Announcement: Yshollis Raffles by Xynwen

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Category: Premium
Subject: Yshollis Announcement: Xynwen's Raffles
Author: GS4-Xynwen
Date: 2023-05-25

Below is all the info you need on the raffles I've set up for Yshollis. These should be out Friday when the event opens.

Forehead Gems:
Two raffles, 1 winner each. You must be logged into the game to win, but you can be AFK. If you are AFK when you win, I'll use the mail system to send it to you.

Prime & Plat: Sunday, 12:00 PM ET
Raffle Tickets Cost: 50,000 silvers
Raffle Location: [Iyo Glade, Clearing] (4410014) by the totem
Raffle Tables: "a lunar jasper raffle chest" and "a saewehna raffle shelf"

a polychromatic dragonfly saewehna etched with a firewheel blossom
Cut to highlight its deep greens and blues, the dragonfly saewehna has been incised with a tiny firewheel blossom set in a swirl of incarnadine and jacinthe at its center. Tiny script has been precisely etched along one teardrop-cut edge.

In the Common language, it reads:
Cah'tal's Tears

a teardrop of luminous azuline lunar jasper
Caught in a twisted wave of silver filigree, the teardrop-cut lunar jasper is a deep, luminous azuline with sinuous veins of greens. At its heart, the twisting pale greens coalesce into an iridescent seafoam green shooting star trailing shimmering gold flecks. Tiny writing has been neatly incised along the base of the teardrop.

In the Common language, it reads:
You are the true star I met.

A raffle for 20 winners in Prime and a raffle for 10 winners in Platinum have been set up. I will add spikes to an eligible item.

YOU MUST BE AWAKE! I will be performing the spike-adding immediately after the raffle pulls. If you aren't in the raffle room when it pulls, head there ASAP.

Prime: Sunday at 13:00 ET
Platinum: Sunday at 14:00 ET
Raffle Ticket Cost: 50,000 silvers
Location: [Iyo Glade, Clearing] (4410014) by the totem
Raffle Table: "a spiked haon raffle box"

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