Cross Into Shadows - 2015-01-09 - Denouement / Finale Part 4 (log)

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This is from the perspective of Geijon and is the final reactions of the next morning of January 10th, after the assault into the Shadow Realm began the night before on January 9th, 2015.



The air bends and shimmers, odd sounds popping and humming in the distance. Colors bleed away all around you and you feel a brief, but powerful sense of vertigo as your surroundings shift.


Kupaka fades into view, appearing very disoriented.
Drektor fades into view, appearing very disoriented.
Neovik fades into view, appearing very disoriented.
Svardin fades into view, appearing very disoriented.
Zarston fades into view, appearing very disoriented.
Tolwynn fades into view, appearing very disoriented.
Taverkin fades into view, appearing very disoriented.
Praytus fades into view, appearing very disoriented.
Chamorr fades into view, appearing very disoriented.
Gweneivia fades into view, appearing very disoriented.
Myasarie fades into view, appearing very disoriented.
Altheorn fades into view, appearing very disoriented.
Fealoke fades into view, appearing very disoriented.
Hoy fades into view, appearing very disoriented.
Turinrond fades into view, appearing very disoriented.
Ridic fades into view, appearing very disoriented.
Neathon fades into view, appearing very disoriented.
Ryjex fades into view, appearing very disoriented.
Phever fades into view, appearing very disoriented.

Evia gazes up into the heavens.

Rtune lets out a cheer!

Jeg raspily says, "We beat up the shadow guy thingie."

Rozy wobbles, looking a bit faint.

Nysina sways back and forth.

You let out a cheer!

Morgahan acts puzzled.

[Wehnimer's, East Jetty]
This windswept jetty, built of granite and basalt boulders, shelters the beach here from the river currents made more insistent by the pounding surf of Darkstone Bay. A corroded bronze gate stands high across the path, blocking further travel. You also see a tiny red-eyed hedgehog, the Neovik disk, the Kupaka disk, the Svardin disk, the Geijon disk, the black Taverkin disk, a sulky luck spirit that is flying around, the Praytus disk, a shrinking will-o-wisp spirit that is flying around, a bereaved mountain spirit that is flying around, a mischievous will-o-wisp spirit that is flying around, the Rolfard disk, a tiny white pearl, a grizzled dusky curhound, a hook-nosed lightning wyrdling, the Myharl disk, the Drandar disk, a sprightly will-o-wisp spirit that is flying around, a shadowy black spike, a shadowy black javelin, a forest wolf, a black-tipped twilight grey wolf, a billowing misty grey scorpion, a striking white peregrine raptor that is flying around, the Yangh disk, the Archales disk, the Dergoatean disk, a gold-flecked grey brushwood wolf, the Yinh disk, the Durakar disk, a mischievous solar spirit that is flying around, the Svantai disk and a weathered wooden trunk.
Also here: Phever, Lord Ryjex, Neathon, Ridic, High Lord Turinrond, Hoy, Fealoke, Altheorn, Myasarie, Gweneivia, Lord Chamorr, Lord Praytus, Taverkin, Lord Tolwynn, Zarston, High Lord Svardin, Neovik, Drektor, Master Kupaka, Grand Lady Traiva, Nysina, Daiyon, Leslieanna, Riend, Olgretien, Magister Raelee, Rozy, Scroll Keeper Daenalan, Lord Hoodtralfeck, Lady Maiehia, Bekke, Kiske, Selema, Kethissil, Rolfard, Rtune, Sir Cryheart, High Lord Drandar, Maags, Bremerial, Grand Lord Myharl, Aurach, Goldstr, Sir Bristenn, Clunk, Elbromo, Kerl, Saelwen, Issawep, Malikh, Ephya, Aiska, Katiesa, Great Lady Regwen, Lord Demyse, High Lady Mystiq, Lord Nottinghamm, Lady Tykeara, Hadya, Great Lady Ichiko, Ulani, Frebble, Drambik, Lady Sareja, Grand Lord Masrath, Laelithonel, Nektarius, Lord Zazulu, Anru, Lord Ondreian, Lady Lylia, Kembal, High Lord Falvicar, Puptilian, Durakar, Vault Guardian Fyrentennimar, Svantai, Goldtree, Roswiec, Ta'la'hai Azimar, Yangh, Semiera, Meril, Jeg, Radeek, Fyonn, Sepher, Archsenex, Bellaja, Sareyna, Xanith, Morgahan, Grand Lord Raincail, Yinh, Cruxophim, Sarvia, High Lady Evia, Lord Balantine, Jaqen, Alasatia, Hapenlok, Stormyrain, Archales, Arnylon, Anyauma, Brakian, Lady Aeavenne, Roblar, Dergoatean, Czeska
Obvious paths: south

