Cross Into Shadows - 2014-03-27 - Wehnimer's Landing Honor Celebration

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This summary is from Cross Into Shadows on March 27th, 2014 from the viewpoint of Geijon as the Landing celebrates



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Speaking deeply to a stout dwarven sentinel, Clunk says, "Nice claid."

>look at crate
Placed upon the stage is a long wooden crate. The crate's lid is open to reveal a pile of long knotted ropes. Written on the side of the crate are the words, "Ta'Mori Contingency Plan."

A stout dwarven sentinel says, "Hands off."

A stout dwarven sentinel laughs.

J>look sent
You see a fairly typical dwarven sentinel.
He appears to be in good shape.
He has an onyx-hilted heavy claidhmore, a heavy bearskin greatcloak (worn), some blackened plate armor (worn) and some steel-toed black leather boots (worn).

Fremie says, "I smell trouble."

Fremie nods.

Clunk shows a stout dwarven sentinel his mein handaxe.

Fremie snickers.

A stout dwarven sentinel says, "I smell a pirate."

Speaking deeply to a stout dwarven sentinel, Clunk says, "Not to worry."

Speaking deeply to a stout dwarven sentinel, Clunk says, "I gots my axe."

Speaking to a stout dwarven sentinel, Fremie asks, "Make ya thirsty?"

Fremie cackles!

You say, "Hope we've no need for weapons today."

You tap a long wooden crate on a small wooden stage.

Speaking to Fremie, Nuadjha says, "Perhaps so, but I think the militia can handle it. If not, I imagine we can."

You say, "I like this though. I wonder what's inside."

A stout dwarven sentinel says, "Ropes."

A stout dwarven sentinel chuckles.

Speaking deeply to a stout dwarven sentinel, Clunk asks, "What clan ye from, lad?"

A stout dwarven sentinel says, "Ragnak."

A stout dwarven sentinel says, "We came with request from the Marshal Khylon."

Bremerial says, "At least there's ale."

(Avantos, Fremie, and Nuadjha have an exchange on killing, dice, odds, and lightning clouds)

Clunk nods to the dwarven sentinel.

A stout dwarven sentinel says, "Friend o' the Mayor's."

Bremerial says, "That's always a good start."

Bremerial plops down to the ground in a sitting position.

Clunk nods to the dwarven sentinel.

You say, "Attracting a lot of people."

Nuadjha says, "There are a number of people who should be here, but who seem unable to attend."

Nuadjha says, "Hopefully they can come to their own ceremony."

Nuadjha flashes a quick grin.

Fremie says, "The fact I'm here is amazing, and troubling... since law abidin' folks weren' welcome an all."

Fremie says, "I'd hate ta be thought of as a law-abiding feller."

Fremie holds his hand out towards Seomanthe, palm upward and holding his other hand which is balled into a fist, inviting Seomanthe to roshambo.

Seomanthe laughs!

(Perivan, Cryheart, Seomanthe, Greganth and Evia arrive.)

You say, "Glad to see all of you make it."

Speaking raspily to Avantos, Riend says, "Good afternoon, dear."

Seomanthe asks, "An miss this?"

Nuadjha says, "Fair light of the afternoon, everyone."

Cryheart says, "Greetings all."

You tap a long wooden crate on a small wooden stage.

Nuadjha touches one hand to the ground and chants a respectful bird-like trill.

Karibeth arrives.

You hug Karibeth.

You say, "There she is."

Greganth tugs at the collar of his obsidian suede coat, ensuring its appearance. Afterwards, he drags his palm over his head in a moment of grooming. Vain much?

Greganth shifts his weight.

Seomanthe says, "Daresay the stage is to stand on."

Karibeth asks, "Who is? Me?"

Tacik asks, "Is that crate for people to stand on?"

Speaking to Tacik, Nuadjha says, "Only if they're going to be hanging right afterward."

Speaking to you, Karibeth says, "I'm trying to hide but Cryheart won't let me."

Greganth quietly says, "Someone should tell Demyse there is a box over here with his name on it."

You say, "That will simply make him show up."

Avantos nods to Vivaldi in greeting.

