Announcement: Solhaven Zoo Reopens

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Category: Prime
Subject: Solhaven Zoo Reopens
Date: 2024-03-31

The Solindago Anox has reopened. There have been some adjustments to the payout to balance the rooms on a “flat map” with the goal of making it look like a crab, which is the zoo’s mascot.

Several foraged item props have been introduced as well.

A mural memorializing the late Lady Kasendra Malwind has been painted on the Aquarium walls, while the memorial sent to Vornavis by Lady Sayilla has been placed beside it.

The petting zoo is reopened.

The zoo shop has had some minor updates.

There is a place to buy postcards just inside the arch.

Lastly, a Souvenir Vendor has been added to the zoo. She will take foraged flowers and leaves that are provided by the customer and transform them into necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, pins, and trinkets.

Special thanks to...

  • GM Elysani for helping me create the foraged items.
  • GM Haliste for updating the souvenir script.
  • GM Casil for QCing the grounds.


Rearranged map, new items for sale, new things to explore