Cryheart turns towards Nysina and renders a sharp hand salute.

Jeg raspily says, "That was it."

Saelwen frets.

A barn owl flies in.

Rozy exclaims, "Wins!"

Radeek gazes lovingly at Phever.

Maags takes a moment to observe Nysina.

Regwen places a hand over her heart.

Taverkin flings himself against Rtune, bounces off of him, and giggles madly!

Aiska's face lights up with joy for Raelee.

Svardin says, "Woo hoo."

Daenalan softly says, "Home."

You hug Evia, who wraps you in a warm embrace.

Rowmi [Local]: "What about the team to attempt Madelyne and Cross? News?"

Rtune raises his lightning wyrdling skyward!

Praytus softly says, "I cant believe I survived through all that."

You focus on projecting your thoughts...
You [Local]: "We live!"

Raelee [Local]: "They are... undone."

A heavy snow falls, sculpting everything into round white curves.

Riend [Local]: "We are returned to the Jetty."

The lightning wyrdling in Rtune's hand jumps down to the ground, landing softly at his feet.

Masrath says, "If Cross is dead, so should our blood oaths."

Riend's face lights up with joy for Aiska.

Rozy [Local]: "Them gotted splatified."

Raelee [Local]: "... has there been any sign of the Grand Magister?"

Svardin says, "Cross and Madelyn are dead as is the shadow."

Drambik gestures while calling upon the lesser spirits for aid...

Speaking cheerfully to Aiska, Riend says, "We did it... we actually... did it."

Fyonn asks, "Did we see Althedeus fall, at last?"

Kiske asks, "So Cross is dead?"

Olgretien deeply asks, "Wut happind beyond de veil?"

Bristenn grits his teeth and slowly pulls a wooden arrow from his chest.

Riend laughs with delight, her eyes full of merriment.

Lylia gently rests her hand on Aeavenne's shoulder.

Nysina carefully secures her bow to her harness.

Puptilian says, "So the golem is destroyed."

You say, "Cross was consumed."

Rowmi [Local]: "Madelyne killed Cross? What of Madelyne? What of Althedeus?"

Kaedra says, "Well, the town is still standing so defenders did our part."

Jeril says, "Damn right we did."

Speaking suspiciously to Nysina, Cruxophim notes, "You survived."

Maiehia [Local]: "Madelyne was destroyed."

Kiske says, "We haven't seen much of Walkar...aside from some flashes whil he jumped on airships and flashed around."

Clunk deeply asks, "Ye all got Althedeus?"

Drandar says, "Aye. applause to the defenders of Wehnimer's."

Raelee [Local]: "The golem is destroyed. The fate of Madelyne's spirit and consciousness is... not clear at this juncture."

Speaking to Clunk, Tykeara says, "We don't know."

Riend [Local]: "We do not know what happened to Madelyne. Her spirit was pulled away from the golem."

A voice in the crowd says, "I was there...I think the Blade was resigned...because she failed to take you first."

Aiska just nudged Bristenn.

Aiska grins like an idiot.

Speaking quietly to Aiska, Riend says, "Is he..."

Rowmi [Local]: "Aralyte said that?"

You say, "We have won."

Svardin says, "A victory but with great cost. Remember the sacrifices made and the struggles endured. You all fought very bravely."

Rozy [Local]: "Madelyne killed Cross, and Althedeus was happy her did its. Then Aralyte seemeded to makes trouble for Althedeus, but we kepts saying words her said, and shadow not have powers. Madelyne went poofs."

Rtune says, "She did not come thru the tear."

