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a torchlit ragged crack in the quartz-veined gabbro wall, [Map Room 40], Lich #26455, go rag crack

Once from a Soul, Entry

[Once from a Soul, Entry] RNUM: 27538
Water drips in rivulets down the dark shale walls that are illuminated by the fitful burning oil-filled ewers that dangle from support rafters high above. Echoing ocean sounds rumble down the passage, while a chill breeze tugs cobwebs and clinging dust from their perches in the various crags and cracks of the ceiling. A broad shale ledge lines the eastern edge, its smooth surface covered with wares.
Obvious exits: north, out

Prices in Ebon Gate seashells

On the broad shale ledge you see:

a braided twine-wrapped bracelet dangling a single chelioboros charm Alternate Arkati wrist-worn 50
a series of string bracelets dangling ivory ghast effigies
a quintet of ebonwood bangles etched with forlorn shades
a triad of slender ivory bangles carved with spectral shapes

Once from a Soul, Foci

[Once from a Soul, Foci]
Perpetual and pervasive, the roaring sound of the ocean striking stone is thunderously loud as it tumbles over the shale walls and heralds an ambient breeze that plucks at the tattered fabric of tapestries draped from high rafters. Wrought iron cages bind fitful torches in place, the constantly moving flames creating dancing shadows throughout the dank space. Antiquated chairs surround a trivial firepit burrowed deep into the gravel and sand-covered floor, while a warped and waterlogged cupboard occupies a small space on the eastern wall.
Obvious exits: north, northeast, south, northwest
In the Common language, it reads:

                 Globus Elanthias Runestaff
                  Welcome to Once from a Soul
  The shop that is full of heart and so much more.

Our Runestaves are special and each has a unique flare
ability tied to the type of soul they have trapped within.

   This year's choices are: Spectral, Ghastly, and Forlorn

Tier 1 - Fresh Soul - Off the Shelf
  Unique Staff Parry, Flare, Clean, Point, and Raise

Tier 2 - Soul Drain - Certificate Only
  Soul Absorb Ability, 2nd Flare, Bow, Greet, and Wave

Tier 3 - Soul Spill - TBD
  Feature Changes, 2nd Flare On/Off, Attend, Gaze, Prod, and Rub

Tier 4 - Soul Storm - TBD
  Soul Storm Explosion, Chuckle, Nudge, and Tap

In the warped and waterlogged cupboard you see:

a singed crumpled certificate Globus Elanthias unlocking certificate 500

Once from a Soul, Absent Shade

[Once from a Soul, Absent Shade]
Wind rushes over cracks in the ceiling, stealing the air from the small cavern with a whooshing force that sets loose fabric fluttering and torches guttering as they struggle to stay lit. Wrought iron railings encircle a conical crystalline structure that dominates the pitted shale floor, while worn depressions in the floor carry tiny rivulets of salt water towards the back walls. An ornate rack fashioned of ebonwood and steel is lifted by oak planks off the moist ground to protect it from rotting, as is a decorative black lacquer wardrobe.
Obvious exits: south

Pulsating rhythmically, the crystalline structure emits a bright white light from its core and issues an off-key whine that sets the loose gravel upon the ground to vibrating.

On the ornate rack you see:

a spindle-carved orase staff dangling twin lynx tails Globus Elanthias - Vacuum runestaff 1500
an intricately carved mossbark staff cradling an obsidian orb
a rigid bronze-wrapped staff incised with alchemical symbols
a flame-darkened kakore staff cradling an incarnadine orb

In the decorative black lacquer wardrobe you see:

a pair of modest-heeled soft suede boots Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
one item of very small size
a full-skirted charcoal grey shift layerable 15
a flax linen burgundy dress with finished ebon edges AsG: 1 260
a pauldroned dark grey suede corset with a rolled half-collar Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
several items of very small size
a pair of leather-strapped sleeves with bronze grommets arm-worn 5
a high-collared soft grey linen cloak with tattered hemlines Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a labyrinthine leather circlet dangling bronze medallions head-worn 50

Once from a Soul, Vapor Shadow

[Once from a Soul, Vapor Shadow]
Billowing heat spills from pillar-shaped fumaroles that rise of out azure and aquamarine pools along the northeastern edge of the cavern, the air growing thick and noxious with moisture and sulfur-laced warmth. Small barriers of rolled stones, many displaying dried out barnacles along their jagged surfaces, form a barrier to lapping waters. Spears fitted with torch bowls pierce the gravel to provide illumination for the wares that are on display in a sturdy ironwood rack and several driftwood crates.
Obvious exits: southwest

In the sturdy ironwood rack you see:

a claw-topped lacquered orase scepter Globus Elanthias - Steam runestaff 1500
an ornate kakore scepter wreathed in stylized water vapors
a gold-wreathed mesille scepter pierced with gornar shards
a crescent-topped mossbark scepter ringed in silver filigree

In the several driftwood crates you see:

a banded carnelian sphere 5
a snowflake obsidian orb 5
a gradient purple flourite ball transitioning to lilac 5
a speckled rainbow quartz globe 5
a polished tiger's-eye quartz sphere 5
a lustrous zebra jasper orb 5
These are NOT gems. They can be imbedded with a spell.

Once from a Soul, Chill Spectre

[Once from a Soul, Chill Spectre]
Several stark white chalk drawings decorate the shale walls, which glisten in the flickering torchlight as if covered in ice. Indeed, a pervading chill further dampens the air while hoarfrost creeps along ivory-hued stalactites that dangle like icicles from the distant ceiling. A frayed grey rug keeps an iron-bound driftwood rack and a stuffed cotton mannequin relatively protected from the moist floor but does nothing to lessen the sound of dripping water that bounces about the space.
Obvious exits: southeast

On the iron-bound driftwood rack you see:

an ebon-hued mesille runestaff carved with screaming faces Globus Elanthias - Cold runestaff 1500
a sanguine-dyed mossbark runestaff imbedded with rhimar shards
a forked and sun-bleached orase runestaff
a rhimar-veined kakore runestaff burned to a darkened hue

On the stuffed cotton mannequin you see:

a pair of soft grey suede boots with tone-on-tone stitching Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
one item of very small size
some high-waisted charcoal grey cotton pantaloons Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
a couple of items of very small size
a cross-body thick leather runestaff harness Pocketed: Fairly small (8-11)
one item
a collarless off-white tunic with leather-bound cuffs layerable 15
a tone-on-tone quilted pewter doublet AsG: 1 260
a cowl-necked thick woolen robe unraveling along the hem Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items