A few armored mercenaries move through the crowd, eyeing a few people while keeping their hands on the hilts of their blades.

Avantos says, "Farmer."

Greganth quietly says, "He is in Town Square."

Nuadjha glances around the area.

Vivaldi says, "Fellers 'n womens.."

Speaking to Riend, Shannivar says, "Those are lovely shoes, are they from Laphrael's spring collection? I know she put out a line of metal-toed shoes this season."

A stout dwarven sentinel raises her heavy claidhmore and lets loose a loud battle-cry!

Speaking sheepishly to Shannivar, Riend says, "Nay, they are of my own creation. But thank you, I take that as a high compliment."

Gillien exclaims, "Hello!"

Gillien says, "Very interested in hearin what's goin on."

Clunk deeply says, "The day duzznt dare rain on dwarfs."

Gillien says, "So many old people here you'd think it was an antique show."

A voice bellows from nearby, "The Wehnimer's Landing Honor Celebration will begin in 5 minutes outside of Moot Hall!"

Speaking surprisedly to Vivaldi, Shannivar asks, "Vivaldi! What are you doing in River's Rest?"

Speaking to Shannivar, Vivaldi says, "Lookin' fer fertilizer."

You say, "Cryheart, you look sharply dressed."

Tacik asks, "So what kinda stuff you old people givin away?"

Speaking to Tacik, Nuadjha says, "Advice. It's free."

Karibeth begins chuckling at Nuadjha!

You remove a polishing cloth from in your mithril mesh satchel.

You buff the surface of the platemail, removing scuffs and scratches gained in battle, and clearing away the blood and gore of fallen foes. The platemail gleams with a brilliant luster as the surface is polished to a mirror-like shine. The armor appears worthy of a formal occasion.

You say, "Best they'll get from me."

Seomanthe whispers to the group, "Holy gods, I never in all my life expected to know so many people."

Ana whispers to the group, "That's what happens when you are a PORCH PEOPLE."

Karibeth grins at Telsas.

Telsas quietly exclaims, "I made it!"

Riend whispers to the group, "I think meeting you folks has doubled my circle of friends."

Allanano says, "This would make for a pretty good assault force."

Seomanthe points at a large canvas banner hanging from the front of Moot Hall that reads, "Wehnimer's Landing Honor Celebration.".

Speaking to Cryheart, you say, "Perhaps we'll hear from Sir Detlev." (Knight from Mestanir)

A few armored mercenaries move through the crowd, eyeing a few people while keeping their hands on the hilts of their blades.

Yaldin says, "Why does this town deserve a lick of honor."

Yaldin says, "Ask me it should be burnt to the ground."

Perivan says, "Destroy the Landing. Innovative concept."

Greganth quietly says, "So last year though."

Fudbiddle yells, "I must be missing something...There's a party here in the Square East!"

From nearby, you hear Havothor yell, "Why do you think they get lost so often!"

Greganth quietly says, "Look thats an interesting sign on that crate, wonder what that means...."

(Nuadja uncovers Demyse from invisibility)

Nuadjha says, "Ah, look what I found."

Speaking to Nuadjha, Vivaldi says, "Trash, toss it back."

Speaking to Demyse, Nuadjha says, "That invisibility spell doesn't really work very well for you."

Speaking to Demyse, Shannivar says, "Why keep your hood pulled so low? Push it back and let everyone admire your injury."

Allanano says, "Think there's a rope in there with his name on it."

Havothor quietly exclaims, "It's a party!"

Barsimmon lets out a cheer!

Yaldin says, "Only in the landing would you have a parade for heroes and the mayor doesn't show up."

Archales says, "He's just fashionably late."

Archales says, "He better show."

Allanano says, "Beat me to it."

Beldin says, "Mayor probably is busy gettin his kickbacks at Helgas."

Yaldin yells, "Bring out the mayor!"

A stout dwarven sentinel says, "The ceremony will begin in a few moments. Once it does, please try to keep yer movements to a minimum."

Tacik says, "So what are they going to honor us with? I could use a nice sledge hammer for the next invasion."

