Briarmoon Cove 2020

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Briarmoon Cove 2020 Shop Listing
Instance Opening Date Closing Date
All Instances December 4 December 11


This event has been postponed.

Category: Gemstone IV Announcements
Topic: Important Announcements
Message #: 1917613
Date: 2020-03-20
Subject: State of Elanthia - March Update Hey everyone, I wanted to discuss our plans over the next handful of weeks and update you on some changes.

Briarmoon Cove is going to be postponed. It will still be running soon. Dates to be determined based on staffing availability. The reason for this is the event isn't in a state that exceeds the expectations I'd like for it. I don't want this event to feel rushed or lackluster. This is one of our big silver events this year, and I want to make sure it's thoroughly enjoyed.

Starting at roughly 3pm EDT today, we will be offering 15% more base experience for roughly the next 6 weeks. It's similar to the BOOST EXP daily login reward and does not stack with it.

Also starting today at roughly 3pm EDT, Fridays from March 20th to May 1st will be FEEDER FRENZY FRIDAYS. GM-created items, commonly referred to as box founds, will show up more in your boxes.

Saturdays and Sundays starting March 21st and lasting until May 3rd will be SATURDAY AND SUNDAY SMITHY SOJOURN. The WPS Mobile Smithy will be available in various locations, starting with Wehnimer's Landing. The price to enter the wagon is 100,000 silvers. There will be an assistant outside the wagon to offer you a quote before needing to go inside the wagon.

Starting March 27th at 9pm EDT, we will be offering Delirium Manor for silver. The prizes will be slightly different. More details on this to come.

We are also planning some visits from the Albatross, which will include DragonBones, Conquest Wheel (if we have enough interest), and other activities. We will also try to increase the number of merchant activity over the next handful of weeks. Be on the lookout for wandering and traveling merchants!

Some other things to look forward to is an exclusive GIFTBOX that will be coming soon. Unique and special gifts will be distributed in this manner for those who are with us during this time. More on this in the coming days.

We have some other announcements coming down the pipeline, which I will work on getting out that as soon as I can.

I want to thank you all for being a part of the GemStone IV community.

Services Schedule

Day Time Service Saturday 10:00 AM EST Bags of Erithi Gems
Saturday 10:30 AM EST Custom Swears
Saturday 11:00 AM EST Fully Unlocked and Customized Corset Gowns
Saturday 11:30 AM EST Fully Unlocked Pelt Bag and Pelt Bag Unlocks
Saturday 12:00 PM EST Nalea Gown and Forehead Gem Outfit
Saturday 1:00 PM EST Ithzir Unlocks (Spinner)
Saturday 2:00 PM EST Custom Perfumes and Shifting Vials
Saturday 3:00 PM EST Unlocking Baldrics, Eisenrucks, and Gem Pouches
Saturday 4:00 PM EST Siolan Weapons
Saturday 4:15 PM EST Enchanting, +1 per item (Spinner)
Saturday 5:30 PM EST Enchanting DB Items, +1 per item (Spinner)
Saturday 6:00 PM EST Impure and Pure Coraesine Weapons
Saturday 7:00 PM EST Extra Slots for Gold Ring Holders (Spinner)
Saturday 7:30 PM EST Glamour Gem Chisel
Saturday 8:00 PM EST Girl On Fire Gowns, Skillets
Saturday 8:30 PM EST Set of UAC Gear
Saturday 9:00 PM EST Master Instrument (Bard Only)
Saturday 9:30 PM EST Lockpick Repair
Saturday 10:00 PM EST IACL Outfit, Male
Saturday 10:30 PM EST IACL Outfit, Female
Saturday 11:00 PM EST Voln Armor Unlocks
Sunday 1:00 AM EST Unlocking Baldrics, Eisenrucks, and Gem Pouches
Sunday 11:00 AM EST Unlimited Nail Polish
Sunday 11:30 AM EST Shield Resizing
Sunday 12:00 PM EST Fusion Safepry and Orb Refurbishing
Sunday 12:30 PM EST Custom Spell Preps
Sunday 1:00 PM EST T3 Briar Flare Weapon
Sunday 1:30 PM EST T1 to T2 Briar Flare Upgrades
Sunday 2:00 PM EST T1 Briar Flare Weapons
Sunday 2:30 PM EST Terror Flares
Sunday 3:00 PM EST Unlocking Baldrics, Eisenrucks, and Gem Pouches
Sunday 4:00 PM EST Signature Verbs
Sunday 5:00 PM EST Zelnorn Bracer
Sunday 5:30 PM EST Yellow and Green Witch Talons
Sunday 6:00 PM EST Fully Customized Premium Home
Sunday 6:30 PM EST Fully Customized Player Shop Alteration
Sunday 7:00 PM EST Greater Chrism Unlock
Sunday 8:00 PM EST Heroism Rune Tattoo
Sunday 8:30 PM EST Unlimited Keg
Sunday 9:00 PM EST Fusion Safe Pry
Sunday 9:30 PM EST Self Control Rune Tattoo
Sunday 10:00 PM EST Mana Jewelry Unlocking
Sunday 11:00 PM EST Bane Weapon
Sunday 11:59 PM EST Adding Spikes


  • Icemule Trace - Icemule Temple, Foyer
  • River's Rest - River Road
  • Solhaven - Liabo Plaza
  • Ta'Illistim - Shimmarglin Var
  • Ta'Vaalor - Amaranth Court
  • Teras Isle (Kharam-Dzu) - Vaalin Street, Temple District
  • Wehnimer's Landing - Town Square, Southeast
  • Zul Logoth - Hall of Arches
  • Four Winds Isle - Oleander and Daisy