Announcement: The Lion, the Artist, and the Mural - Rumors 2

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Category: Prime
Subject: The Lion, the Artist, and the Mural - Rumors 2
Date: 2024-02-09

Rumors abound in once more in Solhaven over the ruckus that took place in the streets of both Solhaven and Vornavis last night.

OOC Note: Until late on the 11th of February, Mabel and a few others might have some interesting things to say about the storyline. If you start with Mabel, she’ll be able to tell you who she thinks has information you might want to hear. Simply ask any NPC “about news” and you may be surprised at what they share. (There are 4 total new people to speak to and 3 others that have been updated -- this includes Mabel.)


Ask Mabel about NEWS to learn about the storyline.