You say, "Plenty of guards here to keep th' peace. All of you should relax and try not to create any unrest."

Evia exclaims, "Or else!"

Yaldin says, "Hang em high."

Yaldin says, "From the treehouse, he'll finally be the role model our children deserve."

A stout dwarven sentinel says, "So have some whiskey quick like."

A stout dwarven sentinel taps his claidhmore and scans the crowd, locking his eyes on Demyse. He snickers.

Yaldin yells, "Starting a simultaneous "Dethrone Walkar Parade" that will march right next to our heroes!"

Speaking helpfully to Shalaora, Shannivar suggests, "You ta'Moris might want to be a little less obvious with the antipathy towards the defenders."

Speaking to Nuadjha, Vivaldi says, "And fer a hangin'."

Vivaldi glances at Demyse.

Speaking to Vivaldi, Nuadjha says, "Hopefully."

Speaking to Demyse, Nuadjha asks, "Unless you plan to beg for mercy?"

Archales says, "I know I didn't see this many folks fighting vathors with me."

Speaking to Gillien, Bremerial says, "Missed ye in the crowd - ye made it."

Gillien says, "I did! I s'pose you talked me into it."

Yaldin yells, "Hang Walkar!"

A stout dwarven sentinel asks, "Hang our Mayor, really?"

A stout dwarven sentinel says, "Idjit."

A faint trail of red light rises into the daytime sky above the town of Wehnimer's Landing, vanishing from sight a heartbeat later.

A faint trail of yellow light rises into the daytime sky above the town of Wehnimer's Landing, vanishing from sight a heartbeat later.

A series of red points of light burst outward in the daytime sky in an expanding ring of brillant color, then the points burst, each sending a corkscrewing red flare earthward.

Streaks of sparkling yellow light shoot outward in the daytime sky then curve earthward, glittering as they slowly wink out.

A faint trail of emerald light rises into the daytime sky above the town of Wehnimer's Landing, vanishing from sight a heartbeat later.

Nuadjha blinks.

Maladrien says, "Oooh, pretty fireworks."

You applaud.

Aisalt gazes up into the heavens.

Nuadjha says, "Hm. Fireworks ... I think."

Riend looks up towards the sun.

A faint trail of ruby light rises into the daytime sky above the town of Wehnimer's Landing, vanishing from sight a heartbeat later.

A series of dull orange points of light burst outward in the daytime sky in an expanding ring. As they appear about to die out, one flares with brilliant ruby light, and then another next to it, and another, until the flares make the complete circuit of the ring.

A faint trail of blue light rises into the daytime sky above the town of Wehnimer's Landing, vanishing from sight a heartbeat later.
Ana rolls her eyes.

Speaking quietly to Seomanthe, Greganth says, "Fireworks, fancy affair."

Illiania says, "Ok the fireworks are reminding me of the meteors, maybe we should go inside."

A faint trail of aquamarine light rises into the daytime sky above the town of Wehnimer's Landing, vanishing from sight a heartbeat later.

A series of dull orange points of light burst outward in the daytime sky in an expanding ring. As they appear about to die out, one flares with brilliant aquamarine light, and then another next to it, and another, until the flares make the complete circuit of the ring.

Evia says, "Oooo."

Avantos says, "If we're going to cast meteors at moot hall, get the debt collector out here."

Yaldin says, "Burn it to the ground with Walkar inside."

A stout dwarven sentinel says, "Shut yer yep."

Mayor Walkar just arrived.

Cryheart turns towards Walkar and renders a sharp hand salute.

Cryheart says, "Greetings, Mayor Walkar."

Nuadjha nods to Walkar in greeting.

Speaking to Walkar, Nuadjha says, "Fair light, Walkar."

Dragauth nods to Walkar in greeting.

You turn towards Walkar and render a sharp hand salute.

Greganth nods to Walkar in greeting.

Walkar recites:

"Good afternoon Wehnimer's Landing!"

Gillien exclaims, "Afternoon!"

Beldin says, "Good afternoon and got some good watermelon here."

