Cross Into Shadows - 2013-12-21 - Exploding Orbs (log)

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This summary is from Cross Into Shadows on December 21st, 2013 from the viewpoint of Oritori, the Landing News Network reporter.



In a reverse Haik... Hmm, rather last evening saw the arrival of Prince Voregrek was heralded by a huge mob greeting him with both fanfare and feet that were sore from too much time standing in the streets. Fortunately for this reporter, I arrived on scene just as the Prince's vessel was being braced to the North Dock. A brief stroll through town brought everyone into the now dusty Office of the Mayor. The bloodhound seemed to be mere skin and bones. It was a night for revelations, and other chapters in an oft misquoted book.

Surprise, I digress.

Voregrek and Walkar shared their views on the recent spat of Krolvin attacks. The general consensus is that they are more organized, more tactical, and somehow "smarter" than the average run of the mill grunting Krolvin assault. I personally do not own a mill, but if I did, I'd probably let the Krovlins run it. I'm quite allergic to wheat.

Cages have been brought ashore into the beach and surrounding Greymist Woods. A mere rolton's jaunt from the very gates that protect Kharam Dzu, cages full of heavy equipment dropped off by marginally smarter Krolvin seem to give both Voregrek and Walkar pause for thought. After that eighth of a second passed interminally by, both of them agreed something should be done. Teras should not be allowed to become a staging ground and home for the Krolvion menace. It was at this point that a very thoughtful bard began playing extremely ominous music. It seemed to fit the dignitaries' mood. I personally found it, well dirgelike. And not the ones found in the graveyard, neither.

Walkar promised to send aid, although see in the next article what happened last time aid was offered. (Now where did that ominous music go?) More talk revealed that the militia the prince had hired to guard the isle seems to have melted off into the surrounding countryside. Rumor has it they were paid off by pockets deeper than the mining company's representative and head could afford. Note that last time militia were paid with deep pockets, the rooks ran amuck. And other dirty sounding words like running an ooze, or running through the mud. It was very dirty.

The meeting ended with a bang...quite literally.


Not to be outdone by trumpets and fanfare, the prince's visit ended on a particularly nasty turn. A huge fiery light shook the sky. How can a light shake? Ok maybe it can't. Although mystics often claim that in other realities reflective, mirrored balls raised above dance floors can hustle light away... Um, it was an explosion. Of epic proportion. It shook the ground. It shook the town. It shook it all down. I do not like shakedowns. I do not like them, Ori I am. Quick as a wink an expedition was formed. Out of the mayor's office the abounded in form. When out on the glacier there arose such a clatter. I awoke from my stupor to see what was the matter. Peering past the shutter much to my surprise what did I espy? A scorched and twisted wagon and eight tiny chests neigh. Within the chests of blackened hue, whatever should they have held? Perhaps glue? No, within each chest that Walkar so cursed, was the answer to Icemule's aid and thirst. Explosive orbs of sanguine hue, that would explode upon contact whether they hit me or you.

With a gasp and a shock of surprise, what was this I beheld before my eyes. Mayor Walkar in rare form eliciting a curse. I turned to my friend for I feared all the worst. What is this I hear spewing from the Mayor's lips? Perhaps we should head to Darkstone Bay, rent a skiff and fish. Away from the strife I shall while away, all the hours there are in each livelong day.

Despite all the clatter and hullaballoo, we learned the weapons were lost not turned into goo. Into supposed Rook hands they did fall. One day with a surprise to perhaps kill us all.

With the aid that Walkar promised to Teras, perhaps it is time to whine and harass. Beg of the mayor not lend unto aid, or we may once again rue of the day.


Without putting forth too much detail, Rinhale is asking tons of questions regarding the mayor's appetite for flesh. He is also asking of Deylan's shapeshifting abilities. Asking if Stephos is content with being married to a half-elf - although he used the slang, bah, I managed to scroll some of it down (bear in mind it's not necessarily in order).


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Rinhale says, "Should you do anything to jeopardize the integrity of my research, your local authorities will be informed."

Rinhale asks, "Now then, do you all know why I have come to Wehnimer's Landing?"

Speaking to Rinhale, you say, "I will not do a thing to jeopardize integrity. Just see to it that yours remains intact and there is nothing to be worried about. And yes, I know why."

Rinhale says, "There have been a number of reports of krolvin attacking imperial vessels, while going out of there way to avoid others."

Rinhale asks, "So Oritori, Edwina, what can you tell me of Mayor Walkar?"'

You say, "The speed wih which naval vessels travel and are outrun by Krolvin dictate whether or not they are attacked. That is my answer of who and what Mayor Walkar is."

Edwina says, "I don't think I have much information for you in that regard. I've not seen the Mayor lately, to be honest."

Rinhale asks, "Is it true he must eat flesh to survive?"

