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10 January 2024

17 December 2023

  • curprev 09:5309:53, 17 December 2023GS4-THANDIWE talk contribs 1,953 bytes +1,953 Created page with "{{Announcement |category=General |subject=The Hive Released |author=GS4-THANDIWE |date=2023-12-17 }} Huske, the dwarven archivist, met with a crowd that had been summoned to Zul Logoth by the strange, alien presence that had been invading the minds of aelotoi across Elanith. Growing in power, the presence had begun broadening its reach into other humanoids' thoughts. They were met by a trio of aelotoi: Alyeano, Mertus, and the mage Zathrigaust. At the urging of the cro..."