You see Mayor Walkar Wellington.
He appears to be a Human.
He is tall and appears to be mature. He has dark-ringed clover green eyes and tanned skin. He has a shaven head of strawberry blonde hair. He has a muscular face, a small nose and a trimmed strawberry blonde goatee.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a crystal amulet, a crisp dark green cloak, a vaalorn-edged dark rolaren aegis, a smooth grey leather satchel, a vaalorn-trimmed dark rolaren breastplate, a large fireworks sack, a wide dark green axe harness, a small grey bag, a gold-stringed ceremonial sack, a pair of black leather trousers, and a pair of steel-toed boots.

A stout dwarven sentinel exclaims, "Afternoon Mayor!"

Walkar says, "Quite a lot of you."

Some militiaman move around the Mayor as they all take to the stage.

Speaking to Walkar, Ana exclaims, "Here we are!"

Walkar recites:

"I see many friendly faces, a few unknown to me...and of course, some rats as well."

Bekke raises an eyebrow in Walkar's direction.

(Banter about Walkar signed up for this.)

Vivaldi exclaims, "Elect me, and we'll have us'n a hangin' party to celebrate!"

You say, "I prefer hangings to proceed after trials, not preceed them."

Avantos says, "Oh please, Farmer as mayor, and the Hoe as chief of errr, staff. Well, that's what he says he does with it."

Demyse corrects, "Vipers."

Vivaldi snickers.

Greganth quietly says, "No he had it right."

Speaking to Walkar, Nuadjha says, "Perhaps he's here to beg for pardon. I have no other idea why he's attending this ceremony, unless he's making the hanging easier."

Walkar recites:

"I invited the Baron of Mestanir, but him and Sir Detlev have declined because they are knee deep in repairing their own town."

Nuadjha says, "Best of luck to them with that."

Cryheart nods to Walkar.

Walkar nods.

Vrictor squeakily exclaims, "Sounds like they didn' wanna witness the boring speeches!"

Walkar recites:

"Yet you do apparently."

Walkar chuckles.

Vrictor chuckles.

Speaking quietly to Vrictor, Nuadjha says, "He's not an easy-going mayor, as a word of warning."

Yaldin says, "The only thing I want to witness is the swearing in of a new mayor."

Speaking to Yaldin, you say, "You had your chance to vote, now respect th' cities elected Mayor, regardless of your personal thoughts."

Walkar recites:

"Foremost I want to thank you all for making it out this afternoon. It encourages me to see all of you, and to know that while my temper is often too much at times, I have not lost your support."

Walkar recites:

"Let me start by saying that I am very proud of the efforts of our city, from the readiness of our militia, to the dedication of our citizens. Many of you even hold citizenship elsewhere, yet when danger has threatened Wehnimer's Landing, you answered the call as our allies and most importantly, our friends."

Speaking to Walkar, Soullslayur says, "Its understandable you go beserk at times."

Speaking to Walkar, Nuadjha asks, "You're doing a lot better than the last mayor. ... is his body still in the closet in the Hall?"

You say, "You have stayed alive a lot longer than our other Mayors."

Vivaldi says, "Better bribes."

Vivaldi nods sagely to you.

Walkar recites:

"It is no secret that these summoners, who we know to be called the Arcane Eyes, have more than declared us their enemies after many of us so valiantly defended Mirayam from their clutches. Originally we believed the poor girl Mirayam to be a lost soul, absent of her long term memories and just seeking a new home along her path to remembering her life. "

Walkar recites:

"When the summoners and their minions showed up demanding we hand her over, we scoffed in the face of evil and in the end, in no small part because of Mirayam's final sacrifice, we prevailed. While some leaders and even some citizens called us fools for protecting her, we were wise to not bow to the demands of enemies, and even wiser to protect the innocent. "

Walkar recites:

"I am not a very interesting man, but my own past holds a similar trait. I once marched with the Jantalarian army as the mad Baron Hochstib tried to take over this town years ago. I've made no secret of any of this. I was wounded and left to die, when your merciful citizens nursed me to health. Now I serve as your Mayor, and I do so proudly."

(Crowd applauds.)

