Announcement: Veythorne Manor Gets an Update

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Category: General
Subject: Veythorne Manor Gets an Update
Date: 2024-01-08

The artisans of the Shining City have worked diligently alongside the groundskeepers of Veythorne Manor to release new souvenirs and seasonal botanicals!

Visitors and citizens of Ta'Illistim are invited to shop at The Souvenir Shop (u13119009) where the spectacled elven woman can craft your Veythorne collectibles AND foraged items into pieces of jewelry!

House Veythorne is committed to ensuring that the visual beauty of the Shining City is reflected throughout the Manor, and as such, will continue to bring new floral and fauna to the gardens themselves at the change of each season.

OOC Note: I'm merely the messenger of the update and I would like to thank GM Haliste for her coding magic, GM Thandiwe for her designs, and former GM Reidyn for all her hard work helping to make this a reality.

Happy Souvenir Making!

Edited to Add: The previously pluckable flowers at Veythorne Manor have been updated and are now foraged item props. Enjoy!


Veythorne Manor's souvenir shop has been updated with new designs and the ability to use foraged items in addition to the Manor-only collectibles.