Goldtree quietly says, "Yes..she dispaired that she couldn't bring us home..but then she was able to."

Aeavenne bitterly murmurs, "We left her there."

Durakar says, "If any part of him remained, it is probably a small one that will take ages to regain strength."

Demyse quietly says, "Where's the Purple Mage."

Dergoatean [Local]: "Shadow did, in fact, go poofs. That much was clear."

(Bristenn takes a hold of Riend by the arm and swings her in, pulling her into an armored embrace. And, without further ado, he kisses Riend like he means it. Deffo means it.)

Speaking to you, Nysina says, "It appears so."

You hear a skillful imitation of the hoot of an owl come from Cryheart.

Speaking squeakily to Demyse, Taverkin says, "Oh, you means that other purple mage."

Cruxophim turns to Bristenn and cheers!

Riend blinks at Bristenn.

Aiska applauds.

Fiery debris continues to rain down over Darkstone Bay, the last remnants of the elven airships.

Kiske [Local]: "Cross really died..and didn't get up again?"

Turinrond [Local]: "Yes. Madelyne killed him."

You focus on projecting your thoughts...
You [Local]: "Cross is dead. He was consumed like Barnom."
Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

Rowmi [Local]: "What of Althedeus? What happened?"

Fyonn [Local]: "Even though I was there, I am not certain."

You focus on projecting your thoughts...
You [Local]: "Aralyte stopped him and without anything to grasp onto he seemed to dissipate as well."

Riend [Local]: "We cannot be completely sure, but his attempt to inhabit the golem has been thwarted."

Rozy [Local]: "Skulked back to where him better accepteds?"

Cruxophim [Local]: "Ripped asunder."

Billowing gusts of heavy snow buffet your face.

Durakar [Global]: "His essence was split apart at the least."

Lylia [Local]: "I do not know if creatures of that valence die as we know death. "Undone," that was Aralyte's word."

Dergoatean [Local]: "Undone. We saw four tendrils of shadow split apart and then dissipate."

A flash of crimson light is seen in the distance, more dull, more dim.

Balantine quietly says, "With Cross gone, Walkar's armor may nae keep him alive."

A passing goodman suddenly points a finger at Tayre. "Hey! I recognize you! You're the banned outlaw, Tayre. Someone call for the law, quickly!"

Dergoatean [Local]: "Before he succumbed to be the abomination, he spoke of looking forward to the respite of death."

Nysina whispers to the group, "Irony would dictate that now that mine is the only black veniom airship in town again, I'll get shot down on my way out."

You say firmly, “This war is over.”

Speaking demurely to herself, Riend murmurs, "Oh my..."

Goldtree nods to you.

Svantai gives Goldtree a lingering kiss on the wrist.

Rtune says, "Some things never changes."

Raelee whispers to the group, "... perhaps it would behoove you to not

Rowmi patiently asks, "So can one person please recall what happened tonight?"

Speaking to Rowmi, Stormyrain says, "We won."

Nysina whispers to the group, "Prudent advice. I think I'll take it."

You and Cruxophim pound your fists in your open palms three times...

You make the symbol for scissors!
Cruxophim makes the symbol for paper!
...You win!

Altheorn leans against a corroded bronze gate.

(Wizard portal from Juramis – He doesn’t seem to show up right.)

Puptilian says, "Juramis."

Rtune asks, "Did we?"

Dergoatean says, "No one person knows all that happened this evening."

Speaking fondly to Bristenn, Riend mentions, "I am rather glad you are safe as well."

Speaking to Cruxophim, you say, "I'm unstoppable tonight."

Juramis pets a huge orange cat, which nuzzles his hand softly.

Riend blushes a bright pink to the tips of her ears.

Speaking firmly to you, Cruxophim says, "There. NOW it's over."

Juramis nods to Puptilian in greeting.

You grin at Cruxophim.

Cruxophim nods sagely to you.

Speaking fondly to a huge orange cat, Rozy exclaims, "Hi hi Mongo!"

Speaking to Rowmi, Archales asks, "Are you asking about what happened beyond the veil?"

Speaking offhandedly to Riend, Bristenn admits, "Bit scorched. Took an arrow to the rib. Nothing major."