Walkar recites:

"This is the spirit of Wehnimer's Landing. We are at the edge of civilization, just barely beyond the grasp of the empire of man, which has its own share of conflicts and decadence. The frontier is harsh, yet our people are not. We are a forgiving people, who recognize all of our pasts may be full of mistakes and regrets, but it is our actions now and going forward that reveal true character and growth. "

Walkar recites:

"I have seen the darkness of men, and it marches time and again against our town in the form of undead, golems or even demons. Yet look around you. I see none of them now. Our presence here, our gathering alone, is testament to our strength and our perseverance. "

Walkar recites:

"These summoners, members of the Arcane Eyes, have made their presence known even beyond our town. They've plagued Ta'Illistim, River's Rest, even Mestanir. Yet again we still stand while they lurk in the shadows. The darkness will not hide them forever. "

Fremie exclaims, "We'll hunt em down!"

Speaking to Fremie, Vivaldi says, "Don't need to look far as ta where to start."

Walkar recites:

"We've defeated their undead, their hired bandits, even their magical plague. We've killed all those who led each charge, Albright, Raznel and now a woman claiming the name of Odilia. How many more will they sacrifice against us in their senseless conquest? "

Walkar recites:

"It matters not."

Walkar recites:

"Because we are not going anywhere and we are not bowing to anyone. We are free of the distant ruler ship of complacent barons and not burdened with the affairs of haughty elven royalty. That is the home we have carved out and that is the home we will continue to defend."

Walkar grins smugly.

Walkar recites:

"So today I want to honor those who have defended the spirit and the strength of Wehnimer's Landing."

A stout dwarven sentinel claps.

(Crowd applauds.)

Walkar recites:

"There are many people who in fact have fought as golems battered our walls, or demons tore paths of destruction through our streets. I am appreciative of my friend, the Marshal Khylon who spearheaded my rescue, as well as Lord Grishom Stone for so generously providing more powerful arms to the Mestanir knights to battle demons. "

Ana takes a bite of her juicy watermelon.

Walkar recites:

"A countless number of you even risked your lives while rescuing me from Mestanir. I am eternally grateful for every one's commitment during these trying times, but there are a handful of individuals I wish to honor personally."

Tacik asks, "Where is this grisum now?"

A stout dwarven sentinel says, "Taking a bath."

A stout dwarven sentinel chuckles.

Karibeth laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

A stout dwarven sentinel says, "in blood."

A stout dwarven sentinel chuckles.

Riend blinks at a stout dwarven sentinel.

A long-haired black cat says, "Quite the comedian."

Renaden deeply says, "Says the talking cat."

Vivaldi says, "Bath in bacon'd be better."

Speaking to Walkar, Nuadjha says, "At least you hired the effective ones."

Walkar recites:

"Such an honor is never meant to belittle the accomplishments of the many, but instead to celebrate that such battles against evil have led to triumph. These people have worked tirelessly to oppose our enemies at every turn, be it on a field of battle, or within our very walls when a cloud of mistrust and insidious deeds has descended upon our town. "

Walkar recites:

"They fight not only for our cause with steel, but with their hearts and minds. On numerous occasions I have found their counsel informative and rewarding when I doubted my own political allies around me. Time and again they have proven that their passion lies in the protection of Wehnimer's Landing and its people and that no other motivation exists beyond that. "

Allanano says, "Whoever took the most Vathor axes to the head, step up..."

Walkar recites:

"They have helped to rally our defenses and recruit those who would fight for our future. They have never given up when at many times dark hours approached, but we saw it through. I count them all as heroes and consider them friends. "

Walkar clears his throat.

Walkar steps up closer to the front of the stage.

Walkar recites:

"I know they are not all present today, but I will bestow the honor upon each one when next we meet. I wish to announce that Greganth, Seomanthe, Fremie, Cyrroc, Karibeth, Soullslayur, Allanano, Svardin and Riend are from this day forward declared as Defenders of Wehnimer's Landing!"

(Crowd applauds.)

Seomanthe ducks her head.

Beldin is admiring Karibeth.

Karibeth blushes and babbles a few incoherent words, looking sincerely flustered.

