Announcement: Yasrenila Compound Opens

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Category: General
Subject: Yasrenila Compound Opens in Ta'Vaalor
Author: GS4-CASIL
Date: 2024-04-14

The Greengair forest gnome compound of Yasrenila is officially open to the public. You can find the path on Neartofar Road (u14017007).


  • Shops:

*Bee-utimous, a forest gnome boutique (Elysani)
*Freshly Foraged, a vegetarian restaurant (Casil)
*Honeycomb Hodgepodge, a bee-themed shop (Casil/Elysani)
*Woodland Whimsy, a customizable wooden jewelry shop (Casil)

  • Excessive amounts of flora:

*Over 30 unique flowers, reskinned from character contributions during the rebuild
*Four vegetables and fruits compatible with various crafting systems
*Five herbs compatible with various crafting systems
*Assorted mushrooms and leaves compatible with various crafting systems

  • Imaeran shrine
  • Character-contributed garden art from: Akenna, Aoife, Elaejia, Kayse, Leatrix, Olenor, Missoni, Rivienne, Rohese, Uniana, Uske, and Vellani

Thank yous and acknowledgments: - all the characters who contributed garden decor to help flesh out the area - all the characters that participated in the rebuild events, which determined the final appearance of the compound - Shop QCers: Elysani, Isten, and Itzel - Aiza who had the hardest QC job of all, as she did the exteriors, which included all those elaborate props and the excessive amount of flowers - Thandiwe and Xynwen for NPC support during the storyline - Haliste, the forest gnome guru, for letting me run wild - Gyres--you know what you did


Go to Ta'Vaalor and visit the newly rebuilt forest gnome settlement of Yasrenila.