Speaking to Archales, Rowmi says, "Yes, and about under the Reach."

Rtune says, "Me wasnt certain wut happen exactly in the shadow realm."

Juramis huskily asks, "I... don't know how I feel about that. Cross being dead. Is he really gone?"

You wave to Truje.

Speaking amusedly to Rtune, Cruxophim notes, "No one was sure what happened there."

You grin.

A small pinpoint of purple light twinkles in the distance.

Nysina says, "I should go check on my men. Take account of our losses..."

Raelee glances up.

Laelithonel squints.

Truje waves to you.

Rozy yells, "Over heres!"

A screech owl flies in.

Berkana says, "Purple... love purple."

You glance at Juramis.

You see Councilman Juramis Du'Lasfeur.
He appears to be a Human from Seareach.
He is short and appears to be middle-aged. He has heavy-lidded brown eyes and ruddy skin. He has short, curly ginger hair. He has a plump face and heavy jowls. He is rotund.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing an intricate black ora rose suspended from a slender veil iron chain, a mottled morduska hide satchel, some crimson watered silk vestments trimmed with gold and silver thread, a gold ring, a tiny black coin pouch emblazoned with a pair of crossed silvery scimitars, and some cork and snakeskin sandals decorated with polished golvern beads.

Speaking slowly to Juramis, Riend says, "I cannot say for certain, else he might show up and stand before us... but we watched the shadows tear him apart."

You quietly whisper to Juramis, "You lived, eh?"

A second spark of purple light appears.

Evia says, "Hmm."

Kembal asks, "Two purple lights?"

Truje asks, "Is it finally over?"

The sky all around is white with falling snow.

Clunk deeply says, "Flyin purple people."

Speaking to Rowmi, Archales says, "I went with the palestra blade to fight althedeus, we spent along time chasing him around and keeping the hordes of demonic creatures from attack the Palestra during the ritual."

Speaking evenly to Bremerial, Riend says, "It was a sight that only inspired relief."

Speaking to Maags, Hapenlok says, "You're safe. i'm so glad."

Kembal says, "I'm not sure I'm equipped to handle two Pylasars."

Juramis casually observes his surroundings.

Hadya says, "To summon someone from another veil... you have to have a sacrifice in betrayal..."

Speaking softly to Aiska, Rowmi says, "Seems most of us are alive."

Speaking to Hapenlok, Maags says, "Am relieved yous made it back."

Hadya says, "I was once that sacrifice."

Juramis huskily says, "Part of me wishes I was there to see him perish. The other part of me is simply glad he is gone."

Cryheart nods at Juramis.

Soon, a cluster of purple lights appear in the night, like lavender stars.

Dergoatean says, "How many Pylasars..."

Evia says, "Ooo."

Clunk deeply asks, "Flyin purple peoples?"

Rozy exclaims, "Preeeeeetties!"

Svantai confusedly asks, "Did he explode?"

Stormyrain says, "The damnation is going on."

Nysina nods slightly.

Speaking to Rowmi, Archales says, "That's a very topical summary but I'm sure folks will have more time to recollect when they aren't so exhausted."

Nysina says, "If you'll all excuse me."

Raelee says, "There was danger of his being... torn apart, disassembled..."

Cryheart nods at Nysina.

Speaking to Nysina, Ridic says, "Well done."

Juramis shakes his head.

Speaking deeply to Nysina, Olgretien says, "Check de pylons afore ya take off."

The purple lights suddenly speed towards each other, colliding to form a bolt of lightning which streaks down towards town!

Speaking to Olgretien, Nysina says, "I'm not leaving yet. Just...doing a general head count."

Roelaren [Local]: "Cheers."

Speaking to Berkana, Lylia says, "It is good to see you again, as ever. I was not certain I would see anything but shadows and the void again, at least at one point."

Nysina turns around.

Nysina just went south.

The bolt of purple lightning lands near the east jetty!

Fyonn gasps.

Rozy lets out a cheer!

Kaedra applauds Pylasar.

Pylasar wobbles, looking a bit faint.

Pylasar wobbles, looking a bit faint.

Pylasar wobbles, looking a bit faint.