Allanano says, "So it was axes to the head."

Havothor praises Soullslayur.

Ana exclaims, "Well deserved!"

Beldin asks, "Does the honor come with a suitable stipend?"

Clunk applauds Greganth.

Fremie's jaw drops.

Telsas whispers to the group, "You are all well deserving of it too!"

Walkar recites:

"There are two others I wish to honor as well. "

Walkar recites:

"While their loyalties lie with the Empire and their Order, I would like to call recognition to Sir Cryheart and Sir Tebon. I have commissioned two gifts for them and will go one step further and ask them to be my personal advisors, if they should accept. While such a reward will not give them authority over policy or the militia, it will give them my ear in affairs I may wish a different perspective on. "

Bremerial turns to Cryheart and cheers!

(Cheers and applause for Cryheart.)

Walkar just opened a gold-stringed ceremonial sack.

Walkar removes a gold-threaded deep blue suede cloth from in his ceremonial sack.

Walkar says, "It appears Tebon could not make it."

Walkar nods.

Walkar says, "I will seek him out later."

Kilthal softly says, "Ye likely can find him at the North Gate when the time comes."

Walkar offers Cryheart a gold-threaded deep blue suede cloth.

Fremie asks, "Do I get free food at the militia barracks now?"

Cryheart accepts Walkar's deep blue suede cloth.

Cryheart bows to Walkar.

Speaking darkly to Cryheart, Dragauth says, "Congradulations Sir Cryheart you all did well if you need us to come back and help defend the landing the Dreadnaught Alliance will always be willing."

Walkar recites:

"That being said, I intend to make one more announcement. "

Walkar recites:

"These red-robbed summoners, the Arcane Eyes, they do not operate alone. In fact, many times they have found dark allies within our own walls. There has been mixed messages from our leaders in the past regarding their banishment or punishment. But now I speak with a unified council behind me, and I commend Councilman Slim for his understanding."

Vivaldi asks, "Hangin' time?"

Walkar recites:

"I now declare Demyse, Maetriks, Anru and Shalaora banished in full from our town, and forever labeled Outlaws of Wehnimer's Landing! The summoners will find no allies here, and if anyone is caught associated with our enemies, be it the summoners or those banished today, then they will face a fate far worse. "

Fremie cringes.

Ana exclaims, "Bout time!"

Havothor quietly asks, "Starting now?"

Suddenly, a large group of cudgel-waving townsmen come barreling in. They wrestle Demyse to the ground and drag him off, chanting something about a hanging

Suddenly, a large group of cudgel-waving townsmen come barreling in. They wrestle Anru to the ground and drag him off, chanting something about a hanging!

Suddenly, a large group of cudgel-waving townsmen come barreling in. They wrestle Shalaora to the ground and drag her off, chanting something about a hanging!

Renaden deeply says, "Oooh."

Bekke frowns.

Speaking plaintively to Kilthal, Shannivar asks, "Does this mean they're going to start skulking around Haven?"

Speaking softly to Shannivar, Kilthal says, "We shall see."

Walkar recites:

"I thank you all again for being here this afternoon, and you all have my eternal gratitude for your efforts against our enemies and in the protection of Wehnimer's Landing. May your lives be full."

Walkar bows.

Deltran says, "Now thats entertaining."

* Demyse just bit the dust!

* Anru just bit the dust!

Karibeth says, "We're missing it."

Seomanthe glances west.

* Shalaora just bit the dust!

Walkar recites:

"There are many of you who have recently risen to our defense, not only our warriors, but our healers and priests."

Veni announces, "They are dead."

Speaking darkly to Walkar, Dragauth says, "Whenever you need us to come help protect you town the Dreadnaught Alliance will come have a good day Mayor."

Walkar recites:

"No speech will do your dedication and sacrifice justice."

Walkar bows to Dragauth.

Walkar says, "I am grateful for the blades of the Dreadnaught Alliance."

Speaking to Walkar, Bremerial says, "I do not have the patience for speeches normally but yours was rousing indeed - worth the hearing."

Walkar says, "Our town owes a debt of gratitude to the Silver Gryphons, the Drakes Vanguard, and many paladins of Onoir."

