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a canvas and rough oak stall, [Map Room 16], Lich #26421, go stall

[Flares of Interest] RNUM: 27486
Bright yellow and cobalt blue canvas sails are draped across each other to create a light protective awning over the small oak-sided stall. Thick ropes of hemp secure the ceiling to the walls and even assist in binding various shelves into place using complex lashing knots. A single oak counter stretches across the entry, while small wooden drawers hang under the shelves. A wooden sign dangles precariously on the counter's edge.
Obvious exits: out
Welcome to the finest (only) flarer on Caligos Isle!

Hold an appropriate TOKEN in your right hand and a weapon or piece of armor in your left hand.  SHOW your TOKEN to me to receive an estimate.

Also, buy some certificates but be sure to READ and ANALYZE them first!  The Caligos Custom Flare Message is "a thin whip of (energy type) that lashes the (creature)."

Prices in Ebon Gate seashells

On the counter's you see:

a flame-edged red certificate Caligos Themed
Custom flare messaging
Fire 250
a dark-edged transparent certificate Unbalanace
a vine-edged thin certificate Grapple
a frost-edged blue certificate Cold
a white-edged electric blue certificate Electricity
a perfectly smooth certificate Impact
a singed off-white certificate Acid
a silver-inked void black certificate Vacuum
a stained orange certificate Plasma
a damp pale vellum certificate Steam
a damp pale vellum voucher Bless/Consecration/E-Blade