Speaking to Pylasar, Raelee greets, "... Grand Magister."

Speaking to Pylasar, Kaedra says, "Nice landing."

Evia says, "Its ok we all feel a bit wobbly."

Juramis nods to Pylasar in greeting.

Speaking raspily to Pylasar, Jeg asks, "Why can't you just walk like everyone else?"

Pylasar wobbles, looking a bit faint.

Pylasar falls over.

Rozy pulls Pylasar to his feet.
Bremerial seems a bit weaker than before.

Rozy giggles.

Kiske examines Pylasar closely, sizing him up and taking note of all the details.

You turn to Pylasar and cheer!

Speaking quietly to Pylasar, Myasarie says, "M'lord does know how to make an entrance."

Truje turns an inquisitive ear toward Pylasar.

(Drandar waits for the speach that is about to be given. He sidles up to a comfortable spot to lean on a post.)

Rtune asks, "Is it overs?"

Ephya says, "There was close to 1800 arrows shot from one tower alone tonight."

Jeril grins at Ephya.

Speaking to Ephya, Ridic asks, "Any hit their target?"

Speaking deeply to Ephya, Olgretien says, "Well done."

Speaking to you, Nektarius asks, "You lived, eh?"

Ephya says, "If Seo and Greg were our targets.. then yes."

You nod at Nektarius.

Pylasar belches, a pocket of shimmering air floating up out of his mouth and exploding with a tiny POP!. He blushes.

Speaking to Nektarius, Evia asks, "So did you, eh?"

Evia grins at Nektarius.

Truje says, "My team brought down 3 airships while I was with it, not sure how many before."

Pylasar opens his mouth. POP!.

Speaking to Truje, Jook says, "Took down 3 myself as well over at the north docks."

Arnylon says, "Maybe he's about to explode."

Pylasar opens his mouth. POP!.

Juramis huskily says, "It is times like this that I wish was still in the wine business."

Pylasar opens his mouth. POP!.

Pylasar starts jumping around like a twelve-year-old.

Pylasar opens his mouth. POP!.

Pylasar opens his mouth. POP!.

You poke Pylasar in the ribs.

Speaking to Juramis, Hapenlok says, "I agree."

Speaking to Pylasar, Maags says, "Swallow."

Pylasar giggles.

(Rozy thwaps Pylasar on the back.)

Cryheart says, "Unless he swallowed somethink."

Pylasar coughs, a bunch of bubbles and pops!

Pylasar exclaims, "Ahem!"

Pylasar says, "Oh, whew."

Rtune laughs!

Speaking to Pylasar, Rozy asks, "Betters now?"

Speaking huskily to Pylasar, Juramis says, "Hello again, Pylasar."

Pylasar says, "AHEM."

Juramis nods once.

Pylasar says, "Much better."

Pylasar asks, "What...what is today?"

Rozy exclaims, "Today is todays!"

Speaking to Pylasar, Laelithonel says, "T'day is today."

Bristenn states, "Currently, Feastday, tenth of Lormestra."

Maags says, "Reallies is tomorrow."

Cryheart says, "The 9th."

Bristenn adds, "5115."

Speaking to Laelithonel, Rozy exclaims, "Jinxes!"

Kupaka huskily exclaims, "The day of victory over Cross!"

Pylasar asks, "The 10th?"

Pylasar asks, "Not the 9th?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Dergoatean says, "The day where we fought off some pretty serious evil."

Speaking to Pylasar, Hapenlok says, "I don't know that .....we accomplished what we were supposed to do..."

Lylia says, "Just past the middle of the night, yes."

Rtune says, "Me is sorry to tells the pylastra did sacrifices herself forrus."

Pylasar asks, "Are we all dead?"

Kembal says, "No."

Pylasar pinches his own cheeks.

Speaking to Pylasar, Kiske says, "No."

Jeg raspily says, "Not yet."

Drandar says, "Yes Pyslasar. we are."

Pylasar snaps around suddenly and looks about suspiciously.

Evia says, "Uncertain."

Speaking to Pylasar, Laelithonel says, "Ah don' feel it."

Speaking to Pylasar, Raelee says, "We live, Grand Magister."

Pylasar pinches Bristenn's cheeks.