Speaking curiously to Rinhale, you say, "This IS an inquisition as to why Imperial ships are being attacked by Krolvin is it not? The mayor is not a sailor. So I am sure I must have misheard your question."
Edwina says, "So say the rumors. I hear people talking downstairs, you know."
Rinhale says, "I have reason to believe the krolvin are being funded and commanded from a source in this town."
Edwina chuckles.
Rinhale says, "Therefor I will begin with learning more of the leaders, and various townspeople if needed, to conduct my research."
Speaking to Rinhale, you ask, "Have you tried the bait shop and the Krolvin that runs it?"
Speaking to herself, Edwina asks, "Why is it always my town? WHY?"
Rinhale says, "You would do well not to question the motives of my work, and try harder to answer."
Rinhale nods.
Speaking to Edwina, you say, "We're popular."
Edwina takes a deep breath.
Anru softly says, "It's not alway this town. The krol are active in other areas, too."
You say, "I am answering. You just do not like my answers. The Mayor is a hard-pressed man. I am hardly in position to know what he does in his spare time."
Rinhale asks, "Of the town council, what can you tell me of them? Of Stephos, Deylan, Jenkins and Khylon?"
You say, "which would you like to know about first?
Anru says, "Words like that mean little in these parts, Inquisitor."
Rinhale says, "So it seems."
Rinhale nods at Anru.
Rinhale asks, "Have any of your town's leaders, the mayor or council, spoken ill of, or towards the Empire?"
Edwina rubs her chin thoughtfully.
Edwina says, "I hear complaints all the time. Can't say I know whose mouth they are coming from."
Edwina shrugs.
sJ>say ::Rinhal they have had nothing but stellar things to say about the Empire, Earl Jovery, and even of your inquisition. Stephos himself implored everyone to cooperate fully and to the utmost with your inquiry.
Rinhale asks, "Did he now, hmm?"
You ask, "So his wife's name is not Hathlyn?"
peaking to Rinhale, you ask, "Which would you like to know about first?"
Rinhale says, "Surprise me."
Speaking to Rinhale, Edwina says, "With all due respect, I generally stay in my corner of the shop, working tirelessly on fixing all those darned broken lockpicks. I'm lucky if I get out to see daylight once a week."
Rinhale smirks.
Rinhale says, "I see."
Rinhale nods at Edwina.
Rinhale whispers something into his black coral amulet.
Speaking to Rinhale, you say, "Deylan once managed to fend off a whole platoon of enemy soldiers by appearing as one of them in their midst."
Speaking to Edwina, Anru asks, "What of the giant wasps which keep turning up in your shop, among other places? Had a sight of them?"
Rinhale says, "I see."
Edwina asks, "Righto. He's that one that can change himself, right?"
Rinhale asks, "Is it true, Deylan is a shapechanger?"
Rinhale grins at Edwina.
Edwina says, "I heard that."
Edwina nods at Rinhale.
Rinhale whispers something into his black coral amulet.
Rinhale asks, "Do you know where Deylan hails from?"
Speaking to Rinhale, you say, "Word on the streets is that Stephos fled from where you hail to here because of persecution. Of course I know as an honest and forthright citizen of the empire, we need fear ZERO persecution from the likes of you."
Speaking to Rinhale, you say, "The fire sea."
Edwina says, "I've not seen it myself. At least not that I know of. Who knows for sure? I bet he's come into the shop numerous times and I just never knew it."
Rinhale says, "His wife is a hathlyn."
Speaking to Edwina, you say, "I THOUGHT you were getting flowers from somewhere. Could be Deylan."
Edwina glances at Rinhale.
Rinhale says, "Although, to her credit, being half human is as close to perfection as she will get."
Speaking to Rinhale, Edwina says, "She's like family here. She's welcome in my shop anytime."
Rinhale grins slowly.
You ask, "His wife's name is Hathlyn?"
Edwina smirks.
Anru laughs!
Rinhale glances at you.
Speaking to Edwina, you say, "That's Stephos' wife. I meant Deylan's."
Edwina leans over and whispers, "Hathlyn is, you know... a slang for only a half an elf."
Edwina leans back.
Edwina nods to you.
You quietly whisper to Edwina, "Ahh, I did not know that."
Edwina whispers, "Now you do."
Edwina nods to you.
You grin at Edwina.
Speaking to Rinhale, you say, "Why would the race of someone who is married to someone who used to live in the same area as you matter as to why imperial ships are too slow to outrun Krolvin slavers. I am rather confused...."
Edwina says, "See, I was confused, since you were just talking of Stephos and how he asked all to cooperate, and blahdee blah blah, and then you said somethin' about his wife, and so of course I thought you meant HIS wife. I can't keep up, apparently."
Rinhale says, "I seek to learn what I can of your leaders, and their motivations, and events surrounding them."
Rinhale says, "This is not a trial, but merely research."
Speaking to Edwina, you say, "Me either. Asking about the leaders in the town is not going to make the imperial navy ships any faster or safer. I can't keep up either."
Rinhale says, "It may very well branch to other citizens."
Speaking to Rinhale, Anru says, "If I may."
