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15 April 2024

  • curprev 12:3012:30, 15 April 2024TWILSON talk contribsm 9,860 bytes 0 Fixed a typo
  • curprev 12:2812:28, 15 April 2024TWILSON talk contribs 9,860 bytes +9,860 Created page with "<table><tr valign="top"><td><!-- Please see Help:Item scripts page for instructions on how to properly create and format an item page.--> The '''Constellation Lantern''' is used to project the constellations of Elanthia. Some show only constellations of one season, some can show all. {{TOC limit|2}} ==Analyze== <pre{{log2}}> You analyze the vert faenor lantern and sense that the creator has provided the following information: ******************** CONSTELLATI..."