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Doomstones are a type of gemstone native to The Rift. Doomstones can cause recurring Curse when touched.

List of Doomstones

Note: The rarities listed are estimates and depend on the status of the treasure system in the area hunted. Average values listed are approximations and are generally taken from the sell values of a character selling gems with no trading bonus. See the Trading article for more information on variations of sell values.
Average value: 4000
Location: The Rift

a glossy black doomstone

Description:   The doomstone shines like a gleaming black mirror, reflecting your image upon its glossy surface. The stone appears much like a highly polished onyx orb, yet from time to time its glistening surface pulses, fading to a dull matte black.

You feel a strange, foreboding sensation as your hand touches the black doomstone.