Rtune says, "The blade is."

You whisper, "Proud of all of you." to your group.

Truje says, "I'm alive, but dead tired."

Juramis huskily says, "I don't know how we survived the attack on the town."

Cryheart says, "Yet, we did."

Pylasar holds up his hand.

Pylasar says, "Please, settle a bit...."

Ephya says, "We survived because everyone pulled together.. and made it happen."

(Evia smacks Pylasar's raised hand with her own.)

Pylasar says, "I...was fortunate, or unfortunate, to see much of it."

Pylasar says, "Where I was..."

Pylasar says, "Or when I was..."

Pylasar says, "where-when I was."

Pylasar asks, "Or do we call it when-where?"

Pylasar says, "when-where or where-when I was...."

Pylasar says, "I know the Blade stayed behind."

Pylasar frowns.

Evia nods slowly.

Speaking quietly to Pylasar, Demyse says, "If you saw most of when-where what was happening. You could assisted returning the Palestra."

Speaking to Pylasar, Dergoatean asks, "Do you think there's any hope of bringing her back?"

Lylia says, "Some of us still have hope of trying to help her find her way home or perhaps even of getting her ourselves."

Pylasar says, "I could not."

Pylasar says, "I saw, but I was unable to go."

Pylasar says, "Our best laid plans were successful."
Leaning back, Drandar squints his eyes against the curtain of smoke the cigar is forming around him.
Drambik traces a sign while petitioning the spirits for cognition...
Leloo tries to pull Kupaka to his feet, but he is too heavy.
The silvery luminescence fades from around Turinrond.

Pylasar says, "In the shadows, you weakened and unraveled Althedeus, severing him as he tried to reach into the golem."

Lylia says, "Then this is real, and not a dream? Good to know. I had some doubts."

Pylasar says, "When the golem was destroyed after that, his remnants in Elanthia had no where to go."

Pylasar says, "fizzle."

Speaking quietly to Pylasar, Demyse says, "Are you trying to tell me you are not with the skills to collect her. Not studies.. nothing in the Hall of Mages. Nothing? What if he now has a better Host... Hostess."

Pylasar says, "He is unraveled."

Pylasar says, "The shadows...the maw...Althedeus...he is no more."

Goldstr says, "Good news dat be."

Bremerial nods at Pylasar.

Regwen lets out a cheer!

Kaedra applauds.

Tykeara asks, "Where is Walkar?"

Pylasar says, "Walkar is still alive."

Pylasar says, "But he won't be for much longer. With Cross gone...."

Pylasar says, "Tomorrow night may be the last field of stars he sees."

Dergoatean says, "His crimson light is fading."

Speaking quietly to Pylasar, Kiske asks, "Do you know where he is?"

Rtune asks, "Yew aint got a potion for that?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Lylia says, "But he will see them through his own eyes and unclouded by Althedeus' shadow."

Pylasar says, "There's no time, if we could. And maybe, but, no time."

Maags says, "Maybes a troupe of healers can saves him."

Pylasar nods at Lylia.

Juramis frowns.

You say, "Walkar deserves rest."

Kiske stares downward.

Myharl deeply says, "Time.... if only we had a time travelling wizard..."

Cryheart says, "I will be sad when the warrior from Jantalar dinnae make it."

Rtune says, "Me does not accept that."

Maags leans softly against Rtune.

Rtune hugs Maags, who wraps him in a warm embrace.

Maags smiles at Rtune.

Juramis huskily asks, "Is there nothing we can do to help him, Pylasar?"

Yangh taps a simple gold pin that reads, "I Support Mayor Walkar." that he is wearing.

Speaking angrily to Pylasar, Mystiq asks, "If Althedeus is no more then why the hell was the blade left behind?"

Pylasar says, "I am surprised you all made it out, to be honest."

Evia nods at Pylasar.

Speaking quietly to Pylasar, Goldtree says, "So are we."

Pylasar says, "The lake was sealed."

Pylasar says, "Do not be surprised if you notice...."

Pylasar rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Pylasar says, "Residue from your experience, in time."

Fyonn peers quizzically at Pylasar.

Speaking to Pylasar, you say, "We had a plan."

