so they should be appropriately styled for that.

If you're curious about how they will look, please check out Sardarac in the cottage near East Gate.

Contest Form


IMT is holding an embellishment contest. Use the Contest Form to participate.