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Elven Lexicon is an Official GemStone IV Document, and it is protected from editing.

Elven Lexicon

A list of confirmed words in Elven. For suggestions/additions, please use the Discussion page and include a link to the relevant document the term is used in (or if it is an in-game item/location, enough information staff can find it for review).

Elven Term Translation Roots Originating Documentation Date Introduced Other Info
Arathiel Unknown Unknown Artisanal Glasses of Elanthia (Glassworking document) May 5, 2022 Firefly glass is an alternate term for arathiel, but it is not a translation
Ataelel literally, ink drinker Unknown Library mouse document February 2021 Nickname for a bookworm
Chalcedony the gem + other, unspecified uses Unknown Elanthian Gem document Unknown The document implies there are other translations in Elven for what chalcedony can mean besides the gem, but no details are supplied.
Geld stone Unknown Ferroniere document 2007 n/a
Geld-aradlaiel Seer-stone "geld" - stone; "aradlaiel" - a version of the term for seer Ferroniere document 2007 See also geldarald
Geldaralad Stone of truth "geld" - stone; "aralad" - a version of the term for truth Ferroniere document 2007 The term for an elven ferroniere. See document for specifics.
Geldithe Nothing direct, refers to a seaglass-inset ring "geld" meaning stone and "-ithe," a suffix often used in reference with large bodies of water Artisanal Glasses of Elanthia (Glassworking document) May 5, 2022 Meant to bring luck. See document for details.
Ilaeryse carbuncle (gem) or infirmity Unknown Elanthian Gem document Unknown n/a
Lathaer selphare a type of corderite Unknown Elanthian Gem document Unknown The "water sapphire" gem comes from a mistranslation/pronunciation of this term. See doc for details.
Nyin'niel snow's heart Unknown Elves of the Wyrdeep document Unknown Used as a name for a companion in the document, with the translation provided.
Ruhaien To hide or conceal Unknown Ruhan document 2007ish n/a
Ruhan Unknown Ruhaien Ruhan document 2007ish A sleeveless elven garment. See also ruhana, ruhaien. Ruhan is both singular and plural.
Ruhana Unknown Ruhan Ruhan document 2007ish A less utilitarian garment, inspired by, but not resembling, the ruhan. Tailored to be wrapped about the body, the garment is typically pinned in place. See document for specifics.
Ruhani Unknown Ruhan Ruhan document 2007ish A type of wool commonly used in crafting ruhan, with pale grey to moss-green coloring, characterized by barely perceptible patterns of whorls or leaves throughout its tight weave
Var Avenue Unknown In-game EN Unknown n/a
Wey Way Unknown In-game EN n/a
Glimaer glimmer, possibly other translations as well Unknown In-game EN Used for things like glimaerstone