Burnished copper stand

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As of March 2018 this merchant is no longer present in Ta'Illistim. It is scheduled to reappear at the next Festival of Lumnea.

Burnished copper stand is a specialty shop in Ta'Illistim. It is located just outside Ta'Illistim Alchemy Supply and sells a selection of scripted jewelry.

[Ta'Illistim, BriarStone Court]
The chimney of a sturdy building on the east side of the court belches a mordant plume of smoke, tinging the air above it an acrid green. Judging from the deeply recessed windows and the inset door, the silvery blue walls of the building appear to be constructed out of a double layer of heavy granite blocks. A tarnished brass sign is set into the iron-banded blue thanot doors leading into the establishment. You also see a burnished copper stand stamped with a pattern of overlapping rings with some stuff on it.


On the stand you see:

some emerald stud earrings trailing burnished copper chains worn on both ears 5000
a round faenor disc choker inlaid with gold filigree leaves neck-worn
a pair of wing-shaped golden earrings suspending jet talons worn on both ears
a dual-headed golden wyvern torc inset with blazestar eyes neck-worn
a pair of lavender-washed cream pearl drop earrings worn on both ears
a silver-webbed necklace caught with lilac-toned pearls neck-worn
a pair of gold-spiraled peacock pearl drop earrings worn on both ears
a tri-tiered necklace of gilt-swept pale ivory feathers neck-worn
some shoulder-length black mithglin chandelier earrings worn on both ears
a leaf-framed pave black diamond rose choker neck-worn