Walkar bows to Bremerial.

Walkar says, "Thank you, I appreciate it."

Walkar walks off the stage and into the crowd.

Walkar says, "I hate formal events."

Walkar chuckles.

You wave to Metadi.

You say, "You made it."

Speaking to Walkar, Skell says, "Well done, good sir."

Speaking quietly to Walkar, Greganth says, "Thank you for the Honor Mayor."

Walkar says, "Thank you all for your continued support, of me and of our people and this town."

Walkar says, "The council approved such honor for a handful of folks who have greatly aided us from the beginning of this conflict. Now that the conflict has grown larger, I have no doubt they'll be more ceremonies in the future."

Speaking to Walkar, you say, "Well chosen, Walkar. You honored th' foundation of our defense. Now that it's grown we are much more prepared and on equal footing with th' Summoners as of late. They have had a difficult time getting too far ahead of us as they once did."

Walkar says, "Let us hope not too many. And that it'll be a funeral for summoners instead."

Walkar nods to you.

Walkar says, "Yes, we stop them at every turn."

Cryheart says, "I may add Mayor Walkar, at one point, the Order of the Azure Sun also assisted in fighting in Mestanir."

Walkar says, "I wish to commission some kind of plaque for our defender groups."

Walkar says, "So I'll make sure they are added."

Aydan says, "We did so because the Empire defends its own."

Walkar says, "I had hoped to take the fight to them in Mestanir."

Walkar sighs.

Walkar says, "I had hoped to take the fight to them in Mestanir."

Walkar sighs.

Beldin says, "Well if you serve such good watermelon I will attend your honoring ceremonies again for sure."

Walkar begins chuckling at Beldin!

Walkar says, "Well, there's much work to be done still. My desk is going to break from the weight I'm sure."

Walkar says, "Thank you all again for attending."

Walkar pours himself a shot of well aged whiskey.

Speaking to Walkar, Bremerial says, "Have a good afternoon Mayor - may the knives of your political opponents always be dull."

Walkar recites:

"For Wehnimer's Landing!"

Ichiko nods.

Bremerial turns towards Walkar and renders a sharp salute with her cold golden ale.

Soullslayur bows to Walkar.

Walkar renders a sharp salute with his well aged whiskey.

Maladrien lets out a cheer!

Ana lets out a cheer!

Seomanthe pours herself a stein of cold golden ale.

Greganth lets out a cheer!

Speaking to Walkar, Karibeth says, "Thank you, Mayor Walkar."

Bremerial grins.

Skell turns to Walkar and cheers!

Gillien lets out a cheer!

Walkar raises his well aged whiskey in a toast!

Walkar takes a drink from his well aged whiskey.
Lines of worry smooth, and he visibly relaxes.
Walkar looks rather relaxed.

Speaking to Walkar, you say, "Mestanir will serve to backfire against them. Much of their demonic forces were dealt with over time as we created strategies to engage them. Once we knew their attacks were always a cover we had more eyes looking than just forward."

Walkar nods to you.

Walkar says, "I have no doubt they suffered greatly from the last conflict."

Walkar says, "Now we just need to finish the job."

Cryheart says, "Please send a scroll to the barony of Mestanir..that we wish them well."

Walkar says, "I will indeed."

Yaldin says, "To the destruction of the landing."

Walkar glances at Yaldin.

Suddenly, a large group of cudgel-waving townsmen come barreling in. They wrestle Yaldin to the ground and drag him off, chanting something about tar and feathers!

Walkar says, "I can only listen to him for so long."

Speaking to Walkar, Maladrien says, "I'm surprised you lasted that long, shows great patience."

Walkar grins.

Walkar bows to Maladrien.

Walkar says, "Thank you."

Aydan says, "Probably gave him the attention that he wanted, but tar and feathering sticks with you for a while."

Walkar says, "I fully intend to survive the previous mayors by another 60 years."

Walkar chuckles.

The guards begin to walk off.

Walkar waves.

Walkar exclaims, "Safe travels to you all!"

Mayor Walkar just entered the Moot Hall.