Edwina nods at Rinhale.
Rinhale says, "But of those with the potential to have the most power and influence to be suspect of what is occuring, it begins with the leadership first."
Rinhale nods at Anru.
Speaking to Rinhale, Anru says, "We elect our mayor. The council is selected by less transparent means. A sort of influence play that does not see light of day."
Edwina glances appraisingly around the room.
Speaking to Rinhale, you say, "Ahh, why did you not say so in the first place. I can talk all day. My leader is Lady Lumnis. She is the Arkati of Wisdom and also my Patron. She buoys me up with faith regardless of whether or not I have to deal with narcissistic psynchophants on a power trip or not. She is wonderous. As far as the local leadership go, they are rather nice, too."
Rinhale says, "I do not expect you to understand my methods Oritori, your operation is ages less advanced than my own work and accomplishments."
Anru says, "As you might expect, in a 'free' city, that is not always loved."
Rinhale nods at Anru.
Rinhale asks, "Are you familiar with the Brotherhood of Rooks?"
Edwina nods slowly.
Anru says, "And if your gained answers are frustrating, perhaps it reflects a certain frustration on the normal citizen's part."
Speaking to Rinhale, you say, "I would say Lumnis has been around longer, but that's just my faith speaking."
Rinhale grins at Anru.
Rinhale says, "Perhaps..."
You say, "I am familiar with the Rooks."
Rinhale asks, "Do you believe they are still active?"
Edwina ponders.
You say, "Drangell has stated he no longer leads them, and we all know he is a pillar of honesty and an upstanding citizen. So of course they are still active."
Edwina says, "Given some of the recent events, I would have to say that my supposition is that they are, but I have no proof. I've not had them beating down my door or anything."
Speaking concernedly to Edwina, you say, "And hopefully not demanding payment of late, either."
Edwina chuckles.
Speaking to you, Edwina says, "None of that."
You exclaim, "Good!"
Edwina waves her hand in a dismissive gesture.
Rinhale says, "Silence is rarely submission."
Rinhale says, "I have one for question for you Oritori and Edwina."
You say, "It is if you are gagged."
Edwina nods at Rinhale.
Rinhale says, "Most recently, your mayor made quite a passionate decree, banishing dark magic and blood rituals in the town."
Rinhale asks, "Has something occured recently, to raise such alarms and stir him to act?"
Speaking to Rinhale, you ask, "Do you want my speculation, or the facts as I was reported them?"
Rinhale says, "I will accept both, as it is ultimately my job to discern which is truth in the long run."
Edwina says, "Well, I don't know for sure, but I heard some customers talking about some people in town doing some kind of weird ritual thing and it caused some problems. Like I said, though, I know no specifics."
Rinhale nods at Edwina.
Rinhale whispers something into his black coral amulet.
Rinhale turns an inquisitive ear toward you.
Speaking to Rinhale, you say, "Sit back, this may take a few moments for me to speak it."
You say, "The recent spat of attacks by various winged and apparently bloody creatures seemed to have spurred on some of the local self-proclaimed blood witches to attempt to perform a blood magic ritual in the very mayor's office while the mayor was out defending the town."
Rinhale says, "I see."
Rinhale asks, "Have you names?"
Rinhale peers quizzically at you.
You say, "That is fact. The timing is speculation, whether the ritual drew the blood creatures or whether the ritual was done after the creatures arrived is speculation. The decree was to keep out such magics fr4om the confines of town."
Speaking to Rinhale, you say, "I am a reporter. I know all names. I share none."
Rinhale says, "Then your witholding of information is blocking critical research."
Speaking seriously to you, Edwina says, "I'd spill it if I were you."
Speaking to Rinhale, you say, "Won't be the first time. And I've been threatened before. I am sure you will do as you feel fit, whether or not Wehnimer's Landing falls outside the jurisdiction of the Empire or not."
Rinhale says, "I do not need to harm you, nor will I."
Rinhale says, "Your behavior is harmful enough to your crediability."
Rinhale asks, "I have no further questions for the two of you, should more arise, I will seek you out. But have you a final statement you wish to make to me?"
Rinhale furrows his brow.
Edwina ponders.
Speaking to Rinhale, you say, "What is my credibility to you? Nothing. As yours is to me. It has been a pleasure and I do hope you skew what you are looking for in your research."
Edwina shakes her head.
You smile at Rinhale.
Edwina glances at you.
Edwina glances at Rinhale.
You quietly whisper to Edwina, "Bail me out when he has me arrested!"
Edwina smirks at you!
Rinhale grins slowly.
Rinhale whispers something into his black coral amulet.
Edwina says, "I should get back to work. I hope you find what you're looking for."
Rinhale nods.
Rinhale says, "Please, stand."
Edwina nods.
Edwina stands up.
Rinhale grins slowly.
Edwina dusts herself off.

-Oritori Martinae, LNN