Speaking raspily to Pylasar, Jeg asks, "Supposedly we were supposed to be changed?"

Rozy frets.

Fyrentennimar asks, "Residue?"

Puptilian asks, "In time?"

Pylasar says, "It may not happen tonight...or tomorrow but..."

Speaking to Pylasar, Durakar says, "We made it out through Aralyte's sacrifice. I imagine it took nearly all her energy to get us here."

Balantine acts puzzled.

Pylasar says, "I...did not see all of it though..."

Speaking to Cryheart, you ask, "Sir Thadston and th' Hendorians?"

Speaking quietly to Pylasar, Demyse says, "There were shadows which entered the skin of most."

Cryheart says, "Dinane see em..after they stormed the Reach."

Pylasar asks, "When the Blade thought you failed, by being lost to the did she, how did you get out?"

Speaking to Pylasar, Dergoatean says, "A tear opened up."

Speaking to Pylasar, Bellaja says, "She tore it."

Lylia says, "A green dimensional tear."

Speaking to Pylasar, Dergoatean says, "We don't know how she did it, or if she did it."

In the distance, Sir Thadston, battered and bloodied, slowly returns to the Hendoran campsites, less soldiers returning with him than who left.

Speaking to Pylasar, Dergoatean says, "But she told us to go quickly, and said she'd follow behind."

Lylia asks, "Vivid green. Green like the -- you saw green light in your visions, did you not?"

Rowmi murmurs, "The Green...yes.."

Svantai says, "Viridian."

Pylasar says, "Interesting."

Pylasar rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Speaking to Pylasar, Tykeara says, "What happened to those sworn to Cross? Where those bonds broken? I mean I would think they are, since the man is dead...."

Speaking to Pylasar, Durakar says, "She was frozen in place, unmoving at all. I tried helping, though probably did naught."

Pylasar says, "Perhaps the light will guide her home one day, to us."

Pylasar says, "Yes, the bonds are gone. The oaths to Cross, to the Shadows, broken."

Speaking to Pylasar, Tykeara asks, "What of the witch?"

Pylasar says, "The effects of the Shadows in this world, do not wilt away so easily."

Speaking to Pylasar, Rozy asks, "What about lichborns?"

Ephya asks, "The trees will go away?"

Pylasar says, "The trees? I see they remain. We must deal with them soon."

Speaking to Pylasar, Durakar says, "Messages are already on the way to our order, if she can be rescued she shall be. Though she may surprise us all and make it back on her own."

Pylasar says, "I do not know what will happen to the Lichborn, corruption and darkness, have a funny way of surviving, even without their original source."

Evia asks, "Who is for a grand old fashioned but entirely new style Tree Chopping Party?"

Puptilian asks, “What of the Deadfall?”

Pylasar says, "The Deadfall remains, but their denizens marched on the town. I would be surprised if many remain, except the trees."

Pylasar begins to twitch.

Pylasar says, " very exhausted."

Pylasar says, "We will have more to discuss tomorrow, I am sure of it."

Pylasar says, "I am sorry..."

Pylasar glances at Kiske.

Puptilian [Local]: "Good night everyone of the landing. Good job on all front."

Pylasar says, "Tomorrow night...embrace him."

Pylasar nods at Kiske.

Goldtree [Local]: "We did it..."

Pylasar says, "I will do what I try"

Pylasar says, "But it may be his last."

Dergoatean [Local]: "Thank you for your leadership, Pup."

Balantine [Local]: "Well done all!"

Nairena [Local]: "You are a good leader, Pup."

Pylasar wobbles, looking a bit faint.

Kaedra [Local]: "The town is still standing, that's worth celebrating."

Bristenn [Local]: "... fine work, yes."

Pylasar says, "I will return tomorrow evening. Rest...sleep...hold tightly to your joys in this world."

Juramis huskily says, "Tonight has left me without words. I would say that Wehnimer's Landing owes you all its gratitude, but I believe even those who are unaware of tonight's events should honor your efforts."

Pylasar says, "Tomorrow is ours to take. But it may yet still be heavy with sorrow."

Pylasar snaps his fingers and disappears with a loud POP!.

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