Beyond the Arkati - 2011-05-18 - A Spark of Hope (log)

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This summary is from Beyond the Arkati on May 18, 2011 from the viewpoint of Geijon Khyree.


On Leyan (Wed.) on the 18th day of Ivastaen after meeting with Raokh of the Tehir as the Wehnimer's Defenders were planning for the oncoming troll onslaught in an undisclosed location the defenders and various other Wehnimer's forces saw the arrival of Mirtokh (Sp) the Tehir Hunter and his massive desert wolf.

Through translators he said he would set out on the trail of the kidnappers to see if any sign or surviving children could be found. A large group of concerned Wehnimerians accompanied him to the ravine near the colossus where we were set upon by troll wraiths, and light blue griffins. Once those were dispatched we were able to locate some of the missing children. The area was unsecure, but a dark elven militia scout arrived to take the children to safety.

During this it was apparent we were being trailed as griffins continued to fly overhead. Upon rescuing the children a bright red flash was seen streaking towards us and the Tehir hunter began to withdraw as our mission was accomplished. A monstrous red horned vathor then began it's pursuit until we stopped to engage it in the Lower Dragonsclaw near the Tehir tent.

Unfortunately we were not able to overcome it's natural defenses through phasing to bring it into the realm in time and many perished. Eventually the remaining defenders did bring it down. The dead were evacuated by Rogane, Cryslon, and Tebon to safe locations in Wehnimer's and Voln. Many of the dead remarked that it was a good death and worth the risk and losses to rescue the precious children of our city.

Upon recovery the defenders and some reinforcements from Solhaven convened at the Tehir tent to speak to Raokh. It was decided we should investigate the cocoons and forces were again dispatched to the Wehnimer's Exterior and inner walls where the cocoons exist. Cryheart and Aydan's main groups arrived first to the first hatching cocoon, some type of winged blood fiend that sprung from the cocoons and set upon the defenders. They have improved elemental blast and powerful sorcery through voids and other painful curses.

I arrived later with a third group and entered the town and on patrol near the Thrak's Inn when another fiend sprung out of it's own incubation. Zenton, Evia, and myself were quick to engage it, but Zenton fell immediately. I wounded it significantly and appeared to have it under control when it unleashed vile sorcery that drained the life from me and then it overcame by defenses. The other defense forces arrived upon my death and dispatched this fiend as well.

We recovered the fallen and continued to check on the cocoons until multiple fiends came forth in the Small Park. We were alerted by Gawyane the Paladin before he fell, his flamberge was cursed, but recovered by Rogane and after the battle safely returned. Reports of additional curses were reported, but we had been aware of those spells and clerics were able to prevent any potential loses.

All of the cocoons have not awakened. I speculated that dark sorcery must be at work if this is how the Summoners are able to bring forth their demon forces against us through the use of children, others contemplated what other source such as adults might create, but Kerl astutely commented that perhaps it is not the children being turned, but something within the cocoons feeding on them before awakening...

Maintain your resolve. More is coming, but a spark can light a fire, and we will need that against the Trolls headed our way.

By my hand,
Geijon Khyree


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